Once The Darling Of GOP, Judge Nina Di Pietro Left Off The Party’s Palm Card









How the mighty have fallen.

County Judge Nina Di Pietro was once GOP royalty.

With her husband, GOP fund raiser lawyer David Di Pietro, at her side, Nina Di Pietro was feted by high rolling Republicans who poured money into her election campaign.


Nina Di Pietro

Nina Di Pietro



But that was before David Di Pietro sued Gov. Rick Scott.  

The suit was David Di Pietro’s attempt to regain his seat on the governing board of Broward Health.  The governor removed him, accusing Di Pietro of interfering with a state investigation of wrongdoing at the public healthcare system.

Di Pietro won his seat back in the suit, but before the matter could be appealed, he quit.  I believe the suit shadows his reputation in the Republican Party.

Now the proof: Judge Di Pietro has been left off the Broward Republican Party’s palm card.


It appears David Di Pietro is an ingrate. My guess is that local Republican activists don’t appreciate Di Pietro feuding with the Republican governor.

After all, it was Scott that named Ms. Di Pietro to the bench two years ago after David Di Pietro supported the governor and other Republican candidates with fund raising.

The local GOP palm card now has “no opinion” on Ms. Di Pietro’s County Court Group 7 race against former Judge Ian Richards. 

Democrats might be interested in the other positions and candidates the GOP has taken.  The palm card is here:



25 Responses to “Once The Darling Of GOP, Judge Nina Di Pietro Left Off The Party’s Palm Card”

  1. I lost that Reagan Feeling says:

    Should we be surprised that the Broward GOP recommends to vote yes in favor of the utility funded and deceptive solar ballot initiative which would reserve the right to take away rights of Floridians and quell free market alternatives to monopoly utilities? Or that they also don’t endorse the medical marijuana amendment to provide the liberty of humane treatment for sick people? That piece of paper is worthless (other than to show one how not to vote) just like the leadership and outdated values of the Broward GOP. They are a joke, and they have lost my vote.

  2. In the know says:

    Nina’s husband is the chair of Trump’s Broward campaign and they are HUUUGE Trump supporters.
    Nina asked the GOP to be leave her off of their palm card to hide the fact that she is right winger republican.

  3. Smart says:

    Probably the best thing for her! Why would anyone want to be tied to Trump on anything in Broward County..

  4. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    In New York the Party Leaders try to come up with cross endorsements to take as much partisan politics as possible out of Judicial races

  5. Sarah Jessica Parker says:

    I am voting for Nina regardless of her obvious affiliation with the Don. I certainly hope hubby dumps that hack Brian Silber (BS) off his Trump Train and finds another lawyer!

  6. Truth teller says:

    @2 – you make me laugh. First of all, Dolly Rump is the Trump chair in Broward. Secondly, Nina wouldn’t even know how to reach the Broward GOP. I see you’re trying to cover for Nina. Fact is her and her husband are persona non grata. They are lucky the party didn’t back Ian Richards outright.


    To me the palm card is of little importance anyway since the race Ms. Di Pietro, as well as other judicial candidates are competing are nonpartisan nature. Your not voting because of the party affiliation for judge, you are voting based on the most suited and qualified candidate based on experience and last time I checked, Democrat Or Republican is not listed next to judicial candidates when casting a vote. Just saying.

  8. number 2 says:

    Wimmer winner chicken dinner.

    Di Pietro would never willingly allow his wife to be on a card with Trump. If this was on the level and those at BREC didn’t like Nina they would have gone with Ian. BREC Chair Bob Sutton had a Facebook post last night supporting Nina’s campaign and then it was gone. David probably told him to pull it.

  9. FROM BUDDY says:


    (Former Broward GOP Chair) Richard DeNapoli’s feud with DiPietro had more to do with it. David raised big bucks for Richard’s opponent in 2014 State House race. All the usual Broward Health donors.

    Most BREC members don’t know anything about Nina & David. Clueless about scandals and they have not been around BREC (Broward Republican Executive Committee, or local party organization) for years.

    I know the RPOF (Republican Party of Florida) got a complaint about Nina being left off. They were satisfied with the BREC response.
    Browardbeat.com added the parenthesis


    My sources continue to contend that she was left off the palm card because her husband had a public falling out with the governor.

