Nasty Campaigns Of Chris Smith Vs. Dale Holness: Pulling Knifes And Stealing Signs





The Broward County Commission campaign between supporters of incumbent Commissioner Dale Holness and state Sen. Chris Smith is a street fight.


A Smith campaign worker allegedly pulled a knife last weekend on Holness supporters. Sen. Smith countered that “campaign workers for Commissioner Holness, a bunch of young adolescent males began the confrontation.”

Welcome to Broward’s nastiest campaign this year!

The recent vile conduct are an example of why the Holness vs. Smith contest has been called the most combative Broward County Commission race this year. Up for grabs is the inner city District 9 seat.

A subtext of this brawl is whether an African American or a Caribbean American will represent much of Central Broward north of Davie Road. Smith was born in Fort Lauderdale, while Holness is from Jamaica.

The district contains roughly 76,000 Black voters, 21,000 Whites and 9,300 Hispanics.   It is the most heavily Democratic of the nine commission districts — 84,000 registered Ds, 9,634 Rs and 22,000 NPAs.

So it is all over in the August 30th Democratic primary.

Lately the fight between Smith and Holness has developed into something of a blood feud, with their supporters squaring off throughout the district. was told in an e-mail that this happened over the weekend in Lauderhill:

Comm. Holness’ re-election campaign had two canvassers knocking on doors in Lauderhill. A van full of Sen. Smith’s workers then pulled up, got out of their van, and told our canvassers that they were not allowed to knock doors in that neighborhood and that they needed to leave….NOTHING that has happened justifies a worker for Sen. Smith pulling a knife on people supporting Comm. Holness’ campaign.


A cell phone video, linked here, was provided. It appears to prove that a knife was involved in the confrontation.

Smith had a different take on the day, in this statement e-mailed to

The facts as reported to me, by the homeowner who lived across the street is that my campaign workers were walking and the campaign workers for Commissioner Holness, which consisted of a bunch of young adolescent males began a confrontation. The woman you see pacing back and forth is the mother of a young girl who felt threatened by the young men from the Holness campaign.

I have run for office six times in Broward County. At no time has anyone ever accuse me of any unethical behavior. As a matter of fact every former opponent of mine is supporting me in my current campaign, and most of Commissioner Holness’s former opponents are supporting me in this current campaign. If you want to check credibility, and the character of the way people run political campaigns, please feel free to call any former opponent of mine, and call in the former opponent of Commissioner Holness.

 This negative environment has been the product of Commissioner Holness

  • Commissioner Holness on the last day of filing at 11:50am questioned my petitions which are certified in October 2015
  •  Commissioner Holness sent out negative mail on me implying that I support Donald Trump and I have not sent out negative mail on him
  • We have photo proof of Commissioner Holness workers pulling up my signs (see below)  
  • Please check with residents in the Northwest section and you will see that most of the signs placed in yards replace without permission by the homeowner, homeowners will tell you that somebody just came and stuck that sign in the yard.


Smith said the picture below proves a Holness worker was stealing his signs. That’s what it looks like to me.


sign pull up





So who started it?  Which campaign are the good guys and which are the bad guys?

Me?  I believe both candidates should get a handle on their supporters.



23 Responses to “Nasty Campaigns Of Chris Smith Vs. Dale Holness: Pulling Knifes And Stealing Signs”

  1. Count RF Chodkiewiczz Chudzikiewiccz IV says:

    Black votes matter!!

    I know my cousin is the paid lobbyist for one of these candidates.

  2. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    NO EXCUSES! This behavior does NOT belong in America EVER!
    This is NOT a banana republic like Venezuela or – you fill in the blank

  3. This is not leadership says:

    You have to love the gushy love fest video emailed out today by Republican Attorney Ed Pozzuoli of the Tripp Scott Law Firm.
    Smith could not find anything negative to say about the last session in Tallahassee??? And even complimented the Republican leadership??? Perhaps he IS a little to cozy with the GOP.
    Smith demonstrated little to no knowledge of the County Commission seat he is running for, and seemed to indicate that the Board was dysfunctional. I will take the Broward County Commission over Tallahassee leadership any day.
    Smith needs to control his volunteers and his rhetoric as we should be encouraging young adolescent African American males to participate in the political process, not marginalizing them like so many others have in our political system, or pulling knives on them for canvassing neighborhoods. Aghast he did not repudiate this situation.

