Pastor Busted, Drops Out of Race


A pastor and former Broward Sheriff’s Office community liaison has dropped out his race for county commission after being charged with stealing from his church.

Allen B. Jackson withdrew from the race shortly after being charged with grand theft from the Living Word Community Church in Lauderhill, where he was the head pastor.

A long-time Democratic activist who has run twice before for the commission, Jackson was one of seven Democrats seeking to replace Josephus Eggelletion in central Broward. Eggelletion is in prison for bribery and money laundering.

In addition to being a pastor, Jackson was a community liaison for former Sheriff Ken Jenne at the sheriff’s department from 1999-2005.

Ironically, Jackson not only worked for the sheriff but has won a number of awards from crime fighting organizations. This info comes from his application to be appointed to the commission seat shortly after Eggelletion’s arrest last year.

Jackson stated on his application that he won the Distinguished Service Award from the Florida Council on Crime and Delinquency and an Outstanding Civilian Award from the Pompano Police Department.

He also told the governor’s office on the application that he is the former chair of the Broward County Crime Prevention Council.

Jackson’s references for the appointment were Pastor O’Neal Dozier of Pompano Beach, a controversial conservative; Levi Williams, a former School Board candidate and GOP activist and Circuit Judge Ilona Holmes.

Gov. Charlie Crist appointed Al Jones to fill the post instead of Jackson.

Jackson ran against Eggelletion unsuccessfully for the District 9 seat in 2004 and 2008.

The probable cause affidavit from Lauderhill Police states:

On February 22,2010 Alan Jackson was terminated from his position as head pastor of the Living Word Community Church located at 5770 W. Oakland Park Blvd, Lauderhill Fl. On February 25, 2010 Alan Jackson arrived at the TD Bank located at 7342 W. Oakland Park Blvd and withdrew $13,500 from the church’s account. Alan Jackson committed this act with the intention of temporarily or permanendy depriving the Living Word Community Church of these funds. Upon speaking with Derek Kerr (Church President) it was leaned that Alan Jackson did not have permission at anytime to withdraw any church funds on this date.

Police filed the case on May 11.

Jackson lives in Lauderhill.

107 Responses to “Pastor Busted, Drops Out of Race”

  1. No More Corruption says:


  2. Democrat says:

    White Lauderhill has been trying to get rid of Allen Jackson for years. They are scared of his support in the community.

  3. Truth Teller says:

    Holness and Bates were behind this…they should be ashamed of themselves!

  4. somethings never change says:

    Wasn’t this Judy Stern’s candidate to replace her beloved Joe Eggletion? If so these charges are not really much of a surprise.

  5. Resident says:

    Amazing! It’s Jones. No, it’s Holness. No, it’s Bates. No, No, it’s white Lauderhill and Stern.

    Come on people. The Church hired him. The Church fired him. He then stole from the Church. To be fired first he must have done something else too.

    It’s Allen and no one else.

  6. Not again says:

    Vicete Thrower, Jackson, Eggletion, people with ties to Stern. Not a good year for Judy. It is amazing Judges like Carlos Rodriguez and Candidate for Judge Mindy Soloman associate themselves with someone like Stern.

  7. Beth The Bounty Hunter says:

    I don’t know the person but it just makes me sick to see people that are so highly regarded doing such STUPID THINGS!!! They get to the point where they believe they are above the law.

  8. Outrage Christian!!!! says:

    That’s what greed and deceit can do to a person.. They will always get exposed!!! What goes on in the Dark always comes to light!!!!

  9. Mary Jones says:

    These Pastors thing ther are above the law. He is a criminal and should pay. He needs to go to jail.

  10. the truth says:


  11. flash says:

    When men or women believes that they do not a check and balance…and to listen to sound advise and farther more believed that they can do whatever they want to do with God’s people funds is straight out crazy, “how have you rob God in tithes and offering” when authoritative leadership believe that they can take God’s tithes and offering and spend as they want without spiritual counsel…Enough of legally stealing from God’s people

  12. Christ-follower says:

    thanks for getting him out of Lauderhill – we didn’t need the hype – hope has been restored

  13. Jack says:

    He never lived in Lauderhill. He lived in Ft. Lauderdale in January, Coral Springs in February, and North Lauderdale by March; but never in Lauderhill. Why does he move so much; who is he hiding from now?

