News Release: Med Marijuana Fight Goes On





Medical marijuana won a majority of the vote on Tuesday, but not the 60 percent a constitutional amendment needed to pass.

The amendment’s chief sponsor, lawyer John Morgan, ¬†vowed to continue the fight.

His letter to supporters is below:



Dear ????,

We may not have passed amendment 2 tonight but make no mistake, tonight was a victory in the fight for medical marijuana in Florida. Our next governor will take the oath of office having won less than a majority of Floridians’ votes. The idea that marijuana is medicine and that those suffering and in pain should not be made criminals, received a larger share of the vote than the winner of the last 6 gubernatorial elections (if over 56) and every presidential campaign in Florida for decades.

Tallahassee didn’t act, so the people had to.

Well tonight, the people have spoken their will – and their will is for Florida to join 23 other states in passing a medical marijuana law for people like Cathy Jordan and my brother Tim.

This fight does not end tonight. This fight begins tonight. Tomorrow we go to Tallahassee.

Tallahassee politicians can ignore polls and ignore activists. They cannot ignore a clear majority of Florida voters. We will not be ignored.

The governor and the leadership of the house and senate MUST listen to the people who gave them their jobs. They must act on this issue. They must pass a medical marijuana law in the 2015 session that serves the hundreds of thousands of sick and suffering Floridians who are desperate for one.

If they don’t – we’ll be back on the ballot in 2016. And the will of the people WILL NOT be denied a second time.

I have this final message to the patients in Florida – compassion may have been delayed, but it is coming.

– John Morgan

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One Response to “News Release: Med Marijuana Fight Goes On”

  1. Kevin Hill says:

    John Morgan has to be the loosiest loser in Loserville tonight.

    First Charlie lost because of absolutely pathetic Democratic turnout in Broward, Dade, Palm Beach, and especially Osceola, and then the medical dope amendment went up in smoke.