Update: Broward Awash In Phony Palm Cards & More



Voters beware!

A misleading palm card is being distributed in Broward that implies that judicial candidate Julio Gonzalez is a Democrat.

He is not.

I like Gonzalez and believe he is qualified.  But…..

And another one with two Republicans, Gonzalez and Robert “Bob” Nichols:





This campaign has gone to the dogs?

Judicial candidate Olga Levine has her two dogs dressed up in campaign finery.

I’m not sure how many votes this will sway. It can’t be any worse than the never-ending robo-calls barking their messages to voters.




Armando Cristian Pérez surprised many on Sunday.


Perez is better known as Pitbull, the hip hop music star from Miami.

Pitbull is a Cuban American. He is also an entrepreneur beyond the music business, having bought a major stake in Miami Subs and  Voli Vodka.

Cuban American and entrepreneur.  He would seem to be the prime demographics of a Romney support.

No, Pitbull endorsed President Barack Obama on Sunday.

Here he is with Ashley Walker, the Obama campaign’s Florida director, at Sunday’s event in Hollywood.

31 Responses to “Update: Broward Awash In Phony Palm Cards & More”

  1. Rothstien 4 Ever says:

    I can see why Julio was very sought after by Scott Rothstien after he was ousted from the bench.

    Lets be clear here. Julio is a Regsitered Republican, Appointed by Jeb Bush and endorsed by the Broward County Republican Executice Commitee and heavily supported by the Fort Lauderdale Tea Party.

    Of course I am sure he has no knowledge of how he got on a “Democrat” palm card but I bethe sure doesnt mind the confusion.

    Lets evaluate Ousted Former Judge Julio Eduard Gonzalez…

    Exaggerates the value of his home so his sworn financial filings would not give the impression he is underwater in debt.

    Refused to divulge to voters where he worked after being ousted, Scott Rothstien and then Marc Nurik who was representing Rothstien for his crimes.

    The address of of own loans to his campaign was the same address as the old Rothstein law firm suite.

    An ECO of United Auto Insurance Company paid a shadowy ECO run by a Republican operative David DiPietro who is doing the same dirty tricks to good Democrat Mayor Cooper of Hallandale.

    In his financial filings Julio shows no bank account for himself, yet somehow loaned himself $50,000 despite being foreclosure almost a year ago.

    Had people in a fundraising letter say he had been working in a Professional Association that had been administratively dissolved while he was still on the bench.

    Sued by AMEX for credit card bills right before he left the bench.

    On election day Say No To JULIO!!!

  2. B says:

    I saw these cards at an early voting site on Friday and mentioned it on FB. They had no disclaimer, and the woman handing them out, with her Obama pin on her hat, insisted that Bob Nichols was a Dem, and when I told her the race was non-partisan but that I knew he wasn’t, she told me when she voted it said he was a Dem. We all know who is behind this card. I don’t appreciate being lied to, whether she knew what she was talking about or not, and I would bet she only knew what she was told to say. When I asked for one of her cards she wouldn’t give me one, and when I went to find the man working the outside poll as a watcher I found out he had left about 6PM.

  3. B says:

    I need to clarify…this is not the same card I saw on Fri. The one I saw had Gonzalez and Bob Nichols, not Olga Levine.

  4. Voter says:

    I guess everyone forgot that the judicial race is NON-PARTISAN.
    PS, do we really give a crap who PITbull is endorsing? He needs to stick to that shi# he calls music.

  5. John Henry says:

    I was an undecided voter until I read Pitbull’s endorsement.

    Thanks PitBull. The crappy music, crappy subs, & crappy vodka have made you into the political dynamo that you are today!

  6. Richard J Kaplan says:

    Actually it lists several judges. Judges are all required to be registered as independents/NPA. What they might have been in the past, I don’t know.

    Dressing up dogs? Well this election has gone to the dogs so why not. Thank god its over (not including court challenges which shouldn’t include commercials) in 36 hours.

