Petrocelli Ad Misrepresents His Ethics Problems


Plantation Commissioner Frances J. “Rico Petrocelli now has told so many stories about his ethics problems that I don’t know how he can keep them straight.

The latest version was in a one-page ad arriving in the mail boxes of many Plantation voters on Friday.

In it, Petrocelli claims the ethics complaint against him is politically motivated.  He says that it is “about my efforts to raise money in 2007 to throw a Holiday Party honoring the Plantation Athletic League Dynamites.

No, Petrocelli’s ethics problems are about money.

Petrocelli’s ethic problems are about him allegedly mishandling money used for the Holiday Party.

Let’s go over it again.


  1. Asked firms doing business with the city to donate money to PAL. 
  2. The firms then gave the money to PAL.
  3. PAL then wrote checks to Petrocelli.
  4. Petrocelli then used the money to throw his own party. 

Petrocelli’s campaign letter this week alleged that the issue surfaced recently because of the campaign.

Wrong again. 

The issue has been swirling around City Hall for over a year.  

In fact, Petrocelli quit PAL shortly after the allegations became public last year.

In fact, Petrocelli testified about the incident to state agents last year.

Petrocelli conceded in the taped interview with agents that the money given to PAL by companies was not used by PAL. 

“Its not a PAL event, Petrocelli is heard telling agents in the recording.

He explained to the agent how the pass-through scheme worked:

“The checks were made out to PALI get a check.  I turned it in to the (PAL) treasurer.  The treasurer than writes a check (to me)You have to write a check to PAL.  Then it goes into my account, Petrocelli said. 

Petrocelli is being investigated for not reporting gifts over $100 to a public official.  The gifts were the PAL money that he took.

I can’t believe anybody would defend this mishandling of money.

It doesn’t really matter whether he intended to honor the Dynamites, a physically and mentally challenged group of PAL children.

The intent to do good deeds is not an excuse for breaking the law.

And I’m not convinced Petrocelli’s party was primarily thrown to honor the Dynamites.  In my opinion, the party was a vehicle to further Petrocelli’s political career. 

The event featured a big banner with Petrocelli’s name saying “Thank You For Your Support.  The invitations were mailed to voters and his political supporters. 

As Petrocelli said:  “Its not a PAL event. 

No, it was your political event, Mr. Petrocelli.  Yet you paid for it with PAL money.


4 Responses to “Petrocelli Ad Misrepresents His Ethics Problems”

  1. Pal Volunteer says:

    Let’s see..A Christmas Party for the PAL Dynamites. Wait, a Transvestite for entertainment and alcahol for refreshments. Riso profits fiananciaslly from the part. Gee, what do I believe? This is a tough one.

  2. old plantation says:

    why keep rehashing whether it was a PAL event. the party was started by Bob Levy the year before and Rico jioned it the next year it was all to promote current council members ask Bob what was the party for and who started it. ask Lee Hilier why he told Rico you can not do that with the checks and they no longer speak.

  3. old plantation says:

    Buddy, why the free pass to Bob Levy on party. if they co-chaired the event for gain and firms paid for the event, did not Levy receive the gift also? why the long silence from Levy on the matter he knows what happen.

  4. Bob Levy Is Guilty Too says:

    Old Plantation is right on the money. Bob Levy’s name was on those invitations. Levy did not pay for the event. Petrocelli did with money from the children of PAL