    FROM BUDDY: His address on both police and court documents is in Lauderhill.

  14. Saint says:

    HE was engaged, married, and divorced within 3 months which might be why he moved around so much. The documents show where he worked and why he was arrested in Lauderhill. All of this in on the internet.

  15. Apprehensive says:

    prison might give him time to repent, humble himself, and learn from his mistakes; then he needs to gain some political experience before campaigning again

  16. Concerned says:

    do you have a mailing address for more information that you might be interested in, too much for blog


  17. Discerning says:

    He told us that it was only $300. The police report says proof of $13,500. Stealing is theft and should be prosecuted.

  18. Irony says:

    Jackson spread rumors. He had malicious agenda. His acccusations and greed caught him. No character to run anything successful. Only a small cult always following him.

  19. Black Jack says:

    3 divorces, 3 jobs, 3 lawsuits, 3 churches, 3 addresses, 3 thousand dollars, 3 campaigns; Jackson seems be a gambler.

  20. Sister C says:

    pastors should not have these types of situations

  21. Restoration says:

    allen who ???

  22. Cease Corruption says:


  23. Princess says:

    I am deeply disturbed by these actions. I will pray for him. He needs to repent and turn from his wicked ways. There is room at the cross for him. He needs to come back.

  24. stclair ward says:

    pastor jackson is an honorable man who has given yoeman service to his community.This a church matter that should be handle with care and hopefully resolved need for haters or detractors-lets all pray.

  25. stclair ward says:

    God forgives and heals and every little thing would be worked out.Pastor jackson is a wonderful man that I have known for almost 18years and I can testify that he is a man worthy of his calling.I wish that Ben Nevins would also write about the other good qualities of the pastor.

  26. the truth says:

    Its so sad how so-called Christians turn their backs on their fellow brothers and sisters, not to mention a Pastor. A Pastor that is not perfect, but a Pastor that has feed them the word of God, visited them at the hospitals, counseled them, found jobs for them, been there for their troubles, been a friend to them and saved a lot of their children from going astray. If you can’t love Pastor Allen B. Jackson and forgive him then stop going to church and throw your bible away because peter denied Christ, david committed adultry and murder, abraham lie, and on and on. Hi calling is to Pastor and not to be perfect!!! Buddy Nevins, I hope you report the truth when the Pastor is cleared of all wrong doing and I hope you apologize for attacking his character and integrity!!! the truth will come out….. just wait!!!!!

  27. blessed says:

    Buddy, you dont know the whole story. He announced that he and another board member had filed a lawsuit against the LWCC board members because they were allowing the previous white Pastor to steal and rob a prodomitely black church blind! The previous white pastor was stealling the money from a the church’s daycare with the help of some board members. The sunday that Pastor Allen announced that he had filed a law suit against the baord, they NEXT day, the board president jamaican born and jealous of Pastor Allen named derrick kerr had an emergency board meeting to vote Pastor Allen out of the church and dale holeness, margarett bates, chuck faranda and others came against the Pastor. Why did the board vote him out the next day??? what was the baord trying to hide??? you will see when this is all cleared up who the real criminals are!!!!

  28. 2blessed2Bstressed says:

    This is God’s man!!!!!! Pastor Allen is a TRUE man of God and none of this is true!!! Buddy, I guess you don’t remember, so let me remind you of what happened to 2 other guys who lied on Pastor Allen and attacked his character and integrity publically, they both ended up going to prison!!! Do you remember Ken Jenne and Joe Eggelletion!!! You have put yourself in a bad position in lying and misleading the people in this article to believe that Pastor Allen did this. He was not busted and he will be found not guilty! You will have to deal with the hand of God like the other 2 guys had too!!!!! Buddy, I feel sorry for you, get a life and stop misleading people. Also, this is America, you’re suppose to be innocent until proven guilty!

  29. Sister C says:

    The truth has already come out when the bogus “lawsuit” was dropped by the judge because it could not be substantiated, then he was proven guilty when he was arrested (because of money he stole), his integrity is most questionable with all the rumors he spread, and everything he “tried” to do in the last 2 years fell to pieces; omg, he needs prayer real bad! Lauderhill is a multicultural community; never black and white, look who left and who stayed. The truth has been here all along.