  4. Talks like a politician says:

    Deja vu all over again. Sounds just like the dirty politics in Dania Beach. Are those “volunteers” part of this action?

    Just a thought: Is this what happens when groups of people are divided and subdivided into so many factions that everybody disrespects everybody else and the sense of community is destroyed forever? Then the winner of a political contest becomes the loser at the same time and the entire community suffers.

  5. Chris Smith says:

    I discussed this terrible unfortunate incident now with those involved and I reminded my campaign volunteers to do as I have done to Commissioner Holness’s negative attacks. Just ignore them. I’m embarrassed for our community that this is happening more embarrassed that this is now spread upon the web. I am committed to cleaning up this campaign season as I am committed to cleaning up district 9 which is been neglected locally.

  6. A man who witnessed says:

    I witness the authorcation in front of my house the Holness young thugs charged at the young lady so she pulled in self defense. This isn’t the first incident the Holness people threatened to throw a brick at a smith campaigner. They even threatened to beat up Chris’s son. They also have trespassed at Chris property and have been really rude and nasty. At the end the man me. MURRAY for Holness said were coming for you. I witness this there is a police report about this and Holness people are at fault so really who’s better

  7. A man who witnessed says:

    He was an employee of Tripp Scott and he’s still on contract so he can’t diss republicans

  8. A homeowner says:

    I live on the street this incident takes play song. I saw a homeless can charge at one of the young ladies in the video and the only Kush put out a knife set of those people videotaped. But there’s another incident. The deal oldest teams were caught pulling up signs of Cistrunk even put a sign in similar Smith’s yard. So when we caught them pulling up Christmas signs we decided to take pictures so many took pictures of them they hurried up within Mr. MURRAY who’s in charge of all the teams and they’re walking. The Vancil because all get out and the person taking pictures with Chris Smith Sun city all decide to jump out and try to beat him up luckily there were some adults there quickly came out to try to stop the situation there are pictures of them one of them but then also earlier when someone else is trying take pictures of another group of teens a teenager to pick up a big brick in through at the lady’s car was she was taking pictures from so really you call the Smith campaign violent this is messed up this is why SUPPORT Chri

  9. not the only race like this says:

    Reminds me of when Andrea Gunderson was flailing and waving a ham hock at Lea Krauss after the dolphin demo meeting….

  10. Homeowner says:

    @3 did you know that I was a homeowner right in front of the street that this incident happened. The deal Honus young boys play signs in our yard still asking and the Chris people reminds me at least asked toput a sign in the yard but whenever the van which the whole mess kids were in the homeless people pulled over and the boys Rusty young ladies and in self defense pulled out a knife she didn’t have to do that but those people should’ve been attacking. It was another incident in which the Holness threw a brick At the people who were taking pictures of them putting up signs are sistrunk . Also in the incident they threatened to beat up Chris Smith son who is there taking pictures of them and rest up the car to be him luckily there were girls there to help manage the situation and the holnesspeople were taking them around for supporting them trying to beat his kid up. So do you and commissioner Holness you do not condemn these actions

  11. I just wonder says:

    What if I post pictures of Chris Smith workers also working for Judge candidates. So, he is not only pulling up Holness signs but he is illegally placing yard signs for Judges. #EnoughSaid

  12. Holness is a scumbag says:

    Dale Holness is a straight scumbag! Remember all the shit he pulled in Barbara Sharief campaign, Mark Bogen campaign and Beam Furr? And also before the start of this campaign getting someone named Robert “Chris” Smith to file in hopes of confusing voters. Dale you are a scumbag and Broward will be much better off when you are no longer in office..

  13. In Their Pocket says:

    Splendid, #3 it looks like Chris Smith is part of Ed Pozzuoli’s web of lies. Yes, Ed Pozzuoli, part of John Hage, of Charter Schools USA. These are the worst of the worst as far as hypocrites. Two men that take from the state government and boast to their friends that Pine Crest is the BEST school in South Florida…..and that’s where their kids are educated. Bunch of bullshit.

    Also, Chris Smith and Ros Osgood are joined at the hip as well. We need these two out of office.

  14. Really Chris? says:

    Chris Smith really? When did you turn into God’ favorite child who never gets involved in political races and hides in the background? You didn’t want Mandy Dawson to loose early on, you never truly supported Joe Eggletion, you always meddled in Fort Lauderdale, Lauderhill and Lauderdale Lakes commission races. Your candidate lost in 2012 remember? You also sent the nasty attack mailer on Torey Alston 4 years ago although your issue was with his brother, helping now corrupt and Runcie’s blind supporter in Osgood on the School Board. This year you have aligned with a candidate for Mayor in Lauderdale Lakes and others….you are definitely not a saint and in Tallahassee your record has been spotty and in LOCKSTEP WITH THE REPUBLICANS.