  10. Oh says:

    Pure BS Trump is wrapped up in scandal just Like Nina and David Di Pietro. No left
    Trump name off Republican palm card

  11. Liz the great says:

    Nina is blonde & beautiful. The people will vote for her and not the grape.

  12. Lol says:

    While DiPietro is a putz, David has run circlies around Dicky DiNapoli for tears. If someone wanted to hurt Nina putting her on the card would be the way to go. Di Pietro can take this article to Democrats and show they too are getting screwed by the Trump, Rick Scott loving Repuclicans of Broward. Nina has had enough problems with ties to trump, why have more? Look at her primary results, she took all of the east coastal republican areas. She doesn’t need to be on the BREC card to keep those votes. Nina needs dems and this article just got them for her.

  13. @6 says:

    Child please. They are Schere and Chips’ besties and have no idea how to get ahold of the GOP chair? Right!
    The spoke to Bob Sutton and asked to be left off the card. Period. That is telling the truth.

  14. Trump=DiPietro says:

    Broward Republican (DiPietro) goes from insiders Mitt Romney & Jeb Bush to outsider Donald Trump


  15. Ha Ha Ha says:

    November 2012 total for 1st day of early voting in Broward County: 28,330

    November 2016 total for 1st day of early voting in Broward County: 31,340 (+10.6%)

  16. IdvoteforNina says:

    I would vote for Nina. I dont get the card they are saying vote for Trump but they have no opinion in her race? hahaha I do not know this dicky character, but I never even heard he ran for office. Can someone post a picture of the guy?

  17. Buddy says:


    Sources now say that there is pressure from some quarters in the Republican Party to redo the endorsement card to include County Judge Nina Di Pietro’s name. One donor has offered to pay for a new card that includes Di Pietro’s name, sources say.

    What Browardbeat.com did not mention in the above post: There are rules against judges using party designations in their campaigns. The campaigns are supposed to be strictly non-partisan.

    More than one Broward judge has been penalized by the Florida Supreme Court in the past for straying into partisan campaigning. If Judge Di Pietro or her husband has had anything to do with trying to place her name on the Republican endorsement list….well, stay tuned. This one is not over.

  18. One better says:

    Little Dave better be careful, he is under the Judicial Cannons just like .Nina, if he was found to ba involved in trying to switch an endorsement on a partisan card it could be big trouble if she survives.

  19. Everyone hates Nina? says:

    Nina is not on the Concerned Clergy card, not on the Republican card and not on the dolphin/gay card.

    Gotta give Nina credit, one must has to be a real C U Next Tuesday to get left off all three of these cards. Let’s face it, being left off the gay card for anyone else would guarantee being on the Republican and Black Pastor/Concerned Clergy Card.

  20. Jay Narang says:

    Pure fiction! I think Judge Nina has done a great job and has demonstrated exceptional discipline. Hence, I asked Bob Sutton to see if he would be willing to include her. I think both Democrats and Republicans should include Judge Nina on their endorsement cards, if they are honestly seeking non partisan good judges. Rest of the talk is all rubbish !

  21. Oh says:

    It’s rumored that David Di Pietro is actively
    Lobbying the Republican Party to include
    his wife Nina Di Pietro on a new Republican
    Palm card.

  22. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Judges should be as non partisan as possible. For a judicial race to get involved in internal party politics is distasteful at best.

  23. An Observer says:

    One of the best postings.

    Thanks for printing the Republican Card. It was one of the mostly useful things I read. Particularly as to the Judges race and on who not to vote for.

    I changed quite a few of my decisions just before voting because of that.

    BTW, they list some people in city races that I think are democrats. I guess they are just against the incumbents then.

  24. No one says:

    The judicial canons forbid candidates’ family from soliciting funds on behalf of their spouse, child, sibling. No letters to friends or acquaintances can be sent to solicit funds on behalf of the judge.

  25. Sd says:

    I love some of the hacks in here propping her. Just what experience are you talking about that she has? She’s been on the bench fo my NY minute and the other experience she has comes from the PDs office where she was fired for ethical violations and not playing well with others. At least Richards has real,experience and a campaign that he won and wasn’t appointed by a governor whose husband pumped money into his election campaign…