New Broward GOP Chief Is Bankrupt!




Republicans are supposed to be fiscally responsible.

You can decide if newly-elected Broward GOP Chair FrancesRico” Petrocelli is living up to that standard.


Rico Petrocelli


The chairman, elected earlier this month, filed bankruptcy in November, 2011 owing $281,682.76.  The case is still open.

It was his second bankruptcy.

Both cases were jointly filed with his wife, Camille Petrocelli.

Petrocelli was the executive director of the Broward Republican Executive Committee, the GOP’s county organization, from January 2011. It is not known if he remains in that job or will give it up to be chair.

He was elected party chair by GOP committee members on December 3 after the prior Chair Richard DeNapoli decided not to run again.

He was a Plantation city commissioner from 2005-2009.  He remains actively involved in city politics backing candidates who criticize the current commission for fiscal irresponsibility.

Fiscal responsibility is what more than a dozen creditors are seeking from Petrocelli, alleging he has not paid his bills.

Among those who claim Petrocelli stiffed them is the City of Plantation, which states it is owned $4,558.96 for unpaid health insurance premiums.

Petrocelli is also alleged to have not paid thousands of dollars in credit card bills and $202,647.38 for a mortgage on his home at 5492 SW First Street, Plantation.

He was $40,687.63 in arrears on his mortgage when the claim was filed.

His current bankruptcy follows one that was settled in March 1991.

Petrocelli could not be reached for comment.

Below are some claims against him from the federal court file (click on each one to enlarge):


33 Responses to “New Broward GOP Chief Is Bankrupt!”

  1. Independent says:

    Just another example of a Republican talking a good game. I guess he must be part of the 47%.

  2. Broward Dem says:

    Makes sense as a representative for a morally bankrupt party.

  3. Broward Lawyer says:

    Rico Petrocelli is a good man and he’ll do a fine job as BREC Chair.
    Funny how this blog picks and chooses whose finances to look at.

  4. Stone Cold's Bottom Line says:

    Lame story. Unnecessary. Not nice. Why, Buddy?

  5. Poor Republicans says:

    he and Broward foreclosuer Commissioner Chip Lamarca should go into business together!

  6. John Fusaro says:

    In South Florida bankruptcy has become the standard and the foreclosure rate leads the nation. More than fifty percent of homes in Broward are still underwater. I believe this is the biggest problem facing residents and there decision to file bankruptcy. There are other political leaders that have filed bankruptcy and two in Sunrise. I don’t believe it’s possible to find anyone who is not tarnished. This has become the realty of living in Florida.


    I don’t believe “bankruptcy has become the standard.”
    I have very little sympathy with people who take on debt and then don’t pay them.

  7. Word around town says:


    Rico seems in need of cash and that 35k he made last year at BREC would seem to be a significant part of his income. Seems going from a paid position at BREC to an unpaid position would be financially unwise. If he he was brought on as a consultant for 35k a year with one of the companies in the building where BREC rents its office space it is all a wash? Cmon Rico how are you making up for that lost 35k a year?

  8. I agree says:

    I agree with you Buddy, the rest of us live within our means, don’t run up credit card debt and live without if we can’t afford it.


    It penalizes the rest of us who are responsible.

  9. Ha Ha Ha says:

    This one is tame compared to Buddy’s earlier articles on Petrocelli, like this one:

    Crist Appoints Another Loser — Petrocelli


    Gov. Charlie Crist’s appointments are getting more and more pathetic.

    Think Scott Rothstein to the Appeals Court Judicial Nominating Commission.  Or Joe Cobo to the North Broward Hospital District.

    Now he has appointed  Rico Petrocelli to the Broward County Housing Authority.


    Petrocelli is the former Plantation commissioner who got beaten earlier this year after allegations he misused money at the Plantation Athletic League.  The State Attorney’s Office dropped their investigation of any criminal wrongdoing, but the whole deal didn’t smell right.

    In addition, Petrocelli has a checked past in law enforcement and automobile sales.  Just check out my previous stories using the search feature on the front page.  […]

  10. What Would Reagan Do? says:

    Hello Dems. Does your disdain for living outside one’s means extend to D.C. because you just re-elected the biggest spender in Presidential history?

  11. Dick DiNapoli says:

    Ha ha suckers, miss me now.

    Didnt you ever hear the warnings about choosing the handpicked successor of the guy leaving to replace him. Did you think DiNapoli was going to hand pick a successor that would do well, lol. At least he didnt support someone known to have had their foster kids taken away like Angelo Castillo’s hand picked successor at Broward House.

  12. Disgust says:

    If LaMarca and RICO can’t control their finances, they shouldn’t be Republican leaders, We can do better than this people!

  13. frank says:

    Being chairman of BREC in Broward is like being the commissioner of the special olympics. The committeemen get a nice ribbon for accomplishing nothing of value to somebody who isn’t mentally handicapped, and he gets to pat himself on the head for getting a special nametag and holding a batton.

