Pay-For-Play At Al Lamberti’s BSO?



Pay for play at Al Lamberti’s Broward Sheriff’s Office?

Or is it just the way government business has always been done?

Christian Petersen

On August 24, lawyer Christian Petersen with the law firm of Gunster Law Firm donated $250 to Lamberti’s re-election campaign.

Less than two months later, Petersen is representing the sheriff in a lawsuit against the county over who should control the 911 dispatch system, according to the Miami Herald.

Petersen was one of a group of Gunster attorney’s donating over $1,000 to Lamberti August 24.  Also kicking in $500 was GET Unified Now PAC, the Gunster political action committee controlled by Fort Lauderdale Gunster attorney and lobbyist Don Hall.

In fairness, Gunster is well-known as a Republican-leaning firm.  And Lamberti is a Republican.

And it is common, although repellent to many, for private lawyers who work for governments to donate money to those who hire them.

But in a campaign where Lamberti has been criticized for inside dealing at the sheriff’s office, I thought the connection should be raised.

Lamberti is running against Scott Israel,  the Democrat.

Petersen’s work for the sheriff and his donation a coincidence?

You decide.


20 Responses to “Pay-For-Play At Al Lamberti’s BSO?”

  1. Sam The Sham says:

    I don’t know what is going on here, but who would let a $250 donation influence who is hired for a multi-million dollar suit?

    It is unlikely that $250 got Petersen this gig.

  2. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    Come on Buddy.

    Look at his name … Christian … Did you really need to go any further than that?


  3. Mike Rodgers says:

    A $250 donation from one lawyer in a major law firm is NOT a Pay-For-Play. Gimme a break! LOL


    Read carefully. It is really more money when you include the firm and other lawyers in the firm. And I’m sure other Gunster lawyers and maybe clients gave check that I didn’t initially see.

    Aren’t you a whore regardless of whether you take $50 or $500 in exchange for sex? It is the quid pro quo that’s important.

    I’m not saying Lamberti practices pay-for-play. I’m asking whether it smells fishy and whether Gunster would get the same treatment at BSO if it’s lawyers and PAC didn’t donate?

  4. Kevin says:

    I generally agree with Sam the Sham on this. However, since people in Broward raise laughably small amounts of money even in large races, $250 in a Broward election is like $10k in Miami-Dade or Palm Beach.


  5. Independent thinker says:

    We all know how this works! 250 drop of a hat right, no big deal right, well,I see it differently.I have a couple questions for you buddy who is paying for the sheriffs attorney to sue the county? Is it the sheriff himself? Is it bso ?

  6. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:


    Are you suggesting that a Lamberti blow job costs $50?

    He’s a popular guy — I’d think it would be more like $500.

  7. just wondering says:

    If Israel is elected what happens to the BSO v county lawsuit? Is israel expected to keep it? Would county give it up? Who pays Guster bill for services to date ? Date of Israel swear-in?

    Is this lawsuit grandstanding by Lamberti and after election it’ll be ‘settled’, whether Lamberti wins or not. How can Broward county i.e. Bertha Henry take something that’s not theirs?


    He could either drop the lawsuit, settle it or continue with it.

  8. The Pendulum swings says:

    I hear that Lamberti still has William Lewis on his payroll. I believe there is another Wing Ding of Bill’s soon to come.

  9. Independent says:

    What I love best is that one county division is suing another county division, and the taxpayers are paying for both sides of the suit. It’s like suing yourself. All these are assets of the county they are fighting about and the title of the case should be:

    Broward County vs. Broward County

    Seems like there should be something in the Charter for binding arbitration to avoid this.

    If Constitutional Officers were appointed, this wouldn’t happen.

  10. Rosalind D'Angelo says:

    Of course it’s pay for play. Al Lamberti is a Republican, isn’t he? Republican Gov. Rick Scott’s health industry friends have been throwing money at Lamberti. So has former Broward GOP Chair George LeMieux There are more. So this Christian Petersen’s donation and his subsequent working for the Sheriff is raising eyebrows? Why? It’s legal, right? Republicans are simply supporting their own in order to keep control of the BSO.

