Nevins’ Kid, A Murder Witness, Disses The Media


My son Nathan Nevins might get good grades at the University of Florida, but he didn’t learn a lesson I tried to teach him: 

Always try to help the media.

Nathan lives in Gainesville in one of those upscale student ghetto’s called The Estates.

On Monday he was an earwitness to a murder.  

Here is the story:

A student couple living in an apartment directly over his woke him up arguing. 

This wasn’t anything new.  He told police they argued loudly all the time.

Suddenly there was a gun shot. 

The girl 19-years-old shot her 20-year-old boyfriend in the face.  He died a few hours later in the hospital.

Detectives interviewed Nathan twice.

Then he went to class.  When he returned, there was a business card from a local reporter jammed into his door.

“When are you calling her?  I asked Nathan.


“It would help the reporter out, I said. “You’ve got some good quotes that would beef up her story.  You could just tell her to call you ‘a neighbor’ if you don’t want your name in the paper.

“What do I get out of it?

“Nathan, if everybody had that attitude I wouldn’t have been able to make a living, I reminded him.  “A lot of peoples’ stories went into paying for you at college.

“Whatever, he said. “I gotta go.

The story without Nathan’s help is here.


4 Responses to “Nevins’ Kid, A Murder Witness, Disses The Media”

  1. Today's Values says:

    In contemporary street life, being a snitch is about as low as one can be. That is warped but true. So your son probably did the right thing, in a street sense, especially since they already caught the shooter and seem to have all the evidence they need to convict. All that and he lost no street credit.

  2. Mister Courthouse says:

    If your son needs a lawyer to represent him before he is questioned again, just don’t hire Sam Fields. The Gainesville detectives will be so mad they will end up charging your son.

  3. Thunder says:

    Somehow I didn’t see good grades playing a role in the story except for the writer to puff out his chest. And naming a child Nathan? That’s child abuse.

  4. S only says:

    If you think “Nathan” is bad, what about “Buddy”? That’s every dog I know lol