New Ethics Complaints Agt. Sen. Maria Sachs






State Sen. Maria Sachs has more ethical problems.

Complaints filed with the State Senate and the state Elections Commission accuse her of taking money from the Florida Panthers and a developer without filing the proper documents.

The complaints were filed by blogger Chaz Stevens, who has successfully exposed public corruption in the past.

In his complaint, Sachs is accused of taking $6,000 from the Panthers and $4,000 from a New York developer for her political committee.

The complaint alleges she broke Senate and state rules by failing to file the necessary disclosures.

A Palm Beach County Democrat who represents North Broward, Sachs has been dogged by allegations of other ethical shortcomings since her election in 2012.

She was accused of renting limousines, charging them to the state and failing to file the proper documentation. She has also been accused of lying about living in her district.

The complaint and the documentation can be seen on Stevens’ blog here.


9 Responses to “New Ethics Complaints Agt. Sen. Maria Sachs”

  1. Sam The Sham says:

    Oh Magoo, I mean Chaz, you’ve done it again.

  2. Buddy's Disclaimer says:

    Oh, and I should mention that I have a family member who was part of the campaign that lost to Maria Sachs in 2012.


    I have no family member who was “part of the campaign” against Maria Sachs. I have a son who was a legislative aide for Ellyn Bogdanoff, who lost to Sachs.

    However, you are shooting at the messenger. I did not file a complaint against her. I reported on the complaint and I am not the only member of the media who did so.

    While we are on the subject, how many disclaimers do you ever see in newspapers, on newspaper websites or on TV? Ah, none. Having been in the local media for a long time, I happen to know that the spouses and children of news folks work for subjects of news stories…and no disclaimer is issued. Some are even active in politics. But I’m not going to name names.

  3. Smoke=Fire says:

    This is not a minor mishap and Chaz is no amateur. I looked at the rule he cited and it says, “Upon a determination that a Senator has violated this Rule, the
    President shall remove such Senator from all assigned committees subject
    to the right of appeal under Rule 1.5(2).”
    It looks like Sachs may have a lot of time on her hands this year.

  4. simple simon says:

    It is quite simple really. Did she or did she not file the required disclosure as Chaz alleges? It appears from a review of the documents that the answer is no she did not.
    Corruption knows no party.
    Unfortunately, I have a feeling those rules were just to show to folks back home that they are doing something.

  5. Chaz Stevens, Festivus says:

    If you never try, then you’ll never do.

  6. Chaz Stevens, Festivus says:

    @Buddy’s Disclaimer

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but I put this all together myself. Not my first rodeo.

    The only person I spoke to on this matter, was my attorney — as I asked him to notarize my siggy.

    Maybe, but very doubtful, if you started to really get involved, and not just bitch and moan, you’d perhaps develop the chops to pull this off.

    But don’t hold your breath.

  7. Ellyn Supporter says:

    The State Senatorial Election was very discouraging. Sach’s had accusations at that time, but no one listened. I am not surprised her name has come up again. Ellyn Bogdanoff would have represented us with great enthusiasm and honesty. It is too bad so many people vote a party ballot instead of voting for the person who is best candidate.

  8. You heard it here first says:

    Good chance she gets a primary from Al Jacquet of Delray Beach. Already being discussed in Democratic circles today.

  9. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Boy a lot of you are watching this lady(Sachs) like a hawk. Couldn’t she update her disclosure statements after the fact. This Chaz Stevens nothing but nothing ,but time on your hands. I guess this is his profession. I mean I have asked several times what he does for a living(job) to no avail.. . Anyways like I always say cover your ass, cover all bases, and hope for the best , but prepare for the worst Senator….