New County Commissioners: Have You Seen The Little Piggies?


Dale Holness apparently can’t get

Holness continues to have lobbyists hold fund raisers for him, although he has only a write-in opponent in November.

Holness needs more campaign money like Broward County needs another Josephus Eggelletion.


Holness is running to replace Eggelletion, who is in prison for bribery and money laundering.

The latest to fill Holness’ trough is lobbyist George Platt et. al.  Lobbyist Bernie Friedman held an unnecessary fund raiser earlier as was reported first on

Dale Holness

There is only one reason lobbyists are holding these unnecessary fund raisers.  To buy access….or whatever. 

Holness will fit right in at the county commission.  He’s proving himself just another pol with his hand out.

Meanwhile, south Broward’s Barbara Sharief has apparently forgotten her promise not to talk to lobbyists.

Usually commissioners wait until they are in office to break a promise.  Not Sharief.

According to the, the ubiquitous Friedman is throwing a fund raiser for Sharief.

Now that the fund raiser was unmasked by the media, Sharief is denouncing it, according to Sun-Sentinel staff writer Brittany Wallman.

But what about the second Sharief fund raiser being thrown by Platt? No word about that one? 

Even if you believe Sharief’s story, she was willing to have Friedman put together a meeting with his clients.  That’s not exactly a hands off approach to lobbyists.

Welcome to the media scrutiny of the county commission, Barbara!  

Sharief won the Democratic nomination for the southwest Broward district to replace Diana Wasserman-Rubin, who is awaiting trial on various corruption charges.

Because the district is heavily Democratic and Sharief is the party’s nominee, she is almost certainly headed to the county commission.

These unneeded fund raisers for Holness and Sharief remind me of a Beatle song from my youth:

Have you seen the little piggies/ crawling in the dirt?/ And for all the little Piggies/ Life is getting worse./Always having dirt/ to play around in. 

Have you seen the bigger piggies/ in their starched white shirts?/You will find the bigger piggies/ stirring up the dirt./Always have clean shirts/ to play around in.  

 Here is the Holiness invitation:

George & Anne Platt, Joseph Goldstein, Alex Heckler, Anitra Lanczi, Michael McAllister  are pleased to invite you to a fundraising luncheon for


Democratic Nominee for Broward County Commission, District 9


The Tower Club

100 SE 3rd Ave., 28th Floor

Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33394


 Thursday, October 7, 2010

12 noon


R.S.V.P. to Jennifer Fields at (954) 524-5505 or e-mail:


Maximum Contribution:  $500 per person or entity.  If you or your company contributed to Dale’s campaign in the primary, you may now legally contribute again.


Please make your checks payable to:  Dale Holness for County Commissioner.  If you wish to mail your contribution, please send to:

George Platt, c/o Shutts & Bowen LLP

200 E. Broward Blvd., Suite 2100

Fort Lauderdale, FL  33301

 A contribution to the campaign fundraiser is a contribution to the campaign of Dale Holness.

Political Advertisement Paid for and Approved by Dale Holness, Democrat, Candidate for Broward County Commission, District 9.

10 Responses to “New County Commissioners: Have You Seen The Little Piggies?”

  1. Wrong person Wrong seat says:

    Buddy please correct who Sharief is running against.

    It is Christopher Max Ziadie the real true candidate in this race.

    Diana Wasserman-Rubin said the same thing which got her in trouble and arrested; “I didn’t know I was voting for my husbands grants?”

    These people think we the voters are really stupid!

    The rotten apple does not fall far from the crooked tree!

  2. Bob Adams says:

    District 9 voted out Al Jones – an honest man who worked his tail off to clean up the mess created by felon Joe Eggelettion. Sometimes we get the goverment that we deserve.

  3. Thomas T says:

    I wish that Mike Satz would concentrate on the heart of this corruption, which is the lobbyists. The scenario you wrote about is outrageous

  4. Score Keeper says:

    Just remember that by the time this kind of news gets out the facts have already been gathered. For example, Dinnen and Seiler and their band of thieves have already been identified and their scheme and true intent has been noted for time immemorial. It was nice to finally see this stuff being captured real time. Smile, you’re on candid camera. Tehehehehe

  5. Steve Schwin says:

    “I wish that Mike Satz would concentrate on the heart of this corruption, which is the lobbyists. The scenario you wrote about is outrageous”

    Nothing being done is illegal.

    They are getting what they deserve, which is bad media coverage (public shame).

  6. city Activist Robert Walsh says:

    I for one think that these lobbyist have way to much influence over these elected officals. Yes these people will pay the 500.00 dollars to go to this event and others. This is going to back fire on the elected officals because the voter yes the voter guys that put you in office in the first place are so sick of this pay to play process that its going to resonate with the voter not to vote for that particular offical. Oh they will have plenty of money for ads in newspapers and on CNN but when everything is said and done the voter will go elsewhere. Be careful who you take money from,although tempting could seriously send you packing.

  7. Whazza Up With Sharief says:

    We can only surmise that Sharief is the same as every other commissioner, including the one she is replacing. Diana Wasserman Rubin was more concerned about passing county money to her husband than governing, hence her indictment. Sharief hasn’t even been sworn in yet and is already willing to let the slick Bernie Friedmans lead her around. If she wasn’t going to talk to lobbyists, what is she doing talking to Slick Bernie? Her excuse in the Sun-Sentinel is full of holes.

  8. CATO says:

    Friedman is greasing the way to get the unwanted by the community Diplomat LAC back for a vote/win.

    We should all watch how the paid-by-lobbyists commissioners vote on this issue when it comes up next. Can we holla corruption again?

  9. NoDale!!! says:



  10. Stone Cold's Bottom Line says:

    Hey “Steve Schwin”:

    If you are going to comment, do you research, look at things objectively and use your fuckin’ brain. don’t make some stupid ass “they are all evil” summary judgement based on lack of empirical knowledge, nudnick!!!

    don’t get me fired up, lacko of braino!!