North Broward Hospital District Threatens Blogger


I believe  the North Broward Hospital District has a lot to hide — corruption, inside dealing and wasteful spending.

The honchos over at the public health system are worried about hiding something else:  Their trademark.

The government agency’s attorney Jacob Horowitz has written to blogger John deGroot demanding he immediately “cease and desist from using the district’s five star symbol on his website.

I understand how they believe they need to protect their trademark.  After all, it probably cost them thousands to develop that five-pointed star.

Wasted money.

All they would have had to do is watch The Wolfman, the 1941 movie.  The wolfman used a cane with a pentgram.

The Wolfman’s Cane With Pentagram

It is funny that the district — its commercial name is Browardhealth — uses a pentagram.  The five-pointed star has long been associated with evil and the supernatural.  
This Devil Has Elaborate Decoratons Around His Pentagram. The District Pentagram Has Decorations, Too. 
I originally posted the North Broward Hospital District’s logo. Then I decided I don’t want Horowitz and his ilk from the district breathing down my neck. They obviously have no sense of humor.
So if you want to see the pentagram the tax-assisted district probably spent thousands on, here it is on their website.
Maybe they are just upset by DeGroot’s continuing blogging about the district’s waste.

Give me a break.

Doesn’t the district have anything else to do then pick on a senior citizen blogger?

Maybe they should start improving their hospitals.

Here is deGroot’s blog.  The offending item was written March 31 and posted with the district’s tradmark.

4 Responses to “North Broward Hospital District Threatens Blogger”

  1. Seth Platt says:

    This website is illegally using Broward County’s logo.

    I informed the County, maybe they have yet to do anything about it, or it has slipped through the cracks.

    Local governments should protect their image and branding from online trolls looking to legitimize their web exploits by using licensed graphics.
    By the way Didn’t you read the DaVinci Code? Everyone knows the origin of the pentagram is not evil. Try Google next time you are looking for research on symbols.


    I never wrote that the “origin” was evil. I said it was commonly associated with evil and Satainism….which it is.
    Call up Satanism in Wikipedia and there it is — a pentagram.

  2. Dear John says:

    DeGroot is a loser who has been using his so-called “research” to attack our public hospitals and doctors for years.

    How can you give him any credibility?

  3. Legalmindone says:

    Why are you so stupit as to even write about this worthless pice of shit. You are as bad as he is, so just go away for good you lossers

  4. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    Pinching a logo…. Hell of a fledgling way to maintain your relevance in society…

    What’s next John? Gonna nick some of their letterhead? Made sure if you do, snag some envelopes. That’d be a hell of a caper…