  30. Restoration says:

    The TRUTH has been in this church for 20 years, and will continue to be despite what Allen or anyone tries to do, AMEN

  31. HeavenBound says:

    ppl can be so ignorant, esp when they follow 1 man, & not God

  32. STCLAIR WARD says:

    I will continue to defend the integrity and honor of my pastor.We are in a season of mischief makers whose only aim is to distroy and drag down the pastor.In all fairness to you people who know so much why cant you all wait for this matter to take its full course and then make your comments.Don’t be so fast to rush to judgement.Be sober in all things.Let us all pray for one another in love and in truth.The truth will be revealed in its proper time and the pastor will be exonerated.

  33. Jack says:

    Thanks for exposing the real truth Buddy.

  34. Christ follower says:

    Sad how a few really believe that propaganda he spreads from his pulpit

  35. Stunned says:

    WOW. LOL. Now i know what a cult is. ARK RESTORATION MINISTRIES.
    Idoits blindly following a crook.
    lol. Even when it is black and white they still follow this man and their naked 1st lady.

  36. The Real Truth says:

    Allen Jacson needs prayers and help. It is obvious that he has traveled down a bad path and he needs help. He came to LWCC and caused nothing but trouble. He accused the board members and the previous pastors of stealing, but thats exactly what he himself did. He dated married women at the church, stole money to get a divorce for his recent ex-wife. brought unqualified friends into the church and made pastors. he cursed his board members whenever they tried to correct him. he used the churches account as a personal account. he stole monies from the churches account after being terminated. it is obvious that this man is troubled. he needs help. dont turn your backs on him. But please dont be an enabler either. dont lead this man to think that what he is doing is correct. HELP HIM!!

  37. Seeking Resolve says:

    People should go to church on Wednesdays and not sit around to invent conspiracy theories; let the reporter do his job and give us the documented facts, not what has been said by some ungrateful politician who used the pulpit for his personal scheme

  38. Resolutions says:

    board hired him, he ran havoc for six months, board fired him

    he continued to steal money, board filed police report, police found evidence and proof, police arrested him

    he still used the money for greed like the four wheels he drives, so he had to drop out out the campaign with no funds left

    what he says is a bunch of lies, innuendos, and accusations; but what he does gets exposed, evaluated, and God’s justice prevails


  39. THE TRUTH says:

    HEY,i know you all are making stuff up,the money he took was from ark christain ministry which was money he took overthere when they ask him to join them.stop the hating plz-you all can talk to the cows come home,jackson is not a crook and you all know it.give me the fact about money he stole and I WOULD BELIEVE ANY OF YOU.

  40. HEAVEN KNOWS says:

    Those who profess to know the truth should always speak it.let us be fair to this man,he is another human being and god loves him as much as any other person.when the truth is revealed you all will see that this man is truly a true man of god that loves people.

  41. Sista C says:

    You can’t handle the truth mamma, until how he swindled you is exposed.

  42. What Lies Ahead says:

    Forgetting the past and moving forward only happens after you ask forgiveness, most remain in denial. Inside out requires integrity of character, spirit of excellence requires godly qualities, new season requires overcoming the past. Not just in word, but in demonstration.

  43. Enable says:

    Even if he does repent he will still suffer the consequences of all his actions

  44. Observer says:

    that white pastor blessed my neighborhood for years, but the black brother tried to destroy that in a few months, thank god he didn’t get what he wanted

  45. Peaceful says:

    Psalm 37:4 is fulfilled with prayer and patience

  46. Sister C says:

    I’m tired of Jackson playing the victim, denying that he knows why this is happening to him. He has his small sympathy group always following him, but the general public sees through his plots.

  47. Medical says:

    this is better than daytime soaps or prime-time drama

  48. Clandestine says:

    Absolutely hilariously caught with his pants down again

  49. Comical says:

    More like Saturday morning cartoons!

  50. wall-e says:

    It is interesting how there is an advertisement next to this blog about becoming a pastor on-line. I often wonder if that is where Jackson gained his experience: on-line??? It might serve him well to actually volunteer (without compensation) for a while, not only as a pastor, but also as a political candidate. Serve the community for a change!

