New State Attorney’s Notable First Appointments




Broward State Attorney-Elect Harold Pryor has made his first appointments and the names will be familiar to many in politics and legal circles.

Pryor, who little-known before this election year, appointed some very well-known lawyers to help him with his transition.  The appointments should send a signal to the Courthouse crowd that although he has vowed to change the direction of the prosecutor’s office, he will not make any moves before consulting  with the legal establishment.

His newly-formed transition team includes defense attorneys and a former prosecutor, a member of the downtown business establishment and the former president of The Florida Bar.  The new team would “continue my mission of delivering ground level criminal justice reform here in Broward while keeping all communities safe” Pryor said.




Harold Pryor



These folks should be able to help Pryor deliver:


Retired Judge Ilona Holmes (Co-Chair) – Judge Holmes is a former Assistant State Attorney, former Assistant US Attorney, former Broward County Court judge, and served on the bench in the Broward County Circuit Court for several decades before retiring in 2018. (Browardbeat’s comment: One of the most respected judges in the Broward Courthouse for years.)

Eugene Pettis, Esq. (Co-Chair) – Attorney Pettis is the co-founder of the law firm Haliczer, Pettis, & Schwamm and was the first Black President of the Florida Bar. He has been a leading civil trial lawyer with more than 30 years of experience handling complex legal matters. (BB: He was the speaker at my son’s law school graduation and had an inspiring message of inclusion and diversity in Florida’s practice of law.)


Eugene Pettis

Stephanie Toothaker, Esq. – Attorney Toothaker is the Chairwoman and Chief Strategist of the Toothaker law firm. She is regularly recognized as a SuperLawyer and by Florida Trend’s Legal Elite. She was the first female and youngest person to serve as special counsel to US Senator Bob Graham. She is renowned for her sophisticated approach to governmental relations and procurement. (BB: A fair-minded downtown Fort Lauderdale insider/ real estate lobbyist and lawyer with years of community involvement.)


Stephanie Toothaker

Mike Dutko, Esq. – Attorney Dutko is a Fmr. Assistant State Attorney, Fmr. police officer, and Fmr. organized crime detective. He is currently a name partner at the law firm of Dutko & Kroll, P.A., where he has been repeatedly named as one of America’s preeminent attorneys by Best Lawyers and U.S. News & World Report. (BB: Absolutely terrific criminal defense lawyer involved in some of Broward’s major cases.)

Larry Davis, Esq. – Attorney Davis is a Fmr. Assistant Public Defender who has run his own practice specializing in all aspects of criminal law since the 1980s. He has served as Counsel for the City of Hollywood Police Department, South Florida State Hospital, the Broward County Clerk of Court, the Broward County Jail, and Kids In Distress, Inc. (BB: His long role as a Democratic political activist should not overshadow his winning track record in defending innocent victims of the outgoing State Attorney Mike Satz.)

Charles Morton, Jr., Esq. – Attorney Morton was the first Black Assistance State Attorney in Florida’s 17th Judicial Circuit, where he continuously served for more than 35 years and was Chief Assistant State Attorney from 2005 to 2013. Additionally, Attorney Morton served for two decades as the Assistant State Attorney in charge of the Homicide Trial Unit. Attorney Morton is AV Preeminent® rated by Martindale-Hubbell®. (BB: Since you can’t go very far on a journey without knowing where you came from, Satz’s former right-hand Morton is a perfect choice.)

Karina D. Rodrigues, Esq. – Attorney Rodrigues is a dedicated and determined advocate for those harmed by the misconduct of others. She currently practices at Kelley Uustal, a top Florida law firm. Attorney Rodrigues is the President of the Broward County Hispanic Bar Association, is multilingual, and continuously receives top honors both for her work as a lawyer and as a champion for the most vulnerable members of society. (BB: Esteemed by her colleagues and a representative of the politically-neglected Hispanic community.)

Pryor will be sworn in January 5. He will  replace outgoing Satz, who was State Attorney for 44 years.




7 Responses to “New State Attorney’s Notable First Appointments”

  1. Sam the Sham says:

    George Soros is very proud of his purchase, I mean investment, eh, I mean donation.

    Look for unprosecuted rioters near you.

  2. City activist Robert walsh says:

    Talk about the ” who’s who of Whoville”.

  3. A reader says:

    Can Mr. Pryor help the incoming President make a list of cabinet members? This list appears to be a 10+.

  4. Sean Phillippi says:

    @1 The Soros PC gave more than $750k to try and get Joe Kimok elected. They did not support State Attorney-elect Pryor (I am in a position to know since I ran the Pryor campaign). State Attorney-elect Pryor ran on bringing everyone in the community together behind his agenda of ground level criminal justice reform, which includes keeping ALL communities safe, and that is exactly what he is doing.

  5. City activist Robert walsh says:

    Also the comment concerning Atty.Larry Davis.Yes,many of his clients will undoubtedly owe their freedom to Atty.Davis.However,the comment again he defending innocent victims of the out going State Atty Satz.Please as if any of these defendants were being prosecuted just for ha/ ha’s..Bottom line if u break the law Satz will come after u bottom line.

  6. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    I dont like Sean Phillippi BUT IF HE MASTERMINDED PRYOR’s Victory that is a MAJOR accomplishment BUT RAISES QUESTIONS about how the other campaigns (I voted for Saranell as I supported Bruce Roberts in Ft L) were run.

    Of course African Americans n Leftists now called Progressives in Broward did well in local elections BUT UNDERPERFORMED n probably LOST THE STATE FOR BIDEN.

    Mr Phillippi has nothing ‘to answer for’ but OTHERS? Broward n Miami Dade GOT ZILLIONS TO ELECT BIDEN and really WASTED THE MONEY LIKE PARSCAL DID WITH TRUMP’s MILLIIONS in the Rustbelt, Arizona n GEORGIA

    And least Roger Stone gives a good laugh now n then.

  7. City activist Robert walsh says:

    #6 – your observations r accurate. Also Roger Stone got lucky.Stone should be in prison.