Opponents Lining Up Against Keechl


Broward Mayor Ken Keechl has trouble a possible challenge to his re-election and an investigation into possible campaign wrongdoing.

At least two candidates are considering running against the mayor this year in the wake of the negative publicity concerning his campaign spending.

Law enforcement authorities have launched an investigation into Keechl’s campaign, according to several sources.

ken keechl

Ken Keechl

Sun-Sentinel columnist Mike Mayo noted in a scathing piece that Keechl was unopposed.  Yet he “rang up 88 restaurant meals on his campaign’s dime last year worth $7,451.

Keechl is also paying his domestic partner $27,900 for rent on a campaign office they co-own in Wilton Manors, nearly $3,500 for airfare and hotel to attend a gay rights political conference in San Francisco, $2,000 in petty cash and more than $1,000 at local wine stores, Mayo wrote.

And Keechl is the guy who claimed he would be “The Ethics Mayor“! 

Mayo had this reader laughing at Keechl here. Being laughed at is never a good thing for a candidate.

Mayo’s column, and the other negative publicity, has changed Keechl’s image overnight.

His re-election was seen as inevitable.  He is now seen as vulnerable.   

I’m sworn to secrecy.

I can’t write any more about the investigation.  Or who the would-be candidates are.

But one potential candidate looking at the race is a veteran office holder in Keechl’s northeast Broward district.

Another potential candidate is being supported by some of Broward’s leading Democrats.

The anti-Keechl campaigns won’t get launched unless there is a realistic chance of victory.  There is a lot going on quietly at this point — sounding out support and rounding up promises for future donations.

Beating Keechl won’t be easy, but his profligate spending has made it easier.  He already has used up one-third of  his $333,000 in campaign money.

Stay tuned.

15 Responses to “Opponents Lining Up Against Keechl”

  1. why says:

    Why doesn’t he just reimburse the campaign and move on?

  2. Just guessing says:

    My guess: “veteran office holder in Keechl’s northeast Broward district” = Jim Naugle. Would Naugle run as a Democrat or Republican? In a Democratic primary Keechl would destroy Naugle.

  3. nope says:

    My bet is John Rayson.

  4. Mangia Pardner Mangia says:

    Keechl looks like Kulick in that picture.

  5. Thomas Lavone says:

    Chip LaMarca and Michael Long are Lighthouse Point Commissioners. Mayor Fred Schorr would also be available. What about them?

  6. Parcmailer says:

    Keechl shouldn’t be worried about campaign money. The people behind the new courthouse complex owe him a lot and need him still.

  7. The Truth 4U says:

    Keechl is in hock to the bail bonds guys and lobbyist Ron Book, who represented them. He was the commissioner who forced through the law which makes it harder for inmates to get out of jail without getting a bail bonds.

  8. Sherlock says:

    Maybe Kevin Kulick will have another one of his stellar candidates run against Keechl. Maybe Lee Loser Seidman will switch to the County Commission race. Real sorry bunch.

  9. Magna Carter says:

    Ken Keechl and Kevin Kulick do look alike. They even have the same initials. What up wit dat?

  10. Elected Without Opposition says:

    Keechl can’t be beat. He won’t draw any opponent.

  11. Disgrace says:

    Ken Keechl is a disgrace. The way he spends his campaign money is a clue to how he spends the county’s money. The prime example is his vote to build a new courthouse without a referendum, although he had opposed such spending in the past and although voters said they didn’t want a new courthouse.
    Shame on Ken Keechl.

  12. Tom Erlich says:

    Mike Long in Lighthouse Point is a low key guy that knows the eastside establishment, Think he has been on the council for 10-12 years.

  13. LHP? says:

    It’s going to take more than being known in Lighthouse Point to win District 4.

  14. A BIG Disappointment says:

    At first Keechl seemed like a guy who wanted to do the right thing; a guy who didn’t bow to political pressure. But he has disappointed us all. At the first realization of his reelection needs, he turned on his beliefs and sold out to the lobbyists. They say power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. His pic can now go in the book next to that quote as he exemplifies a turncoat. I live in his district and I will vote for anyone other than him. If unopposed, I will do a write in candidate of “anyone but him.” And I have convinced everyone around me to do the same. YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF MAYOR. You have let us down and sold out to the dark side. You put personal gain ahead of your duty to serve. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME ON YOU!!!

  15. Tom Erlich says:

    LHP? -I agree, although LHP gets the best voter turnout in Broward and is mostly “R” A LHP candidate who has legs in the areas of Rio Vista, Coral Ridge, and Pompano can easly win. Especially in Coral Ridge which would split the Keechl/Adcock. Wilton Manors and Oakland park are up for grabs. Lamarca and Long fit the bill, and Long has been working /active with the downtown Lauderdale powerbrokers for years.