No Retirement! Judge Running For Re-Election





Lawyer Rhoda Sokoloff might want to reconsider yet another race for judge.

At least reconsider running for Broward Circuit Court Group 18.

Sokoloff opened a campaign financial account for Group 18 on May 30 amid rumors that incumbent Circuit Court Judge Patti Henning, who has held that seat for decades, was about to retire.


Henning is not going anywhere. She opened her re-election campaign account on Monday.

Apparently Sokoloff  started her campaign without bothering to ask Henning if the retirement rumors were true, sources say.

Now Sokoloff must either switch races….or run against one of the more popular and experienced judges in the courthouse.

Henning, who was first elected in 1984, has a politically savvy and well known sister — former County Commissioner and Broward tourism chief Nikki Grossman.  Her brother-in-law is Circuit Judge Mel Grossman.

Her late husband, Jon Henning,  was involved in politics, too. Jon Henning was the city attorney of Sunrise, Tamarac and Golden Beach at various times.

Politics and the law are in Henning’s blood.  Her father, Malvin Englander, was vice mayor of Miami Beach in the ’50s until 1969, and also served as a justice of the peace, coroner, and small claims judge

This would be the third race for Sokoloff.  She lost a 2010 campaign and got 23.1 percent of the vote in a three-way race for judge in 2012.


9 Responses to “No Retirement! Judge Running For Re-Election”

  1. Oh Rhoda says:

    If it were not for dumb campaigning you would have no campaign at all.

    FYI citing rumors that the Judge was retiring as your basis for filing is not the same as confiming same from the Judge.

  2. Barack Obama says:

    My vote will be for Judge Henning. She’s a fair judge. That’s all you can ask for in a judge.

  3. Mitt Romney says:

    Barack Obama and I finally agree on something. Patti Henning is everything you could ask for in a judge, fair and knowledgeable.

  4. Courthouse Observer says:

    I’m surprised Rhoda Sokoloff even got 2%. She is unqualified and her running against Judge Henning is tantamount to slander

  5. Just one vote says:

    Judge Henning has my vote

  6. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Wow it’s not what you know in this town, its who you know?(huh newly appointed city att. Cynthia Everett(Ft.Lau). I mean this one is related to this one. And this one is married to that one, etc. etc. etc. Me, I’m a one man show….

  7. justme says:

    I’m glad Patti Henning is not retiring. She is a great judge!

  8. Dear walsh says:

    In regards to your comment

    “Me, I’m a one man show”

    A fact we are all thankful for.

  9. sarah says:


    ummmm, NO