New Move In Tally To Ban Red Light Cameras






Blasting red light cameras as a “back door tax” for cities, State Sen. Daphne Campbell has filed a bill to abolish them.


Daphne Campbell


Daphne Campbell


A state study released Dec. 31 found that total traffic accidents increased 10.14 percent in Florida after the cameras were installed.

Campbell said the study proves that the cameras were merely a money making device for cities.

“My community struggles to make ends meet and is disproportionally affected by the back-door tax that cities are taking from them through the use of red-light cameras,” said Campbell, D-Miami. “I am proud to continue the fight against the unfairness of these unsafe, money-grabbing profiteering businesses.”

The number of jurisdictions using red light cameras has been declining in the state for years. Yet the state study found that the number of tickets has increased.

After an appellate court ruled in 2014 that Hollywood could not turn over its ticket procedures to a vendor, several local cities  stopped their camera programs.

Four cities in Broward County were surveyed.

The study by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles found a dramatic increase in accidents before and after installing the cameras in three of the four Broward cities  – Sunrise, Tamarac and Fort Lauderdale.

Fort Lauderdale, which has discontinued its red light program, had a 84 percent more accidents at intersections surveyed.  Sunrise had 81 percent and Tamarac had 67 percent, according to the state research.

Davie had a 50 percent decrease.

Red light cameras have been banned in Arkansas, Maine, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.  Repeated attempts by some lawmakers to ban the cameras in Florida, which were permitted by the Legislature in 2010, have failed in part due to heavy lobbying by cities.

“Florida should join the list of thirteen states that ban red light cameras. Seniors throughout Florida whose only source of income is their social security benefits have to choose between paying their medication or paying fines from red light cameras. We should pass good policy in Tallahassee that helps the residents and tourists of the beautiful State of Florida; not policy that does more harm than good.”


11 Responses to “New Move In Tally To Ban Red Light Cameras”

  1. Bitter Clinger says:

    Wonders never cease. A Democrat railing against government intrusion in day-to-day life.

    I am truly impressed, with one exception: “….against the unfairness of these unsafe, money-grabbing profiteering businesses”.

    Sen. Campbell, ma’am, the ‘profiteering businesses’ you’re talking about are government agencies – Miami-Dade County and The City of Miami.

    The contractors involved – and there are/were several – won their bids for doing work and providing services which at the time were and still are on the books as legal in your county and city.


    I have a slightly different interpretation of how red light cameras came to Florida. The idea was generated and sold to governments by a cadre of lobbyists working for the companies that operate the cameras. These companies earn a portion of every ticket that is paid.

    Governments indeed have profited greatly by using red light cameras. City officials hide behind the pretense that the cameras are safety devices. These officials are hypocrites. The real reason governments use them is to increase revenues. If officials are so concerned with safety, donate the revenue earned to Mothers For Drunk Driving or some other non-profit safety agency.

  2. City activist robert walsh says:

    No kidding these red lite cameras were designed to solely generate rev.I’ll say they bagged me in Ft>lau for 158 bucks. Instructed to send money to Arizona mind u. We prevailed in court been waiting for Ft.Lau to send breath Robert, going on three Where’s the beef(money). I mean how much money and help are you going to spend to keep getting shot down by the courts. District, appelate etc. All instructed tickets unlawful, pay them rheir money back(158). A good lawyer would put an ad inthe paper and go w/ class action suit. Not only should we get are money back ,city should be penalized for stalling. How it works is deny,deny,deny,then(wait) delay,delay, delay. Not right. Cities were attempting to balance their budgets w/ rev it generated. So its about time to give it up. Buy the cameras from this firm in Arizona and us e them for police survilance etc. No just keep hustling us. Use your dime elected officals ,not ours(158.00).None the less thank u for your efforts State Sen.Campbell. This is giving her traction, go all the way w/ it. Anytime u can use the opportunity ,run w/ it. The residents will remember this that u are for us, not the rest. Good job. I want thE 158 TO donate to Alzheimers etc. Some of u want your money back to go to some titty bar. Fine, in other words its our money not yours so cough it up….And spend the money on what u want…..

  3. Wayne Arnold says:

    Congratulations to outstanding State Legislator Daphne Campbell for her efforts to get red light cameras banned in Florida. Unfortunately it appears that the original premise had merit now it is an instrument to raise monies to finance certain projects within city and county governments. This is an easy one for the elected politicians. Stand with the folks and ban red light cameras.

  4. Huh says:

    How about don’t run a red light and you won’t get hit. I’ve never gotten a ticket due to a camera. Oh that’s right maybe if you actually follow traffic laws you won’t have to worry about it.

