Parrish Endorses Crist


Property Appraiser Lori Parrish, one of Broward County’s leading Democrats, endorsed Gov. Charlie Crist’s independent campaign for U. S. Senate Friday.

The endorsement came within hours of Crist’s veto of  a controverisal anti-abortion bill.

Parrish said she would gladly campaign with Crist if asked.

“This issue was very important to women.  Especially those of my generation,” Parrish said.  

Parrish talked to Crist before the veto and told him of her opposition to the bill, which would have required a woman to pay for an unnecessary ultrasound procedure before being allowed an abortion.

The support of Parrish could help Crist.  She has been in office since the 1980s and has an extensive network of supporters.

Parrish endorsement of Crist is a blow to the Democratic Senate candidates and immediately gives more credibility to the governor’s independent campaign in large sections of Broward’s political world. 

“She knows just about everybody in Broward politics,” said a leading Democrat who requested his name not be used.

32 Responses to “Parrish Endorses Crist”

  1. Crist Is The Winner says:

    Lori is making a good move. Charlie Crist will be independent, not owing anything to the parties that are stuck in their ideologies.

  2. Floridan says:

    “She knows just about everybody in Broward politics,” said a leading Democrat who requested his name not be used.

    What a controversial statement! I can understand why he would not want to be quoted saying that.

    FROM BUDDY: What makes that a controversial statement?

  3. Drop Out Kendrick says:

    Kendrick Meeks has gone nowhere. I guess he needs Mommie to tell him what to do.
    Leave the race Kendrick. Crist is the only one to stop the Tea Party Rubio.

  4. HUGE says:

    This is a huge blow to Meek’s campaign. This will tell Parrish’s extensive DEM network that they can under-resource or stay on the sidelines completely AND for some it will give them the cover to support Crist. HUGE.

  5. Phil Heck says:

    It’s interesting that most Democrats, especially establishment Democrats like Lori Parrish, wouldn’t touch Crist with a ten foot pole when he was a Republican. The moment he abandoned the GOP it was the Second Coming. Now Dems are flocking to him.

    Either Charlie Crist was lying about his political philosophy when he was a Republican, or he’s lying now.

    Either Republicans were suckered in the past, or Democrats are being suckered now by Charlie Crist.

    It could be that Floridians in general are the suckers.

  6. Nepotism is Broward says:

    This is the same Parrish that has Ron Gunzburger on the payroll? How much money has the Gunzburger Family made from Broward County Taxpayers?

  7. southfl1 says:

    Thank you Charlie Crist. You have my support as well….as a Democrat. I actually liked you as a Republican before because you were so moderate and now I really feel you represent the women of Florida well.

  8. prolife democrats says:

    He just lost all prolife democrats in the state that typically abstain from voting or vote for the republican candidate because of life issues.

    This is going to backfire in his face.

  9. Lori Parrish says:


    Actually I campaigned with Charlie in late 2007 and early 2008 for the passage of Aendment One.

  10. Lori Parrish says:

    Opps typo. It’s Amendment One.


  11. Broward Lawyer says:

    Lori Parrish is doing a great job as property appraiser and Charlie Crist has done a great job as Governor. We need more folks like them in politics. Folks concerned with their constiuent’s needs.
    I tip my hat to Lori and wish Charlie all the best in his campaign. I think he will be the next Senator from the State of Florida.

  12. Floridan says:

    FROM BUDDY: What makes that a controversial statement?

    Nothing; I was being sarcastic.

    Why would anyone need to have his identity concealed for making such an obvious comment?

  13. Commissioner Sheila Alu says:

    Charlie Crist has my endorsement also. Thanks Charlie!

  14. G.B. says:

    Lori has never been shy about voicing opinions that some might find “controversial” or different.

    That’s what leaders do as opposed to lemmings who lean whichever way the wind is blowing.

    Charlie Crist is a great guy who quite evidently cares more about the people of Florida than the petty partisan politics that has over-dominated not only the Florida legislature, but the U.S. Congress as well.

    I agree that:
    1: Charlie Crist made an absolutely brilliant move going Independent.

    2: Lori Parish made a bold but solid move by endorsing him.

    3: Charlie Crist WILL be the next Senator from the great state of Florida.

    Go Charlie!

  15. Why This is Smart says:

    Lori Parrish has no fear to speak her mind and do what she thinks is best. She is probably the only politician in Broward who can shoulder a politically controversial issue with relative ease.

    Charlie Crist has met Lori’s policy expectations in several important ways and shown the kind of guts she respects in other politicians.

    Kendrick Meek is an unexciting candidate whose record is not deserving of a US Senate seat. True, he played a strong role in the Obama election and did a good job with it. That does not mean that we should send him to the US Senate. I just don’t see much talent in him.

    Crist has been a much better Governor since he became an Independent than when he was a Republican. One wonders what he might have achieved if this was his way of doing business all along. But it wasn’t. There is no such thing as an Independent in Congress. You either caucus with the Republicans or with the Democrats. If he chooses to caucus with the D’s, like Indepdent convert Joe Lieberman does, he might get things done because they are in the majority. That is highly unlikely to occur in the case of Crist.

