Pines’ Castillo Coming East For Fund Raiser


City Commissioner Angelo Castillo’s re-election fund raising luncheon in Fort Lauderdale later this month is far from his voters in Pembroke Pines.

But the event is close to the money and support he’ll need when he runs for the county commission in the future.



So Castillo will be at the Tower Club in downtown Fort Lauderdale on April 23.   

It’s not like Castillo really needs the money raised at the event for his re-election. 

He’s a shoe-in for another term on the Pembroke Pines commission.

The event will serve to re-introduce him to the very folks he’ll need when he runs for county commission.

Notice I didn’t write “if  he runs for county commission.

Someday he will run for county commission.

Since that is the case, it’s smart for Castillo to keep his access to the downtown crowd.

The Tower Club crowd.

The club is the haunt of the mostly-conservative, heavily Republican downtown political crowd. 

From its big glass windows they look down on the hoi polli while they seal political deals.   

This event is courtesy of Judy Stern, the lobbyist and political consultant. 

It’s natural that Stern is helping Costillo. 

Not only does she rightfully see Costillo as a future county commissioner. The commissioner’s wife, Lisa Castillo, works with Stern.

If you want to RSVP to the luncheon, you are asked to call Lisa at Stern’s office. The number is 954-524-3434.

Hosting the event are Clerk of the Courts Howard Forman, Property Appraiser Lori Parrish and Pembroke Pines Commissioner Carl Shechter, Weston Mayor Eric Hersh, and Miramar Commissioners Yvonne Garth and Troy Samuels.

Note:  Only Shechter and Forman are from Pembroke Pines.  But all of them could help in a county commission race.

22 Responses to “Pines’ Castillo Coming East For Fund Raiser”

  1. Predictions says:

    Castillo will run for Diana Wasserman Rubin’s seat. She will drop out before the election because of health reasons. Her house on sales and she will move to north Florida.
    So how does Castillo feel about The Commons?

  2. Davie Commons says:

    I was there when Commissioner Castillo voted against the Davie Commons project as chairman of the county planning board. He was fair at that hearing and allowed everybody to speak but kept things professional even though there was a lot of yelling and screaming in the hallway. The final vote was that the project was disappoved of and then the County Commission voted for it a few weeks later. Now the new Davie mayor says she’s against it so who knows what will happen. I said it would ruin western Davie and create a big traffic problem for Weston. I think we have enough stores.

  3. the replacements says:

    Angelo knows what Judy Stern tells him. She is reloading for a new Commission. Angelo for Diana, Rodstrom for Rodstrom and other for Jacobs, Keechel when he ruse for Senate and Joe E.

  4. In The Know says:

    Dear “The Replacements”:
    You are assuming that Stern, Keechel, Josephus E and Rodstrom survives the current federal investigation of the commission. How does it feel Judy to not know who is listening and who is watching?

  5. Diana is doing a good job says:

    I dont think the Commons should keep coming up on these, but I do believe that Diana is doing a good job in office and she made the right vote regarding the Commons. There are more hurdles for the Commons people to overcome before they come back to the County, so why not let them try; afterall the project would be a big money maker for Broward County (the logic makes perfect sense)
    Angelo knows this and although he wants to run soon, he should do the right thing and wait until Diana is done. She is very good and he will be good too- but he has to wait his turn and it is not here yet.

  6. Floridan says:

    Angelo would be a welcome addition to the County Commission — he is smart, does his homework and is able to keep his ego in check.

    A good guy.

  7. Beth The Bounty Hunter says:

    Diane Wasserman is doing quite well and is in really good spirits. She still has a lot of spunk and life left in her and she really cares. Angelo is a great guy and very smart as well but he wouldn’t run against Diana.

  8. anonymous says:

    mrs castillo works for judy stern, he is owned by her

  9. Concerned Citizen says:

    Trust me, while Commissioner Castillo appears to be an honorable man, if anyone else decides to run against Wasserman-Rubin, he will enter the race and run againt Wasserman-Rubn…friend or not. He will never sit back and allow someone else to represent District 8. The dark horse is the newly Miramar commissioner.

  10. Concerned Citizen says:

    Wasserman-Rubin is term limited. The 2010 election is her last as a county commissioner.

  11. In the know really says:

    In the know-you have no idea what your talking about. Keechel is clean. The rest are Stern puppets. Keechel may be gone but only cuz he’s going to Tally as a Senator.

  12. anonymous two says:

    How honorable can Angelo be if he uses Judy Stern?

  13. wasserman rubin is sick says:

    Why don’t you wrote about Wasserman-Rubin’s serious illness? This goes unmentioned in the Sun-Sentinel, so I thought you would have the guts to mention it. Her health is the great unknown in this race.

  14. Diana is doing a good job says:

    Response to diana sick comment: It probably goes unmentioned either because she is doing better or because she has earned the respect for it not to be mentioned. It is not about guts it is about what is right. Why must you be hurtful and bring it up?

  15. Concerned Broward Resident says:

    Are you people on dope? Castillo is a rude, emotional non-professional person. He is bought and paid. I heard he screamed at a daughter of a political foe threatened the person’s parent. Nasty man in my opinion. He and Hersh need to be buddies. He makes decisions based on money and votes, not logic.

  16. Anybody Interested in My View? says:

    Buddy and Friends,

    I still get a kick out of this blog even though I don’t have the time to see it every day. Heard about this post and wanted to say, again, that it’s always an honor to be considered in connection with higher office. But my plans to run for re-election in Pembroke Pines are set and that’s where my attention remains. I don’t expect any change in plan. If ever I aspire to other office, you’ll hear it from me not the rumor mill. As to my loyalties, go look at my record and ask people that know. Nobody owns me. I don’t shy from making tough choices. My votes are made on the merits. I listen to everybody, maintaining a wide circle of contacts, study my issues hard, and then I vote based on what’s best for the people I serve. I hope this clarifies.

    Best wishes,


    FROM BUDDY: I’m always interested in your views.

  17. Pembroke Pines Resident says:

    Angelo Castillo is an arrogant, rude man who tells you one thing to your face and goes up in city hall and votes the other way. He will fit in perfectly on the county commission.

  18. I Know Who says:

    Bev Gallagher is that you posting bad things about Angelo here? Very funny.

  19. Just curious says:

    If you are soooo loyal to your city, then why are you spending all the money it will cost you for this fundraiser in another city?? Wouldn’t it be better spent boosting the economy in your own city and it’s businesses. You must be a fool to think we can’t see past your intentions here…….pucker up!!

  20. Just So Hissy says:

    I don’t know who Just Curious is but I can tell she’s got quite an itch for Angelo! It’s the kind of itch that just can’t be scratched. Soooo hissy, that itch, it must be driving her wild. Very funny stuff.

  21. Pines resident says:

    Who are you kidding Angelo? We all know what your hidden agenda is? I watch the commission meetings all the time and don’t believe that you would make a good county commissioner. Don’t get me wrong, we have a great city with some great city officials. If anyone should be considering a future in county politics it is Iris Siple. She is a woman of her word and is loyal to her supporters.

  22. pines resident says:

    I hear someone formidable has finally stepped up to take on Angelo in the upcoming March Commissioner race. I met the young man named Bret Gordon at the Pines Memorial Day ceremony. Seems like he is very squared away and could be a pleasant change from the norm. Politicians without lobbyist ties are always better. He’s got my vote.