  7. Paula says:

    It amazes me that people are attacking Pitbull, who went from being poor and on food stamps in Miami to being one of the most recognizable music stars in the world. He is the Horatio Alger story that Romney/Ryan claim. They lie. Both were born rich. Pitbull is the real thing.

  8. The Courthouse Wizard says:

    Olga Levine=Howard Finkelstein=Soft on Crime

  9. Its the Honesty, Stupid says:

    Gonzalez should reject these cards immediately. Of course, only morons would vote a ticket that a stranger hands them outside a polling place.

  10. Dear Julio says:

    Would your dear Abuelo be proud that you are a fraud? Pretneding to be a Democrat when you are not.

    Hey does anyone still believe that bullsh!t story now anyway? No doubt in my mind Pappy Gonzalez left his trash in the street. How can anyone believe anything Julio says anyway.

    Want more Rothstien, if not, SAY NO TO JULIO!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Broward Lawyer says:

    @ Richard J Kaplan, you are wrong. Judges do not have to register independent or no party affiliation. However, judges can not ever mention what party they belong to.
    Robert “Bob” Nichols is a teabagging right wing nut hypocrit. That fake Obama card was put out by Terry Scott a DEC member paid $1500 by Nichols.
    Disgraceful!!! Nichols is a man with no integrity. Anyone voting for him is making a huge mistake.
    Judges are suppose to follow the law not violate it.

  12. sidelines says:

    Thank you Buddy for giving us the low down on these candidates!

  13. Susanna Bott says:

    Cute doggies *** Go Olga Levine! 🙂

  14. Rothstein's Front Man says:

    Julio E. Gonzalez Jr was just showing the RRA boys that he still had swagger and game in his curriculum vitae from his N Y days. Rothstein played him like a marionette (his strings are still attached, ready for the next manipulator)



    Don’t Vote Julio Gonzalez for Judge
    Posted by Tim Smith at 8/4/2012 7:04 PM
    Categories: uncategorized

    …. I almost forgot ! … Whatever you do – Don’t vote for Julio Gonzalez for Judge!!!

  15. Red Coward says:

    Terry Scott got $1,500? man i really need to raise my rates. I didn’t get near as much. Just a few bucks and a basket of his homemade rugeloch.

  16. Loyal Patriot says:

    WHO CARES? We NEVER HEARD OF “Pit Bull except the dog breed!!!

  17. Broward as usual says:

    Doesn’t bother anyone that putting Judges on palm cards is improper if not illegal? This is more reason to appoint Judges and not turn them into politicians. Of course, Judy Stern, Dan Lewis, David Brown and the rest of the “campaign managers” would take a blow to their business so that will never happen. It is much more important that Broward voters are told who to vote for from a card with names sold to the highest bidder & even more disgusting that they follow it!

  18. AMWakeUpCall says:

    What Hallandale Beach candidate Keith London has done to the reputation of Mayor Joy Cooper with the apparent string-pulling of DiPietro is disgusting. The integrity of candidates in all races needs a lot more vetting. The messaging gets through because of all the money raised by the right-wing, but motives don’t get through because the news media barely pays attention to that. They just want the ad dollars that do the character assassinations. Why there’s so little interest in discovering what’s truly motivating these characters, such as the anti-government, pro-profit special interests, is beyond me so far. We have to do better. The Mayoral seat in Hallandale is non-partisan, but most residents are Democrats and wouldn’t vote for London if they understood that he’s been a fake all along. There’s a big difference between being associated with Republicans and being truly right-wing. Gonzales and Nichols may not do any damage on the bench because they may be personally inclined to vote Republican, but truly right-wing thinking should be avoided in any elected office that purports to serve the public good for all of the public. Out of the candidates mentioned in the post and in the comments, it’s Keith London who is the true right-winger- and he registered as a Democrat just to run for the city commission.

  19. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:


    Do you personally know Keith London?

