Novice Candidate Again Outraises Opponent With Political Ties




Stacey Schulman continues on a roll in her race for Circuit Court.

Schulman raised another $16,425 in December, traditionally a tough time to collect any money.

December was the second month in Schulman’s three-month campaign that she raised more than opponent Julie Shapiro Harris raised in her entire campaign!

A former prosecutor now in private practice, Schulman now has a total of almost $98,000 and has spent only $4,883. She is a political novice, but has connections to many wealthy lawyers and members of the Jewish community.


Stacey Schulman


Her opponent Shapiro Harris raised $12,689 and kicked in another $5,100.  She has spent $15,155 of the money.

Shapiro Harris works for the Clerk of Courts office and is wife of Democratic political consultant Barry Harris.  She lost a close race for judge two years ago.

Despite those political connections, Shapiro Harris’ lack of money in the bank has led several courthouse insiders to predict she will switch to another judicial race.

“Schulman will end up being unopposed,” one source said.

We shall see.


7 Responses to “Novice Candidate Again Outraises Opponent With Political Ties”

  1. Schulman Fan says:

    Your article fails to mention that in addition to outraising Harris, Schulman has been out shaking hands and running (quite literally) like crazy to spread the word about her campaign. She’s not just sitting back and counting on her committee to raise money. Check out her Facebook page – she’s logged more miles then most judges have in their entire careers!
    While it’s clear you like Schulman (and I feel the same way) don’t jinx her with articles like this! She deserves to be judge and whether with opposition or without, she is going to make it happen!

  2. Good and the bad says:

    Shulman may be a first time candidate but she doesnt campaign like a novice. She is out everywhere, makes great use of social media and is very personable. True, she has raised a good sum of money, but she does rest on that, she is a tireless campaigner.

    While it is doubtful Harris stays in the race and Shulman may get in unopposed, this will probably result in Harris moving to run against Judge Singhal, Judge Pole or Judge Richards. Those three are great Judges and it would be sad to risk losing either of them.

    I think Julie should wait 2 years and run for Clerk of Court when Forman retires.

  3. She Looks Do-able says:

    Hey Buddy, got any full body pics of Sshulman?

  4. Charlotte Greenbarg says:

    Some day maybe the taxpayers will rise up and demand that an impartial panel of non-conflicted people select 3 choices for appointments instead of this vulgar system.

    Non-conflicted people means that they come from a far different area, even different states.


    The idea that the JNC members would come from different areas is a good one.

  5. Rub Roh says:

    No updates on the campaign monies raised in the County Commissioner’s races???

    I know your favorite got smoked again in fundraising department, Buddy. It is best that you did not post the abysmal funds raised in the County Commissioner races, so the candidate will feel as if she still has a chance to win.

    Methinks the probability of her winning the race now is about as probable as a snowball’s survival in hell. A wasted effort!


    My favorite? I have no favorites in any of the county commission races. Why don’t you name names?

  6. Alice in Wonderland says:


    Get a job.

  7. Money says:

    Is the contribution limit $1,000 or $1,250? How come there’s a contribution for $1,250?