  11. just wondering says:

    Independent nails it. Taxpayers pay for BOTH sides legal fees. IF the voters mandate of 2000 would have put a COUNTY WIDE BSO dispatch in place, we wouldn’t be dealing with these power struggles. its all about revenue, jobs preservation, etc. All city police and fire dispatch should be thru BSO. And if they don’t get on the same page you will see BSO doing all policing county wide. i.e. no more FLL PD, no more Hollywood PD, etc. it will come about not because taxpayers demand it, but because the economy of scale is the only way we can afford to police the county.

  12. Plain Language says:

    Al Lamberti is suing the county to keep regional communications from taking place. During his 4 years in office, Lamberti hasn’t lifted a finger to assist the county to implement the charter provision that 90% of Broward voters approved to have uniform communications. Pressured by cities, the county is finally getting around to implementing the mandate. This threatens Lamberti’s fiefdom. His lawsuit is a turf war. He only has communications because the County gave it to BSO years ago. It is a county function. Lamberti is putting his turf war above what is safest for Broward residents and that’s why he has never had my vote and never will.

  13. sidelines says:

    To Plain Language –
    Yes and another reason to not vote for Lamberti.

  14. Bobby says:

    This is so political, it is laughable. Not that it is pay for play, but the county resuming services BSO has provided for a decade (suddenly) in the midst of an election AND when BSO has made thier intentions known, they would like to run county communications. Nice job Gunzburger and cronies, these are represented employees who will not transition quietly. Buddy, you see this, come on! Regardless of who is sheriff, communications is better run under BSO (hello, community control, fire are BSO run). We need a new commission NOW.

  15. Long Live the BSO Monarchy says:

    Cant be political, no one ever heard about this stuff until BSO sued. Sounds more like BSO fight is all about conquering more lands to build BSO and never giving up any territory captured during the Jenne Age. Why is BSO is so BIG. Look at what lands were captured during the Jenne Age and dismantle the monarchy if they want to fight against surrounding sovereigns.

  16. 911 says:

    911 what’s your emergency?

    CALLER: Hurry November 6, the poli-tricks from the Israel camp are killing me!

    This issue has nothing to do with helping merge communications is this county. It has everything to do with the County pulling a power play in an effort to further delay consolidation. The County appointed board examining consolidated communications never discussed this issue. Ms. Henry advised them of the County Commissions decision to take it back she didn’t ask them. Now the desperate Israel camp wants us to believe the Sheriff is against consolidated communications. Funny I haven’t seen Israel at any of the meetings but yet he is an expert on the matter.
    How can I help you?
    CALLER: Please stop drinking the kool-aid!

  17. just saying says:

    two new commissioners are on the dais come mid-November so
    perhaps their votes can un-do this.
    we have to endure 2 more years of the last of the term limited women.
    if israel wins this whole power struggle could be cleaned up quick.
    bertha can barely manage what she has now.

  18. John Balzer says:

    Buddy, this article is being rebroadcasted on multiple websites. I don’t know where you dig this stuff up but please continue. What ever happened to the “Sunshine” law? Did Lamberti seek three bids for the work or just award it? The answer would be telling for concerned voters.

  19. Stone Cold's Bottom Line says:

    Buddy, this is a real stretch. Come on.

  20. Lamberti is garbage says:

    Elevating Al Lamberti, in the Magic Carpet ride of BSO’s Chosen Few is the political equivalent of allowing a five year old kid to handle a loaded gun.
    Given enough time, it was inevitable that Lamberti would self destruct.
    The really sad thing about this Clown is the light it places the BSO in, and the fact that Lamberti’s handlers knew full well, he would self destruct…Then when it happens they will collectively wipe their dicks on Al’s bald head, and go on their way…

    Reminiscent of many Lottery Winners, that piss it away and died broke……