Open Letter To Sam Fields From Broward Right-To-Life Leader


Guest Columnist Sam Fields wrote a screed against Broward Right-to-Life leader Tewannah Aman here.

Sam doesn’t know Tewannah.  I do and always found her a dedicated and honest activist. 

Here is her reply, which was sent as a comment to his post.  I am posting it by itself for fairness and so it gets more attention.


Dear Sam,

I think what you have written is slandering someone because you don’t agree with their viewpoint.

Sam, killing unborn children is wrong. If you go to, you will have a chance to see what happens to a baby during an abortion procedure. I have talked to doctors and you can research and find the information on line.

This baby’s heartbeat began at 21 days, and this child is innocent.

I’ve had an abortion and I understand just how painful it is. I have suffered emotionally and physically. I have counseled hundreds and hundreds of people who have suffered like me. We haven’t even gone to try to hold the abortionists responsible for not telling us the truth, keeping information from us, etc.

We have had to forgive. I’ve had women come to me and say, He was my doctor, and he didn’t even tell me the risks and complications.”

We fought for a Woman’s Right to Know bill and it became law. That’s how we combatted not getting the
information. Working within the confines of the law, because we’re law-abiding citizens.

You are really trying to say that I’m “happy” that Tiller was killed. How can you say that?? That is slander to call me a liar!

I don’t believe that a person has a right to gun down another individual. I believe in the law taking it’s course. I believe that he should have been in jail for those 19-counts that he was acquitted of in March.

But, pro-lifer’s aren’t supposed to take the law in their own hands.

How sad to judge people based on your own belief system. That we are partying, when someone is killed.

We are Christians and the scriptures “thou shalt not kill”. are true. God will judge. He tells us in Romans 12 to leave that to Him. And He will do what is right!

And, the 19 highjackers who took the lives of all of those people. You think that that we think that’s OK.


Those are people plotting and planning to kill innocent human lives, and we need to put them away so that they can’t do any harm to anyone else. Throw away the key!!

If the plot of this man had been known beforehand, someone should have alerted the police to put this guy away.

People aren’t supposed to kill people.

It’s wrong to kill the baby in the womb. It’s wrong to kill George Tiller and the highjackers were wrong to take all of those lives. All of those people who plan and plot to destroy need to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Because of your not understanding Christians and their beliefs, you don’t understand that when Jesus says, I don’t want you to return evil for evil He means it!@When he says to pray for people that are against you.

 Tewannah Aman


One Response to “Open Letter To Sam Fields From Broward Right-To-Life Leader”

  1. Sam Fields says:

    Dear Ms. Aman,
    I suggest you read what I wrote before you criticize. I offered alternative explanations for your position.

    A.–You are lying;

    B.—You have a sociopathic mentality about life that makes a stem cell, three week old fetus, a healthy ten year old, and Terri Schaivo all equal.

    Thus if you were faced with a “Sophie’s Choice” involving a fetus, a healthy ten year old, Terri Schaivo and Osama Bin laden [ save one or they all die] you would be at a loss to pick one.

    The minute someone prefaces their position by telling me they are a “Christian” I grab hold of my moral wallet. I know I am going to get some sanctimonious prattle grounded in The Bible. Usually from someone like yourself who has never actually bothered to read the book.

    Try reading the Bible from an objective point of view. The “god” of the Judeo –Christian bible is venal, genocidal, jealous to the point of being a psychopathic, ethnic cleansing; pro-slavery, woman hating, maniac who demands that you acknowledge him at the “capo di tutti capo” or you will spend eternity burning in Hell. But most of all he wants you to know that “he loves you.”

    I am a freethinking rational person who has no problem recognizing that storyline for the crap that it is.

    So you had an abortion and now you have traumatic guilt. That’s your problem; get over it. Bot no, you can’t leave the rest of us alone. You want to jail us if not give us the death penalty to compensate for your own emotional inadequacies which has led you to be incapable of deciding whether you should save Hitler or his victims.

    I would be glad to debate publically anytime, anywhere.

    Freedom and free choice now! Freedom and free choice forever!