  5. Commissioner Angelo Castillo says:


    Whatever your cynical beliefs, my interest was purely life saving and improving safety. I do not lie and don’t like people that do. I know what my motivations were and am completely unafraid to say it.

    The Pines PD has a report anybody can ask for and see showing that red light cameras in our city had a proven positive effect on reducing violations, crashes and reducing fatalities. Proof positive of the effectiveness. Proof positive. The program improves driving behavior.

    Indeed, the hypocrite is he who says they’re for public safety but against red light cameras. And let’s not even talk about how the cameras go live stream when the PD needs them to, in order to find someone fleeing from the scene of a crime. Something crimials know about. In itself a crime fighting tool of great value.

    Many people that don’t like the program simply don’t care about others. They’re so selfish, they want to continue with their bad driving habits, going through red lights without consequence. They dont care that it may hurt or kill people. They don’t care that Florida is a state with one of the highest per capita crash and auto insurance rates in the nation.

    I care. Don’t like that? Throw me the hell out. But so long as I’m there, I will protect your safety even if your stupid damned self won’t.

    How cavalier to ignore how profoundly dangerous it is to drive in Florida. Until your son or daughter is killed. And then you realize. That’s when it hits home.

    You lament that we didn’t try hard enough to make our roads safer.

    And then you recall what a jackass you were standing in the way of one of the few ways to do that without taxing Floridians out of house and home. A program where only the guilty pay. Proven to help them improve THEIR bad driving habits.

    Standing before the coffin of your loved one, the guilt sets in. I’ve been to these funerals, trust me. But it’s too late.

    Obey the law.

    Take driving seriously.

    Stop for the damned red light or take your fine like an adult and learn from it.

    Pay it gladly.

    Let it be a good reminder that you need to be more careful. Before you hurt or kill yourself or another.

    Because your driving habits suck.

    Because YOU are not attentive. As the law requires. It is YOUR inattentiveness that violates the rights of others. YOU have no right to violate the law.

    Driving unlawfully is not a right.

    Why does this need explaining?

    What the hell is wrong with people?
    Grow the hell up and act like adults. Give younger people a proper example.

    Make Broward better, safer. Drive safely for crying out loud. Stop for red lights. If you can’t take the damned bus.

    How pathetic, Jeez.


  6. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    #4.How about the courts ruled it unlawful . How about the fact that some agency in Arizona was collected all the loot. Then giving Ft>alu and others a cut. No ,how about we put more cops on the ground to enforce traffic etc. How about we pay the cops more money. How about i didn’t run the reed it turned red in the middle of the intersection. What slap on the brakes so the car behind me smashed into me. How about we get our money back. Which was ruled by courts. How bout it….

  7. tell the truth says:

    @4. Huh
    you must be LEO or work for the ATS vendor.

    a driver will be sent a red light camera ticket from Tamarac if you make a right turn on red at Commercial at the FL Turnpike. No cops, just a camera.
    There is a small sign – No Right Turn On Red – but every other intersection in Broward that has that sign does NOT have a red-light camera.

  8. James C. Walker says:

    Florida residents need to call and write their state Representatives, Senators, and the Governor to politely but clearly insist that Senate Bill 630 to totally ban red light cameras become law. Let each official know you find the cameras to be unacceptable and that complete removal is the only acceptable solution. Contact information:

    James C. Walker, Life Member – National Motorists Association

  9. Stormwatch says:

    Some of us have known since 2001 that red light cameras are a scam. That was the year the Congressional Report nicely detailed how municipalities are shortening yellow light times at intersections so more people who “squeeze the lemon” get ticketed. Lemon squeezers don’t cause accidents. Drivers who never saw the light do. No red light camera can ever stop that. The best way to reduce red light running is to increase the yellow time. Not decrease it. Sad that more leaders don’t question ATS methods rather than just jump in bed with them.

  10. Ha Ha Ha says:

    @8 – Thanks! This bears repeating:

    Florida residents need to call and write their state Representatives, Senators, and the Governor to politely but clearly insist that Senate Bill 630 to totally ban red light cameras become law. Let each official know you find the cameras to be unacceptable and that complete removal is the only acceptable solution. Contact information:

    Here’s another interesting RLCs link:

  11. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Bottom line. We paid u in good faith. We want our money back in good faith. Mr.Costello what are u talkin about we did shut up and pay it(158). Courts ruled in our favor. Give the money back. Its common sense. We paid these cities. w/ th e rulings now give us our money back. What, hold on to ,till when. Its the right thing to do. No stall,deny,now delay……..