PBA Judicial Endorsements: Cops Pick Lebow, Other Incumbents


Like the Miami Herald, the Broward County Police Benevolent Association has endorsed mostly incumbent judges. 

One candidate who could be really be helped by this endorsement is Circuit Judge Susan Lebow

The rap against Lebow is she is soft on crime.  I’ve been reading that in the media and listening to it on talk radio for years.

It’s total BS!

Don’t believe me.  Ask the people on Death Row put there by Lebow.

If Lebow is as soft on crime as critics say, why is the PBA endorsing her?  Obviously the cops who appear in her court know she is a judge who is tough on criminalsdespite the media hype. 

Lebow should spread this endorsement around.

Also another endorsement I’m happy to see it one for Chief Assistant Public Defender Mindy Solomon

Solomon is not only one of the most qualified candidates running for the bench this year.  She one of the most qualified candidate ever to run for judge.

She has 17 years experience at the public defenders office including head of the homicide division.  She is now the chief of misdemeanors.

Before that, Solomon worked for State Attorney Mike Satz’s office for 12 years, ending her career as a top murder prosecutor. 

She has tried over 200 criminal cases.

Solomon over lawyer Roshawn Banks for county court Group 15 was an obvious choice for the PBA.and everyone else.

Here are the PBA endorsements:

County Court Judge

  • John D. Fry, Group. 1
  • Peter Barry Skolnik, Group 3
  • Edward H. Merrigan, Jr., Group 4
  • John “Jay Hurley, Group 12
  • Linda R. Pratt, Group 13
  • Mary Rudd Robinson, Group 14
  • Mindy Solomon, Group 15
  • Kenneth “Ken Gottlieb, Group 20
  • Nathaniel “Nate Klitsberg, Group 26

Circuit Court Judge

  • Kenneth L. Gillespie, Group 2
  • Elijah H. Williams, Group 4
  • Carlos A.Rodriguez, Group 6
  • Susan Lebow, Group 9
  • Matthew Isaac Destry, Group 15
  • Carlos Rebollo, Group 22
  • Barbara Anne McCarthy, Group 23
  • John T. Luzzo, Group 24
  • Lisa Porter, Group 47
  • Lee Jay Seidman, Group 51
  • Eileen M. O’Connor, Group 5

8 Responses to “PBA Judicial Endorsements: Cops Pick Lebow, Other Incumbents”

  1. Nevins Right says:

    Judge Lebow has been getting unfair criticism for years. I’ve tried cases in her court and found her to be tough but fair. She is no bleeding heart liberal by any means.

  2. Weak endorsement says:

    How does the PBA endorse judges when they have never met or interviewed the candidates? It’s the same political bullshit that Broward has endured for the last 30 years. I bet they endorsed all the politicos that are now in jail or under investigation.

  3. disenchanted says:

    sorry buddy on both counts, lebow is so far left, not always, that she tilts and as to midy having had over 200 trials never, if u mean to verdict maybe 25, check it out and thats both as a prosecutor and pd. but she is a fine person and would be a fair judge.

    Far left is a concept that doesn’t really translate to the courthouse. A rightwing Tea Party type should believe in strictly following the constitution, which includes allowing defendants all the rights afforded them.

    The information about Mindy Solomon comes directly from her website: “Tried more than 200 trials to verdict, specializing in homicide cases, including guilt and sentencing phases.”

  4. disenchanted says:

    someone should check her totals no way, i stand by original estimate, and perhaps left is a stong word , perhaps she takes the extra step to favor the accused as a rule, although there have been exceptions where she has given the vistims an equal chance.

  5. disenchanted says:

    its all a person interprates those rightsa the same right to one can have a very different meaning to another.

  6. Steven A. Schaet says:

    The endorsement by the PBA is considered a strong endorsement but I have a difficult time giving it any weight when I agree with the post from above. I was never contacted by the PBA, was not given an interview by the PBA and was never sent a preinterview sheet for the same. I am not taking anything away from my opponent I just feel that if the PBA is going to endorse a candidate they should have made sure that all opponents were contacted to participate. Hopefully the PBA will contact me to see if they want to continue with their endorsement of my opponent or if they are willing to change their stance and endorse a trial attorney over a politician.

    FROM BUDDY: Judicial candidate Steven A. Schaet makes a good point. I’ve written extensively in the past about groups who endorse without interviewing all the candidates in a race. Its wrong!

  7. Tears of a Clown says:

    Steve “Sour Grapes” Schaet might have a point but for the fact that the PBA has known his opponent for the past two decades, know his background, his record regarding law enforcement, and his qualifications to serve.

    The fact that they chose to endorse him after having that knowledge over a hack traffic ticket attorney and former hand model isn’t surprising.

    Of the PBAs endorsements, I think that maybe 3-4 were done the same way because the board already knew the candidate/incumbent, had endorsed/supported them previously, or just didn’t want to waste the time of the unqualified candidate that was challenging them.

  8. John Petri says:

    Your endorsement of Judge Carlos A. Rodriguez for Circuit Court Group 6 is a big mistake on your part. The concensus of BSO deputies who have gone before him rate him one of the two worst judges in the Broward Founty Courthouse.

    I had a personal experience with his ultra liberal sentencing on a case I investigated involving pharmaceutical fraud & counterfeiting of cancer drugs.
    See Sun Sentinel March 13, 2010 entitled, “Broward Judge Blasted for Lenient Sentencing”.