Perry Thurston Chooses $$$ Over Fighting Redistricting


State Rep. Perry Thurston dropped out of the lawsuit against the county over redistricting for one of the world’s oldest motives for lawyers – money.


Next year’s leader of the House Democrats, Thurston is part of the team working with Broward’s bond counsel Squire Sanders LLP.  The firm is handling a lucrative job on the county’s airport financing.

County commissioners recently expressed dismay that Thurston of Plantation was working for Broward at the same time he was suing it.  Thurston is part of a suit challenging the county commission redistricting as unfair to blacks.

Faced with the loss of his job, the state rep. quit the law suit.

Here is the relevant letter. Click to enlarge:


6 Responses to “Perry Thurston Chooses $$$ Over Fighting Redistricting”

  1. Good for You! says:

    Ha! And Perry is supposed to be one of the “black leaders” that people look to….Its very clear Perry cares NOTHING about the black community but all about HIMSELF. I hope redistricting keeps him in a combined district, so he can really face the PEOPLE!!

  2. been around the block says:


  3. sidelines says:

    Thurston dropping out is indicative of his priorities – wonder what Dale Holness has to say about his ‘colleague’ now, as a handful of BCC specifically discussed Thurston at last Tuesday’s meeting.

  4. Hollness is all about himself says:

    This was posted by someone on Broward politics on the Sun-Sentinel. It makes sense.

    “I know that the real reason that Holness wants to change these maps is solely because he is worried that people will run against him. He has told people that he is scared of Carlton Moore and Hazelle Rogers and he wanted them out of his district. His sole reason is not that he is concerned about the minority vote, but is more concerned about his own re-election. He has told people that he got the lawsuit filed so that he can draw the people I mentioned out of his district. I know this because he has told a number of people this. It is shameful that he is using his community to solely serve his political ambitions. Shame on you Holness.”

    FROM BUDDY: I can’t verify the story. However, two sources say it is widely believed in political circles that this is the reason Holness wants the maps overturned.

  5. Aletheia says:

    Everyone knows that Holeness is a phony.
    He would face a real challenge from Carlton Moore but he doesn’t need to worry about Hazelle Rogers. She’s going to jail!

  6. Hmmm says:

    What does anyone expect from what Judy Stern describes as her “boy” in Tallahassee. Any self respecting black man that allows him to be described a jewish white womans “boy” is willing to sell his people for the quick buck. Any shock if there is a plan to screw Carelton Moore that Judy Stern, Perry and Holness are behind it.