No Need To Hail Ceasar; He Does That Himself


Democrats were big winners on Tuesday. 

Notice I wrote: Democrats.   Not Mitch Ceasar, the chairman of the party.

Now, I like Mitch.  I’ve known him for three decades. We eat lunch together regularly. 

Let’s face it.  He does a lot of self promotion. 

A lot.  Of self promotion.

Ceasar was already crowing about the victory before the final vote was in Tuesday. 

Three elected GOP officials lost to Democrats

“It’s a victory for Democrats [and] a very significant loss for the Republicans,” Ceasar told  

Nine paragraphs on of Ceasar’s pronouncements. Ugh!

The Democrats managed to defeat two Republican Party darlings Davie Mayor Tom Truex and Plantation Commissioner Rico Petrocelli.

Deerfield Beach suspended Mayor Al Capellini, a Republican, was also beaten.  He was facing corruption charges, so I don’t know how much of the credit you can give Democrats.

The truth is that a faction of the party aligned against Ceasar had something do with Democrat Judy Paul’s defeat of Truex in Davie.

Paul was helped by Democrats like Phil Busey, who has long been an opponent of Ceasar.

In Plantation, I’m told that long-time regular Democratic activists like Marvin Quittner worked grass roots for Pete Tingom, who beat Petrocelli.  Others worked phone banks.

Surely Ceasar had a role in the Democrats victories.  Surely he lent his support.

But victories are the results of a lot of regular Democrats’ hard work.  Sometimes it is easy to forget this.

After all, regular Democrats don’t have Ceasar’s access to the media.


5 Responses to “No Need To Hail Ceasar; He Does That Himself”

  1. Stacy says:

    Only Chairman Mao would try and take credit when voter turnout was between 10 and 15%

    Check out

  2. Beth The Bounty Hunter says:

    Go Democrats all the way from a die hard dem!!!!!!

  3. Juan says:

    I wonder why Mitch Ceasar does not talk about democrat Mayor Ritter and her lobbyist husband. According to New Times the FBI is querying the mayor’s husband about his association with some individuals who remodeled their Parkland home but stiffed investors in their viatical scheme. Apparently Ritter voted in favor of her husband’s lobbying clients and got the house remodeled. Now his former clients are suing Ritter’s husband for stiffing them.

  4. Sunrise Voter says:

    Mitch Ceasar has always been a phony ready to grab credit from anybody and not willing to do the hard work. I will bet that he was nowhere to be seen in this election.

  5. Sunny side says:

    This was not D’s vs R’s, Truex lost because of the Commons project. He lost west Davie-closet to the project and the new annexed area of Pine Ridge. Paul has always been a good campaigner in her own right. Capellini is facing felony charges and it was surprisinly close-but hey, it’s Deerfield… Petrocelli and the PAL issue was enough for a local like Tingom to move in. Good luck to all winners-Serve your people of the City, not the special intrests.