  51. Watchman says:

    Jackson has cycled many times and this is the worst. His high did not achieve height, while his low hit rock bottom in all fields. How many medications is his taking? He manipulated his way in and took advantage of the situation, but could not maintain his game. He will not be playing again for a long time.

  52. Warning says:

    He loathes being antagonized or provoked, and usually retaliates with a vengeance (another cycle of his)= beware!

  53. Intent says:

    Proverbs 19:21 NIV (confident that its God’s voice)

  54. Truth Be Told says:

    The most decent and genuine pastor i ever met. There was a lot of internal politics going on in Living Word Community Church surrounding misappropriated church property Pastor Jackson was trying to have rightfully returned to the church and this false accusation was a calculated and successful attempt to oust and neutralize him. These trumped up charges happened within days after Pastor announced that he was taking action to have the church property restored. Its a shame tarnishing the reputation of such a honorable man. God sees all, knows all and Judges accordingly.

  55. Bible says:

    Don’t be deceived. God is not mocked or ridiculed. Jackson is getting what he deserves.

    If you think he is decent, then life is good. But he got arrested, so what is he hiding from you?

  56. Decent says:

    Isn’t that the same pastor that got released from a church ten years ago because of adultery? His wife divorced him, his mistress gave birth, and he tried to sue the church for defamation of character when he smeared his own reputation. Not my definition of decent!

  57. Genuine says:

    Jackson is a narcissistic sociopath. Don’t want him shaking a hand or kissing no baby. He should stay far away.

  58. Politics says:

    I’ve known Jackson during those ten years and each ponzi scheme gets more severe. He tries to sue his way out by blaming the other party. This time it cost him.

    Reminds me of Job’s 9 months in the Bible, where God restored twice as much, increased double, blessed the latter days of Living Word Community Church more than the beginning.

  59. Calculated says:

    God kicked Lucifer out of heaven and one-third of the angels followed him. Look where they ended up

  60. Property says:

    There’s the longivity of the church history versus Jackson’s random tantrum and sporatic outburst. The only internal chaos was brought and started with Jackson’s self-serving pandemonium. Keep believing his trumped up charges and false accusations rather than learn the truth behind his motives and intentions.

  61. Tarnished says:

    Precisely, Jackson is inclined to divert attention from the real problem. He similarly announced his engagement when he knew that he was being investigated like the other associate pastor that was fired in October 2009. Married only five weeks later kept the attention on himself, rather than the situations he was stirring up. What action did he take? Wasn’t it his friend that sued the church? He only made that announcement to get more attention. His wife filed against him, and his friend doesn’t even speak to him. That brings him honor? There are pastors with better character and integrity. Jackson needs to keep politics out of the pulpit.

  62. Tarnished says:

    Jackson diverts attention from real problems, announcing engagement knowing he was being investigated like pastor fired Oct 2009. Married 5 weeks later kept attention on him. What action did he take? Friend sued church? Wife filed suit against him, and friend doesn’t speak to him any more. Honor? Keep politics out of pulpit!

  63. Neutralized says:

    I’ll contribute to anyone who runs against his next campaign

  64. Deviant Expert says:

    no no no
    let him run
    if he can after being arrested
    let Brow Co take care of him
    they love to arrest and publically humiliate the person in that office

  65. Nauseous says:

    Beware of this wicked man’s false appearance and smooth political words!

  66. Liberal says:

    Proverbs 16:1-5

    Men make elaborate plans;
    but God has the last word

    People are satisfied with whatever LOOKS good in their own eyes; God probes for what IS good in their motives

    Put God in charge of your work with commitment; then what you’ve planned will take place and succeed

    God made everything with a place and purpose; even the wicked are included – but for judgment

    God can’t stomach arrogance or pretense; He’ll put the proud in their place with punishment

  67. Objectivity says:

    In the end, evil will pay tribute to good, and wicked will respect God-loyal people = Proverbs 14:19

  68. Blessed Beyond Words says:

    Proverbs 16:7 says that when a man’s ways please the Lord, He makes even his enemies to be at peace with him Glory To God.

  69. Truth Hidden says:

    Make sure that the light you think you have is not actually darkness LUKE 11:35

  70. Forgive says:

    So watch yourself. If another believer sins, REBUKE him. If he REPENTS, then forgive. Luke 17:3

  71. Resident says:

    If the glove doesn’t fit, you can’t convict. Cochran 1:1

    If you do the crime, you pay the time. Unknown 1:1.

