Paper: Eggelletion The Target of Feds


Elgin Jones, one of the better investigative reporters in South Florida, has a hot story about Broward County Commission Josephus Eggelletion

Jones contends a federal grand jury is mulling over whether to indict Eggelletion.

Many might not see Jones’ story because it is in the South Florida Times, which aims at a black audience.

Here it is here

5 Responses to “Paper: Eggelletion The Target of Feds”

  1. tick tock says:

    Time is running out for Ol’ Joe. The question is who will replace him. The governor will apppoint one of the few black Republicans in Broward. In 2010, Chris Smith? Joe Gibbons?

  2. I.P. Freely says:

    Commissioner Matt Meadows
    You heard it here first!

  3. Hallandale Guy says:

    Joe Gibbons would be the best choice. He is a Democrat and with Crist in a primary for the Senate nomination, it is unlikely he can afford to pick a Democrat.

  4. Lost says:

    I’m Lost:

    Wouldn’t it be elected because it is too far out from the next election?

    IF it is an appointment, don’t Governors look to find people from the District?

    Is Joe Gibbons in the District?

    You cant just go all over the county looking for people. And of course he will choose one of the Dems. It’s a Black Dem seat, everybody knows that. Look at the Addie Green retirement in Palm Beach. He chose a Black Dem Woman to replace a Black Dem Woman. If the seat was a White Male Repub he would do the same , it’s just politics. The only people who will scream are people who think Crist is really a moderate Dem anyway. They Sqwaked when he appointed Taylor to Addie’s seat exposing their lack of knowledge and political understanding

    IF it is an appointment, he should just go ahead and put Chris smith in there now , if he wants it because he’ll take the seat if it suits his political ambitions in 2012 anyway.

    FROM BUDDY: I’m often lost after reading the comments.

  5. Blue Eyed Truth says:

    Elgin Jones has a hard on for Joe Eggelletion. You call him a reporter. I call him an attacker. He is far from unbias. He is a disgrace. How can you believe what he writes?