    I do. For many years now.

    And quite honestly, you’re fucked in the head. You could not be further from the truth.

    Ask yourself this…

    Comparing London to Cooper. Which one is under investigation?

    Or better yet… Which one is under investigation by the Feds and County?

    Answer? Not London.

  20. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    By the way Terry Scott, you should have stayed in school.

    It’s ballot. Not ballott. You fucking moron.

  21. Red Broward is a Joke says:

    Hey Rothsteins Front Man…

    You think this is ridiculous “http://redbroward.com/2012/10/15/why-is-a-republican-judicial-candidate-paying-judy-stern-chris-smiths-mom-joe-eggelletions-brother”

    The title should be “why is democratic school board candidate Shelly Solomon paying Republibutts Red Broward and friends.”

    hypocrisy at its best.

  22. Rothstein's Front Man says:

    Julio E. Gonzalez Jr was just showing the RRA boys that he still had swagger and game in his curriculum vitae from his N Y days. Rothstein played him like a marionette (his strings are still attached, ready for the next manipulator) United Automobile will make him dance for that contribution (loan?)

    There are two good reasons why an insurance company would back Gonzalez:

    (1) His Broward Circuit Court opponent is Laura Marie Watson runs a law practice largely representing car accident victims against insurance companies.

    (2) United Automobile gets sued regularly and would be very interested in who becomes a judge.

    Gonzalez is running for judge. His campaign is supposed to be above the shady politics of non-judicial candidates.

    So why does he believe it is judicious to hide his contributors behind a screen of committees? Isn’t keeping your contributors in the shade the epitome of shady politics?

    Hey, Julio. This one doesn’t pass the smell test.

  23. just wondering says:

    not to worry as julio will continue in private practice

  24. just WATCHING RESULTS says:

    Screw the palm cards
    Sure looks like scott Israel is going to get al lamberti’s TAKE HOME CAR!!
    PLEASE correct me if I am wrong!!
    if I am correct I will be calling on the new Sheriff (in town) pleading for an E911 reso ASAP w/FLL

  25. Obama with only 55%? says:

    Buddy, I guess that article on the thought that Obama only gets 55% in Broward County turned out pretty wrong. Fire the pollster.

    67% — pretty must the same as 2008. And Israel’s internal numbers turned out pretty accurate too!

  26. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    So much for the vaunted Terry Scott, Chris Leggett, and ChunkyMonkey’s efforts.

    All losers.

    Ritter, Freedman, Israel.

    Hey tubby … so much for your name recognition. Now go get a job, pay your bills, and try not to get thrown out of your house again.

  27. Red Broward's Man Teat says:

    Everyone I supported were LOSERS!

    Darn! Now I’ll have to get a JOB to support my family instead of hanging out at commission meetings and polls.

    Life is very hard.

  28. TooBadTubby says:

    Manboobs’ existence has been to trash others and he even failed at that. Ritter won by a landslide, Freeman won, Scott Israel won, Mosowitz won. TommyBoy should apply for a spot on The Biggest Loser.

  29. Red Broward did some good says:

    I give Red Broward credit for two things,

    He went against his own party and called bs on Julio Gonzalez the good Republican/Tea Party guy when he was playing footsie with Judy Stern/Eggelletion etc.

    Also, Red Broward called out a lot of BS with Franklin Sands that helped inform Broward voters about Donna Korn and hel her get elected despite her limited resources.

  30. christine says:

    @Red Broward’s Man Teat,

    Now I understand…all” Broward
    citizen loggers” must be mandated to live home with Mommy and Daddy, go to commission meetings and court hearings , and never quite get a “real job.” It must be part of the job description.

  31. SmearTactics says:

    Chaz Stevens has filed charges against Solomon for illegal payments to the Tom/Chris slime machine. Maybe they will get to testify downtown. Tom may need to buy a new polo for this. http://www.myactsofsedition.com/