    If Crist caucuses with the R’s, he will be in the minority and shunned by them at that. He will be a marginalized freshman Senator who is not a member of any party. Potentially that makes him ineffectual, either immediately or later.

    The only thing they can’t take away is his vote and so long as the margin in the Senate is close, he might then become a powerhouse. So it’s hard to tell what Crist could end up being — price or pauper.

  16. Why This is Smart(2) says:

    …sorry I had to take a phone call…so to wrap up, my point is this.

    Electing Crist is a risk that could pay high returns. But there is a risk there. Electing Meek is a certain to produce mediocrity. Nelson is nothing to write home about either. So that means Florida’s senators will not be nearly as strong as we deserve.

    The choices for us are not great.

  17. Communist Plot says:

    I think it is wonderful that all these Democrats are behind Crist. Because of them and the fact that many Dems cannot vote for anyone without a “D” behind their name, the liberal vote will be split and Rubio will be elected. Keep up the good work!

  18. Mutton snapper says:

    Firstbof all Charlie has my vote now and thanks Lori for helping get that dumb ass abortion bill vetoed. We don’t have the right to pry into a womans private life.

    For the jerk who keeps talking BS about Ron Gunzburger being paid by the taxpayers, get your crap straight. I work wit Ron and he is a hard working attorney and since Lori took office is saving the taxpayers a lot of money in litigation costs. Ron handles the lawsuits instead of outsourcing to private attorneys thus saving a lot of money.

    Are you picking on Ron because he is supporting his mother? What do you expect him to do it’s his mother. By the way I support Ron’s mother too.

  19. Kiss of Death says:

    Sorry Charlie about the Alu endorsement. Better be careful about what you talk about with her and make sure you speak into the wire. I wonder how Bob Norman feel about this endorsement?

  20. Jim Brady says:

    Lori, we will follow your lead. With every step up, you have shown greater competence. Your endorsement is so important to Crist.

  21. Commissioner Sheila Alu says:

    Kiss of Death:

    Charlie has nothing to worry about. You on the other hand must…..

  22. Phil Heck says:

    @Lori Parrish

    You are claiming that if Crist had stayed in the primary race and won, and was running for U.S. Senate as a Republican, you would have endorsed him?

    I doubt it. And that, Madam, is my point. Crist became palatable to many Democrats only when he divorced himself from the Republican party, obviously as a self-serving move, but has he changed with respect to the issues?

    Was he lying before, or now?

  23. random thoughts says:

    Mutton Snapper: “We” do have a right to “pry” into a woman’s private life (go back and re-read Roe about the trimester thingy).
    Charlie is a moderate. The Republicans are conservative. The Democrats are liberal. He doesn’t fit in either.
    Always speak into Alu’s left lapel.
    Charlie will pick up more big democrats in the coming days and weeks.
    Scott may beat McCollum. Scott would trounce Sink.
    Meek is done.

  24. Molly says:

    Love him or hate him, one thing IS for certain — Charlie has no abiding principles or beliefs. Now, is this what we really need?

  25. Smooch of Death says:

    I echo “Kiss of Death’s” Statement.

    Gov. Crist, please call Commissioner Alu and refuse her endorsement, it will hurt you much more than help.

  26. Another Voice says:

    Thanks Lori, now I’m SURE that I’m voting against Crist.

  27. Publicity Whore says:

    Shelia is sad and pathetic.

    This thread was about Lori’s endorsement.
    The only person who cares about your endorsement is Bob Norman. I guess since he was out of town this weekend self promoting yourself on here was your only option

  28. Local Lawyer says:

    I respect the heck out of Lori Parrish. She endorses people she likes and has principles, unlike those who blindly follow the party line.

  29. PHAT Black Chick says:

    I believe the Broward Counyy Democratic Executive Committee is obligated to expel Lori Parrish for publicly endorsing an independent candidate (formerly a Republican Candidate) over the many Democratic candidate who are running for the Senate Seat. Lori, didn’t you sign a loyalty oath? If you did, your word is shit!!!


    Lori Parrish is not a member of the Broward Democratic Executive Committee. Thus the Democratic organization has no control over her.

    Ms. Parrish has a history of supporting the candidate, regardless of the party, such as Jim Scott, a former Republican county commissioner and state senator.

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  31. Chester Just says:

    As a Broward County Democratic Party Club Officer, Committeeman in Pct E-13 and County DEC Area 4 Leader – it comes as a surprise that Lori Parish is Not a member of the DEC since she has enjoyed access and acceptance in its meetings and local clubs as a Democrat.
    FROM BUDDY: That’s what Lori and Mitch Ceasar told me. She’s not a DEC member.

    She probably “enjoyed access and acceptance” because she is a veteran, successful and very popular Democratic office holder.

  32. Resident says:

    You would be surprised that I bet probably most of your elected officials are not members of the DEC.