New Election HQ Project Blocked By Court




The Broward County Commission, which has been unable to get a new Elections Headquarters built after 11 years, has bungled the project again.

Broward Circuit Court Judge Carol-Lisa Phillips on Tuesday blocked construction of the new Elections HQ in an old BJ’s store in Sunrise.

The court order from Judge Phillips came just a week after the Broward County Commission was warned that litigation could delay the project if they picked the BJ’s property.  Commissioners voted 5-4 to begin negotiations to buy the property despite those threats.

Could one reason be that lobbyist Judy Stern was hired by BJ’s owners? She campaigned for at least two of the “yes” votes — Commissioners Lois Wexler and Tim Ryan?

Dale Holness, Marty Kiar, Kristin Jacobs and Stacy Ritter were the “No” votes. also wrote about the possibility that the litigation meant that the project would face delays.

Sunrise Properties, the owners of warehouse property in Plantation that lost the bid for the Elections HQ, sued the country to block the BJ’s purchase. The suit alleges the lack of proper procedures in picking BJ’s and its lack of proper zoning.

Judge Phillips today granted Sunrise Properties– controlled by longtime Broward business partners, real estate investors Bill Murphy and Austin Forman – a stay pending further court hearing.  The date for the hearing has not been set.

Every day the project is delayed threatens its opening by the 2016 presidential election.

The key portion of Judge Phillips four-page order is here (click to enlarge):



8 Responses to “New Election HQ Project Blocked By Court”

  1. Ha Ha Ha says:

    Everyone’s entitled to their day in court. Par for the course, no big deal, unless the Forman side starts abusing the legal system to drag the case out forever. BB should watch closely for that possibility.

  2. Middle of the road says:

    Why is it whenever there is a slimey real estate deal or a deal that looks bad, it some how has Austin Foreman’s name attached?

  3. Get it Right says:

    @Middle of the Road
    The slimy real estate deal is the one being proposed by Judy Stern’s crew who is pulling a bait and switch on the County with a company that has not been properly vetted.

  4. Duke says:

    Has any judge in the history of Broward been overturned on appeal as much as former mayor Naugle’s wife? No judge in Broward will rule against Sunrise Properties. There would be hell to pay. BJ’s is gonna have to wait to the appellate process to get any real justice. Them folks up at the 4th are not intimidated or indebted like the folks down here in the 17th. But it’s all predicated on how far BJ’s really wants to take it. But don’t expect diddly here in Broward. Any Broward circuit judge would rather rule in Sunrise Properties favor and be overturned on appeal rather than initially rule against them. That’s just how much in the bag they are.

  5. John Henry says:

    Of all the potential properties in Broward County the commission happens to focus on the one controlled by Foreman & Co????

    Another day, Another hose-down.

  6. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    As per the comment, we all know Judge Philips is former mayor Jim Naugle’s wife(no secret). Real story here is was this court action by her have any influence by her husband. I mean Jim Naugle is a realtor. Being a real-estate matter one would have thought she would have recused herself. Her ruling can be argued over an appel I would imagine. I mean naturally Buddy since Judy Stern is involved you couldn’t wait to run this story. So what are you implying that Comm.Wexler will jump on board for any cause Judy is hired to perform???

  7. To shitty activist Robert Walsh 2 says:

    Yes, douchebag, and buddy is right once again. Please go crawl under your rock.

  8. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    I love the name calling. At least I never hide behind these stupid alias’. What are you worried about? Oh I get it you don’t want me to burn your house down(w/ you in it)….