  72. Mayhem says:

    he keeps recycling
    got caught & action taken
    someone please take out the trash

  73. Sista says:


  74. MegaMind says:

    can’t stand when people think they can get away with wrong

  75. The Rev says:

    Allen has already been in the pig pen, so hope my prodigal son comes to his senses soon (Luke 15:11-32)

  76. Politics says:

    I can be cordial at the political rallies, except not to an immoral crook pastor

  77. Standing up for truth and fairness says:

    If all the information is a lie, why is he charged with GRAND THEFT IN THE 3RD DEGREE. Why is he is charged with a felony. Why is the case set to go on trial on December 6 2010?

  78. Leverage says:

    Romans 2:5-9

    Because of your stubbornness and your unrepentant heart, you are storing up wrath against yourself.

    God will give to each person according to what he has done; for those who are self-seeking and who reject the truth and follow evil, there will be wrath and anger. There will be trouble and distress for every human being who does evil.

  79. Blessed says:

    Obviously these people have no life. Allen Jackson is a crook, but thats ur problem if u want to blieva a crook and not the facts.

  80. Standby says:

    Can he campaign again now that he has been arrested and convicted?

    It seems that the lawsuit he tried to bring against the church was just a smoke-screen for what was about to happen to him. He had been under investigation for a while, and thus arrested. He tried to blame the former pastor for what he was doing himself.

    The mug shot in the SunSentinel was horrible, but so true to his scary character.

    There must be a lot more out there than we know already for the State to take over this case. The church did not even have to fight back or defend itself.

    He started another church, but changed the board within a few months. He is hard to work with, struggles within structure, and with people who do not agree to his unorthodox methods. Some like a transient place; I prefer a stable church home.

    Has he given back all that money he took from the church?


    Mr. Jackson has not been convicted of anything yet, according to the court computer system. He has a hearing set for next month.

    He is charged with a felony. If convicted of a felony, he would not be allowed to be a voter in the state. Thus, he could not run for office.

  81. Judge & Jury says:

    prosecute, prosecute, prosecute

    to the fullest extent of the law

    nail his self to the jail cell

    don’t allow him to get away for the 4th time

  82. Serenity says:

    There is nothing more ruthless than a politician trying to save his own ass!

  83. Regardless says:

    whether he is convicted or not, this nightmare will follow him for years along with the repercussion of the gossip

    it haunts him in the pulpit
    it will haunt him in any campaign
    it already haunted him personally

    every time he tries to do anything in Broward County, these issues will arise again and its all on the internet to follow (citations, lawsuits, felony, mug shot, arrest, family court)

    he’s a controversial personality

  84. STCLAIR WARD says:

    Ok,people why can’t we show some respect and reverence for the man of god-why can;t we show a lttle more love for one another.God is in control of this situation and trust me,Pastor jackson is a true man of god and these accusations are false.let us have some decency aboutwhat we write and say about god;s

  85. madder says:

    the story continues

  86. MAD says:

    what goes around comes around

    he doesn’t show respect or reverence

  87. Cruzan says:

    That’s the same irreverent and disrespectful pastor that announced from his pulpit that he was suing another pastor (totally unscriptural)

    Ironically, he is the one facing criminal charges for what was sown is now being reaped (common sense)

    It sure doesn’t pay to blog publically because you only hurt yourself (and your future)

  88. Shaheem says:

    Jury trial for felony conviction
    March 14th @ 9am
    Central Courthouse Room 5900

  89. Frandig says:

    we come have a gala celebration over the conviction – it took time with all the stalling and continuances

  90. MAD says:

    last supper gala
    jury trial moved
    April 11 @ 10am
    prolonging the eventual

  91. Mayla says:

    he was arrested last year for theft, why it taking so long to convict

  92. Madea says:

    lawyer just getting money from him
    wut he took from church

  93. Maddest says:

    wasn’t he arrest last year, what going on

  94. Joesphus Eggelletion says:

    Go work Allen. At least one of us did not go to prison. We will show those church people. You can not lose with the stuff I use. LOL

  95. strengthenbyGod says:

    ok jerks….. Pastor Allen was vindicated. And not only vindicated, the judge threw the case out and said that “THERE WAS NO EVIDENCE OF ANY WRONG DOING BY PASTOR ALLEN”. What do all you HATERS have to say now??? Pastor Allen won and came out on top AGAIN! He is a GOD man and not just a good man!!!!!! Pie in all of your faces!!! derrick, angela, and shaun lied and their lies finally caught up with them!!!!