  14. It's Not Rico's Fault says:

    Don’t blame Rico for living high and mighty and making bad financial decisions. Blame Bill Lewis, the self-proclaimed morning money ex-con man.

    Rico fills in for the wife beater periodically and could be getting financial advice from him, so it’s not his fault he’s bankrupt.

    Let’s just hope he’s not getting relationship advice from “crazy eyes” Bill.

  15. It's not LaMarca's fault either says:

    Don’t blame Chip LaMarca or Rico for living high and mighty and making bad financial decisions. Blame Bill Lewis, the wife beater, felon. They both went on his radio show where he spewed financial advice and they acted like the only Republican leaders of our party. To add insult to injury, Rico declares bankruptcy twice-not once! And LaMarca buys a new car and renovates his (dry lot) LHPIT home. Lets see when he declares bankruptcy! They both need to resign before they ruin the GOP.

  16. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    One thing about Robert Walsh-he pays his bills(whatever it takes). To say that Rico here, or Comm.larmarca are what? Not good enough because they are having financial difficulties? Most importantly is the question in “BOTH” cases how is this any of our business……

  17. LHP Resident says:

    Dragging Lamarca into this is just wrong. I am a neighbor of his and the last I checked he has renovated his home and does not have a new car, but why let the facts ruin your little story?

  18. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    >> City Activist Robert Walsh says:
    One thing about Robert Walsh-he pays his bills(whatever it takes).

    Including grand theft?

  19. Jim Kale says:

    I am not surprised at all because he is my leader

  20. Jumping to Conclusions... says:

    Why are some people so quick to condemn someone in bankruptcy when there are so many valid reasons to end up there? Businesses fail because of changes in technology…an illness can drain someone’s life savings…an unscrupulous investor can ruin any of us. Why are we so quick to assume the worst of someone who has devoted much of his life to public service? Careful folks…pick up a stone if you’re sure none of these unexpected events could ever occur in YOUR life. Until then let’s not revel in the misfortune of others.

  21. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Oh please “Chaz Stevens” .You drink “Pabst Blue Ribbion beer” enough said…….Heathen…..

  22. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:


    I’m a militant atheist dipshit.

    Oh, and by the way, I’m still waiting for you to come kick my ass…

  23. Stone Cold's Bottom Line says:

    to Chazz the Spazz, Vulgarite:

    Why do you have to use such crass language? What do you think your are, a Blogger shock jock? you fall way short, Howard Stern-wanna-be.. it’s lame…

    grow up, dude.

  24. Its not Lamarca's fault either says:

    To LHP Resident:

    you must be blind if you haven’t seen his new car. When the price of your house and the neighborhood goes down because his has been foreclosed on, you aint gonna be happy.

  25. Still Jumping to Conclusions... says:

    I’m also not happy when I see someone hurt in an accident and ultimately I know even that will cost me money from my own pocket. That doesn’t mean, however, that I jump to the conclusion that the person hurt was at fault. Just because YOU are effected by something doesn’t mean that you are allowed to assign blame without at least knowing all the facts.

  26. Stone Cold's Bottom Line says:

    to Buddy:

    Chazz da Spazz is morally and ethically BANKRUPT. Write a critical article about him instead of this article, which is not necessary.

  27. Who cares? says:

    Isn’t that BREC thing a volunteer position? Who really cares about the guys financial status? Those guys get pamphlets printed up and organize some Lincoln Day banquet. Not exactly rocket science. This blog is becoming the National Enquirer of blogs. As far as Lamarca and his new car or whatever, as far as I know he and his wife both work, why shouldn’t the guy buy a car? What should he do, take a bus?

  28. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    >> This blog is becoming the National Enquirer of blogs.

    Most excellent!

    Buddy, if you do win an award for such, let me be the first to say congratulations! Oh and also, I’m a bit jealous…

  29. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    @ Stone Cold

    That’s fancy talk coming from a lawyer.

  30. Who cares? says:

    Chaz Stevens, you are irrelevant. That is all.

  31. rich jump says:

    he raised 6 children and served his community in many ways. the fact that hes struggling is not a reflection of the good person he is. its bad form to publicize his personal finaces. get a life buddy. shit happens.

  32. get a life says:

    are you running a gossip column now? you should be ashamed of yourself for putting this mans business out there. he is a good man who does what he needs to do to take care of his family. I hope one day Buddy your life gets in a mess and see how many people are their to help you. you are the type of scum the earth needs to get rid of. Go get a life and quit posting articles that make people seem worse than they are. you will one day have receive your karma for the nonsense you write and I can’t wait to read that article.

  33. Lorraine Knox says:

    Why would you put this out there, when it has nothing to do with his volunteering at BREC? That is pretty low, this is a good man, trying to put his financial life back together. People in glass houses should not throw stones; just think of how hurt he is today!!!! Are you proud?? I call this “mean girls mentallity”. Signed, Discusted