No Criminal Probe Of Lawmakers’ Residency….Yet





State Attorney’s investigators does not have an “active investigation” into whether Broward legislators lied about where they lived….yet.

Here is the office’s short statement from Ron Ishoy, the SAO’s spokesman:

“We do not currently  have an active investigation into the residency of  legislators; we understand it is being reviewed by state officials elsewhere at this point.”

The state Legislature is looking into the matter.

A criminal complaint was filed against state Sen. Maria Sachs, who is accused of living outside her district. She lives in a luxury home in Palm Beach County but claims to live in a Fort Lauderdale condo.

State Reps. Jared MoskowitzJoe GibbonsHazelle Rogers and Perry Thurston are also accused of living outside their districts.

Neither Ishoy or any other source in the SAO would rule out launching a criminal investigation  into the matter after Tallahassee is finished with them. The SAO would eventually deal with any criminal violations the lawmakers committed.

One source says the SAO remains “interested” in the situation and they are monitoring it.

Allowing another agency to take the lead on this is a smart move on the part of State Attorney Mike Satz.  Why not have others pay for the initial investigation and then build on their work?

Satz successfully used the same tactic against former County Commissioner Scott Cowan, who was investigated and fined by the Elections Commission before Satz successfully prosecuted him more than a decade ago for campaign law violations.



7 Responses to “No Criminal Probe Of Lawmakers’ Residency….Yet”

  1. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    The criminal complaint against Sachs was made by Chaz Stevens. Enough said. This will go nowhere. She has all the requirements she needs. She has the voter card, which states she lives there. She has the lease. That’s it. You have fodder here. No more no less…..

  2. Your Pal Al Lameberti says:

    What about Jacksonville Joe?

  3. Shitty Activist says:

    Well if Mr. I can’t string a sentence together Robert Walsh says everything is okey dokey then I guess there is nothing to this.

  4. Yo creekgirl says:

    Oh #1,

    You mean the same “dude” who still lives with his parents? High achiever that one!

  5. Alice McGill says:

    Chaz will sell out to the highest bidder. Right now, Concerned Citizens of Dania Beach (aka Duke political machine) are paying the freight. He writes anything Lisa says to write. Truth or fiction. Smoke and mirrors.

  6. GOPapa says:

    Bogdanoff will run again and win.

  7. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    #4-Creek-girl-Get your facts straight I do not live w/ my parents)can you believe this crap). For the record my father(Bernie)passed away Oct.1992. My mother(Ann) passed in Jan. of this year. Some nerve you. Momma’s boy I’m not. Although I brought both my parents to the “promised land” quite literally on my back. Regrets I have none. You got nothing Bitch.,..