  96. JUSTICE says:

    Pastor Tony was giving kick backs and paying derrick kerr and Ed miller money under the table for them voting to give him total ownership of the daycare that belonged to the church. Pastor Allen finds out about this. Tells the board its illegal and can cause the church to lose its 501c3. Pastor Allen and his assistant Pastor file a lawsuit against the board because they won’t return daycare and the proceeds from the daycare to the church. Pastor Allen announces to the congregation that a lawsuit has been filed against the board on Sunday Feb. 21, 2010, the next day Feb. 22, 2010, the baord calls an emergency board meeting without notifying Pastor Allen or the assistant Pastor and votes to terminate Pastor Allen. THE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!

  97. STCLAIR WARD says:

    I was in court for the proceedings this week and what I saw was a bunch of pathetic liars that got what they deserved.They were three blind mice: a bunch of visionless people telling lies on the wonder so many folks from their church came over with pastor jackson to the new church,a church where love and the the truth can be found.

  98. STCLAIR WARD says:

    To god be the glory for the things he has done and now pastor jackson ,let us do what god has called you to-I will always be there to support you..

  99. SistaC says:

    who would be that dumb

  100. JUSTME says:


  101. Frankdig says:

    conspiracy theory

  102. Lisa says:

    now trending
    many found not QUILTY
    this season

  103. gabby says:

    lawsuit against another former employer
    behind on childcare again
    no one owes him = go to work & earn

  104. Abe says:

    thankful that he went back to his Boat in the Lakes

  105. Stella says:

    Lol. You all should learn from this
    When God is with you no one can harm you.

  106. Dyvette Davis says:

    I am a former visitor of Living Word I feel since pastor tony left in pastor Alan was put in charge ,others in the church weren’t too happy about a Black young pastor being the head of Living word.They felt they should be the Sr.Pastor.I am sorry just speaking what I saw.I feel he was set up .

  107. jencollinsjennifer says:

    This fellow who is an ex con just did ten years in prison. He go to church every Sunday. He tried to get this lady to marry him(so he told everyone) lied and told her the pastor at this church said it was ok to have pleasure out of wedlock. He stole the lady lil boy information to claim him on his tax return, but the lady been told the IRS was up to something because he told her she wasn’t getting nothing but two dollars and always acted as if she wasnt getting her tax refund. He even told her 1. He could pay a psychic $10 to tell him everything about her and the Lady told him he a man of God he shouldnt do that it God commands you in the Bible not to do it and he told her he could pay a Hatian lady next door to his grandma $200 to do a reading and tell him everything she about her and the lady told him not to that God comanda in the Bible for you not to do it. He ACTUALLY had a tarot reading from a Hatian lady,at the voodoo shop across from the south side Lauderhill Mall by the buses and told her what the voodoo lady said. He wished bad luck on the lady pay check he wish bad luck and jinx the Lady tax check when the lady have two chuleen live way in the back of the complex and get caught in the rain. If he go to psychic and get palm and tarot reading God only knows what else. When the lady found out she didnt get her paycheck because of what he was doing she told him that she was very fustrated and that she must pray. So, she got off the phone with him that Friday and prayed immediately. 15 minutes after she prayed she got an email from Prophet Manasseh Jordan saying ” You must change your locks and put new locks to keep out the enemy. The enemy has been trying break open your doors!” When she told Brother Nelson What the prophet said Brother Jerome was so nasty to her and became so evil towards her beyohd belief She was told that Brother Jetones was very jealous of her getting that tax check and she actually didnt know it she thought he was scared that she would leave home. This lady doesnt go to church as often as she’d like. Her grandfather was a bishop before he passed on. When all the cousins didnt want to go to church with grandma she went with grandma. She loves studying end time prophecy. She said that this is the fourth time somebody came into her life to steal kill and destroy the same way.I’m not saying that Brother Jerome the devil or nothing, but she said when she got rid of him she felt like she lost 100 lbs.