Pelosi, Wasserman-Schultz and Graham on Loconto’s TV Show


Frank Loconto has two interesting shows this weekend on BECON TV. He’s doing long interviews with three political heavyweights: 

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and U. S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.  Plus a second show with former U. S. Senator Bob Graham.

Here is TV schedule for the Loconto’s CountyLine:

  • WBEC  63  UHF(digital)
  • Cable:  Brow. #19 & 70
  • Cable: Miami-Dade County.  Channels #16, 19, 24
  • Cable: Palm Beach County #19
  • Satellites: DirecTV, Echo and ATT U:  #63

The first show is with Pelosi and Wasserman-Schultz:

  1. May 22, Fri. 10 PM
  2. May 25, Mon.  10 PM
  3. May 26, Tues. 1 PM

The second show is with Graham:

  1. May 24, Sun.  10 PM
  2. May 25, Mon  10:30 PM
  3. May 27,  Wed.   10 PM

3 Responses to “Pelosi, Wasserman-Schultz and Graham on Loconto’s TV Show”

  1. GOPapa says:

    So, Frank. Where are the Republicans or is it a Democratic show?

  2. Capt Bill says:

    This looks like an effort to support some democrat folk who may be expected to wave their flag.

    Of no interest to many.

  3. OMGosh!!! says:

    Dear Capt Bill says: You’re right on with your comment, that’s all it’s about too.
    Infact, why is BECON showing things pertaining about Politics when it’s part of the School Board of Broward County’s District.
    This should NOT be happening!!
    This is a School District Channel/ Broadcast and it needs to stop showing things regarding Politics, it’s horrible and stupid. Someone, somewhere needs to ask the school district to stop all this nonsense.
    Loconto is nothing and has been nothing for a long time. Let him go and also the stupid programs he has on the air like “Countyline”