Pembroke Pines Commissioner On Way To Havana





Pembroke Pines Commissioner Angelo Castillo is on his way to Havana to explore his roots, a trip made possible by President Barack Obama’s recent thaw with Cuba.

Castillo will visit with his older sister, who like him was born in Cuba.

angelo castillo

Angelo Castillo


“For me, this is a deeply personal visit — one that my parents wanted me to experience with my own eyes — to visit the house where I was born, the towns where they lived, and better understand the history and roots of my family,” Castillo said.

He will visit his family on the island including “some I’ve never met and stay with them one week.”

Castillo’s family left Cuba in 1962.

“I was only 3 years old so unlike my sister I have no memory of it but together we will now retrace the roots of our family,” he said.

The commissioner, who works for the Broward Sheriff’s Office, is a frequently contributor to the electronic media including

Castillo announced he was running for re-election in 2018.  He also is making plans to run for mayor in 2020 when Frank Ortis, who announced his retirement last month, leaves.


7 Responses to “Pembroke Pines Commissioner On Way To Havana”

  1. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Commissioner Angelo Castillo will have the XXXXX of sharing the visit witb Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine. I can’t express the appropriateness of these giants of accurate literacy and political responsible public service exchanging their views in such an appropriate locale than Castro’s Communist dictatorship with its violently pro Hamas n pro Hezbollah signs and seized (stolen) property all over n government controlled media.

  2. PandaBear says:

    Sounds like a wonderful getaway and at the same time a magnificent opportunity to connect to your rich past. Going back in time to check out your parents’ towns (and possibly grandparents’) their schools, churches, resorts, etc. will give you a more complete picture of your sense of self. I wish my sister would agree to go as well. Yours has always seemed very connected to you. Bon voyage and enjoy!

  3. PandaBear says:

    Hey, Count LF:
    Don’t forget to inform Obama about the govt siezed/stolen properties, the controlled media, and the pro-Hamas/Hezbollah aspects of modern day Cuba. I don’t think he knows…

  4. Proud 50 year old Cuban American says:

    Enjoy the time with your family. The embargo hasn’t done anything to the Castro brothers. Only Cubans in America and their families in Cuba suffer, along with American businesses. We can travel freely and trade with every tyrant in Africa and Asia, China and Russia, but not Cuba for years. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Lifting the embargo is another wise move by Barack Obama.


    Actually, the president didn’t lift the embargo. Only Congress can formally lift the embargo. President Obama did reopen relations and lift many of the onerous restrictions.

  5. Commissioner Angelo Castillo says:


    I appreciate the good wishes but to be clear, my trip to Cuba is a personal family visit. There is no political motivation about it in any way.

    Inevitably, I will walk away from the experience with certain impressions, many things seen and hopefully lots of interactions with people living there. It will be easier for me to take those experiences in fully because I speak the language. I will share some of those impressions with you when I return.

    Until then.


  6. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    I think first thing all poltical prisoners in Cuba should be released. Also all the homes, land the Catros took from their own people, who fled Cuba, left their property , possesions etc, Cuba should pay up and make restition , t all Cubans who fled the island. The cop killer Tupac aunt, send her back to New Jersey for killin the state trooper, not right. The brothers to the rescue ,each of their relatives should receive a million dollars to start. For the President to just establish relations w/ Cuba before Castro coughs of the money, land etc that they took form their own people is not right. Pedro Pan victims go to Cuba, wave to the Castros , then piss on their lawns. The Pope was behind this fine then the Vatican should compensate them. No Robert , they are to busy having gay sex in the bath house (across the street from the Vatican). This stinks all the way around. Go Comm.castillo , go have a good time, remember your relatives and the sacafrice they made and the hell they went through , so you can now go back sportin your layered hair cut and those fancy sneakers you will be sportin. Shame…

  7. Andrew Ladanowski says:

    Like thousands of other Cubans who are now able to visit their families. Angelo Castillo enjoy your trip and your reunion with family. No need to Discuss!