No Campaign Yet, But Scott Has $12 Million




Democrats.  Think Gov. Rick Scott will be easy to beat next year?

Consider this:

In the latest quarter ending June 30, Scott had more than $12 million in the bank of his Let’s Get To Work Committee.

He raised over $4 million in the quarter. That’s a total of $8.7 million raised this year.

And Scott hasn’t even started a real campaign yet.  Let’s Get To Work is the committee formed to benefit his re-election.

The Democrats?  They don’t even have a real candidate yet.

Scott’s poll numbers remain dismal. The governor’s team hopes is hoping that money can dirty any Demo candidate enough that voters will again choose Scott.

It remains to be seen.

The bottom line: Democrats have a lot of catching up to do.




5 Responses to “No Campaign Yet, But Scott Has $12 Million”

  1. Ha Ha Ha says:

    You’re right Buddy, Mitt Romney’s money got him elected President, so Scott’s money should slide him right into office. Oh wait…

    FROM BUDDY: Just where did I write that Scott would be elected again? I just wrote that the campaign won’t be easy.

  2. Freedom says:

    Money doesn’t always buy honey. Scott bought the election the first time, hopefully people remember how he has governed and if he, G-d Forbid, wins a second term think how he will govern when he does not have to worry about public opinion. Do you really think he wanted to give the school teachers and their student more cash? I don’t think so. Forget voting rights, a women’s choice, affordable healthcare, and so much more will be on the chopping block. Buyer beware.

  3. tom lubart says:

    I’ve got your billboard, “If willie Horton raped your daughter, governor rick scott has a word for you …. “grandma.”

  4. @freedom says:

    I think its just the opposite. I think he felt he had to dance with the tea party that brought him there, and now that he has a little more experience he can just be comfortable being himself.

  5. Middle of the road says:

    Buddy – Not sure if your above piece is a tout or a challenge or both.