Parent: Lamberti Blows Another Chance

Al Lamberti has done it again.

 The sheriff has annoyed potential voters who were begging just to hear from him.


Lamberti was scheduled to speak at Riverside Elementary School in Coral Springs tonight. The potential audience is dozens of parents who wanted to meet him in a non-partisan, non-political setting Safety Night.


An ideal group for Lamberti, a Republican locked in a battle with Democratic nominee Scott Israel.


This week, Lamberti cancelled, according to a Coral Springs parent who contacted

Instead, the sheriff has promised to send a deputy.


“Many people in my neighborhood are not political or involved, but they will vote in this upcoming election, this parent wrote me.  “This could have been his chance to put his face out there, I highly believe had he done so, when these people go to the polls, they will vote for someone they just met, not somebody they don’t know.



“Where else does (Lamberti) have to be at 6:00 on a Friday night?, the parent concluded.



3 Responses to “Parent: Lamberti Blows Another Chance”

  1. Leo says:

    He was scared somebody might ask him a question about law enforcement.

  2. the real show says:

    Word is that Lamberti has been trying to get out of the debate below for weeks. The organizers have refused his demands to have the questions given ahead of time and his request to make it a forum(he speaks for 10 mins and Israel speaks for 10 mins) instead of a debate(where each can ask each other questions). Word around the PBA is that Lamberti has demanded that the deputies fill the room at this event tonight to give him support.

    Friday, September 26, 7:00pm

    Where: Koinonia Worship Center 4900 Hallandale Beach Boulevard in West Park

  3. Carol says:

    See if Chief Israel is available!