Open Letter: House candidate Postelnik Responds To Buddy


On April 20, I wrote a post which criticized state House candidate Yomin Postelnik for using his campaign to discuss national and international issues rather than concentrating on state issues.

Postelnik responded with this open letter to readers and voters in northeast Broward’s House District 91.

The original post is here.  

The letter is below.  The language and grammer is Postelnik’s.  I broke up some of the paragraphs to make it easier to read, added one comment in parenthesis and bold faced one sentence: 


Hope you’re having a good weekend.  I’d value speaking with you for a few minutes at your convenience.  My campaign is based on bringing forward common sense solutions across the board.  While we advocate vociferously for what we believe in, we also bring forward actual proposals and don’t just offer rhetoric. 

With regard to the proposed bill of censure (Postelnik proposes censuring Barack Obama in the Florida House), being that radicals have declared their intentions to wage war against the Western World as a whole and being that weakness in the face of hostile aggression only serves to embolden the aggressors, pressuring Israel does not serve American interests.  In fact, it jeopardizes the safety of Americans at home; including Floridians   I do not inject race or culture into the terror debate. 

My goal is to advance common sense solutions to protect us from terror, such as the comprehensive shoreline surveillance plan that I laid out in my platform on the first day of my campaign.  I’d also like to streamline the flow of information from local law enforcement as it relates to terror. 

That said, it is the duty of all local leaders to speak up against injustices.  A state rep. who alerted people to the horrors of Stalin’s gulags as it related to US-Soviet relations in the 1950s or to the horrors of Nazism in the early 40s would have been doing the right thing.  Terrorists who have targeted women and children, are whose efforts are praised by neighboring parties, need to be called out for what they are if the United States is to involve itself in any attempt to broker “peace. 

As far as American interests are concerned, we’d be better off staying out of regional talks and leaving it to the involved parties to resolve their conflict.  Such a policy would also be more conducive to bringing about actual peace as well.  At the same time, weakness in the face of terror makes us the primary target.  As even Sen. Charles Schumer has noted, this administration’s message of appeasement can only serve to beget contempt.  This weakens our own safety and it is the job of a state representative to intervene when necessary.

I recognize that we may disagree on this. 

I only take issue with the idea that the campaign is being used as a sounding board for certain issues.  I’m the only candidate who wrote a financial literacy course that was approved as a supplemental by the school board and that was used by the United Way.  I’m the only candidate with a comprehensive economic blueprint, which is linked to right on my homepage.  We have not gone out of our way to court lobbyists.  We’ve asked people to walk with us, to donate signs and the like.  I believe that our campaign is unique and advocates for the needs of the people.  The solutions that we propose have been well thought out and I would value your specific thoughts on any of these issues.

Looking forward to hearing from you,


9 Responses to “Open Letter: House candidate Postelnik Responds To Buddy”

  1. Tiny says:

    His letter proves your point, Buddy. All he talks about is international affairs.

  2. Reader says:

    I’ve been getting his emails for half a year and never saw much about international issues. The letter reads like he’s addressing the issue at hand. Security is important so I’m not sure what all the fuss is about either.

  3. Tommy the Fry Cook says:

    “My goal is to advance common sense solutions to protect us from terror, such as…”

    What is it with all these goofball Republicans?!? Did the stupidity of George W. Bush rub off on ALL of them?

    If you want to “protect us from terror”, then don’t let us watch “The Exorcist” with all the lights off. However, if you want to do something about terror-ISM, then first learn to use the words correctly so we can all be on the same page.

    This comes from the same crowd of ditto-heads that tries to refer to “The Democrat Party”.

    Shouldn’t there be a literacy and intelligence test before you can run for legislator??

  4. BrowardVoter says:

    Nice try,Postelnik, but THIS voter is more convinced than ever to NOT vote for you. Censure the POTUS in a state legislative body. Yeah, that will solve all of Florida’s economic and social problems. Maybe you should take a civics class to learn more about our system of Federalsim. If you want to censure the POTUS, you should be running for Congress, not the state legislature.

  5. BrowardVoter says:

    Federalism – please forgive the spelling error.

  6. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    Hey Yomin.

    You want to be patriotic? Stand up for the Bill of Rights.

    Chaz Stevens, Genius

  7. Golda Meir says:

    Yomin won’t win. Israel is not the subject for a House race.
    We have George Moraitis, a candidate who understands.

  8. Sure says:

    Thanks Heathleech.

  9. What the Buck says:

    I cannot vote for a candidate who uses terror tactics to take away our liberties. Shoreline surveillance is common sense all of a sudden? How about this quack uses some common sense and not feel threatened by some cave dwellers.