New Blog By Veteran Florida Political Scientist Evidence-Based Without Spin.


Looking for something to read while you are social distancing?

Try pollster Jim Kane’s new blog,

Jim Kane, at the airport waiting to return from the UF, Gainesville

One of the original regular contributors to, Kane is a long time friend. 

I first met him when we both had a lot more hair

Kane was the pollster for the Sun-Sentinel several decades ago, along with both Democrats and Republicans across the state. As the chief political writer and columnist, I was his main liaison with the paper. 

He was also a graduate professor of surveys at the University of Florida, Gainesville. I used him as a source because he always had something insightful to point out. 

I also knew Kane from his role as a lobbyist and political operative for the politically-influential Forman family of real estate investors. At one time the Formans were the most powerful force in Broward politics. Kane is a childhood friend of one of the Forman’s, Austin.

The blog is aimed at political science professionals, but it has something for just political junkies, too. 

Check it out for Kane’s views on politics. You’ll find it a freshening change from the partisan spin infecting much of the Internet. Kane’s findings are evidence based, not opinion. The link is in the second paragraph above.

8 Responses to “New Blog By Veteran Florida Political Scientist Evidence-Based Without Spin.”

  1. Statistics look good on paper says:

    I am only a part time political junkie. I understand the numbers in Kane’s calculations, but I also understand how quickly situations change. For instance, the next time Kane runs his numbers the coronavirus will have an impact on the results. I cannot imagine having Democrat Joe Biden in charge of organizing a picnic much less a “war” against a dangerous disease.
    Granted, Joe would only be the figurehead President, along the lines of George Bush. Joe’s people in the background would be making the decisions, much like Obama’s style.
    Thanks for the link to Kane’s blog. It is interesting.

  2. Johnny T says:

    What are women whining about Warren for? They should read this Kane guy’s post and see how much money she raised. I wonder how much of that money was from men?

  3. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    Man … slow loading, that image of the US is 2MB in size.

    Hope Jim knows politics better than web stuff.

  4. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    #1 SERIOUSLY? You think Trump who LIES about his previous remarks, debunks science n scientists n seems to be totally ignorant of history n international affairs should be in chsrge?

  5. Statistics look good on paper says:

    Well, I guess it can’t be Hillary. She and Bill are still counting the money they made after the last earthquake in Haiti. And Haiti is still in shambles. By default, the President of the US gets the job of being in charge.

  6. Sam the Sham says:

    Jim Kane’s reliance on the polling site is a serious mistake at best, or a calculated misdirection at worst.

    Civiqs is run by the same people who bring you The Daily Kos, an admitted left wing propaganda site.

    In addition, the “panel” employed by Civiqs that does their polls are supposedly of all demographics, geographically, educationally and economically. That is great, right? Well, they are so diversified as to allow non citizens, non voters and even panelists as young as 13!

    Who would rely on such panelists? People who want to spread mis-information and lies.

  7. Milton J. Jones says:


  8. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    #5 your comment about the Clintons is PLAIN INACCURATE. The Clintons helped Earthquake Damage. The problems in Haiti started when the Slave rebellion including massacres of French settlers who were the backbone of the economy. Since 1810 1 King n 2 Emperors plus 5 or 6 Presidents have tried to lift uo Haitian education n economy n always been undercut by rural ignorant rebellions n anti-European, anti-Arab or Asian racism from ignorant backward rural mobs.