  15. Number 11 says:

    Hmmmm, I am almost positive that Barry Harris has been making these similar comments to people at recent candidate forums. Do your candidates, Doreen Inkeles, Russel Thompson and Brenda Di Ioia know you are out there messing with Chris Smith.

  16. Response says:

    Why can’t he send his kids to private school, there only there for athletics most likely I heard his oldest son is really good. Smith came from a 14 year old single mother and went to BROWARD estates, parkway middle and plantation high. Went to a HBCU and went to fsu for law school. And his kids don’t go to pine crest. They went to public school before private school. And if u were him with money u wouldn’t send your kids to private school. He also drives a 2000 Chevy Tahoe so really talk dirt Holness supporters. Holness didn’t graduate from college


    I don’t think that any parent should be criticized for sending their children to the school they believe is best for their child. As someone who went to both public and private schools, I can say that each had its advantage.

  17. An Observer says:

    While Holness is working to get the Caribbean-American vote, and Smith is working to get the African-American vote, no one is working to get the White or Hispanic vote that could decide this election. They’ve been ignored.

    Big Mistake.

  18. Chris Smith All the Way says:

    I want someone who actually pays attention at meetings and doesn’t fall asleep or consistently leave early like Dale does.

    A $90k job should go to someone who actually wants to work and not just collect a check.

  19. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    @14 Really Chris is confusing me.
    We are to oppose Chris Smith because he failed to support CONVICTED CROOKS MANDY DAWSON AND JOE EGGELSON?

  20. Tyrone A. Ash says:

    When something works, like someone who has proved to be a genuine supporter of a community, should we the people turn our backs on what works, deciding that it is no longer needed? No! Instead we should build upon the progress made by supporting the continuation of quality life improvements. This is what must occur in Broward County Commission District 9. Don’t throw away what has been working for you, your family and friends and the neighborhoods within District 9.

    On Tuesday, August 30, 2016, residents of County Commission District 9 will cast votes in the Florida Primary Election for their County Commissioner. The push is on to either keep someone who has proven himself to the people or graft an interloper associated with a non-productive so-called “political machine.” The people involved in this “machine” have never brought progress – real progress – to our communities of Broward County. Is it more important to choose the current Commissioner who has delivered on his commitment to District 9, or an unknown quantity at the local political levels of governance who may just want a job?

    Each situation must be evaluated to determine the highest possible benefits for our communities. Therefore, we should support our own Commissioner precisely because of what is working now! While another candidate may promise, we need to grow on the deeds already working for the residents of District 9! Your vote supports the future of children. Do not let them down! Be strong and faithful to your neighbors and communities.

    Unfortunately, this election season has exposed an issue that brews potential violence or otherwise divisive relations involving our Caribbean brothers and sisters. The sitting Commissioner of District 9 is of Caribbean descent and has been doing a great job. He is an American citizen and a successful businessman. Some would have you believe that he is for Caribbean residents only. However, his community work over the years and his work as Commissioner disproves the allegation. Negative statements against this public servant are designed to arouse emotions and negative actions of some residents and to support selfish interests at the expense of working together. It is also negative campaigning by opposition that may or may not be associated with political opponents of the Commissioner.

    Ban the box will assist all black ex-offenders in Broward County, and Neighborhood and Municipal Beautification Projects benefit all residents of District 9. Affordable Housing, Community Engagement and Youth Development Programs have been developed and are in operation. And so is Small Business Expansion for continued economic growth that empowers all District 9 residents. These are some of the accomplishments of the Caribbean American Commissioner that some would say is not for every resident of his District. These facts make it clear that the so-called “issue” of our African American Commissioner of Caribbean ancestry is no issue at all. Do not be bamboozled, hoodwinked or led astray! You, the voters in District 9, are smarter than that.

    The August 30th Election is the day that Broward County Commission District 9 voters need to vote based on truth – make a stand to improve your children’s lives, expand businesses and save and empower our neighborhoods. Do not get suckered by a politician that is simply out of work and is looking for a job.
    Commissioner Dale Holness is a great servant who has been a businessman his entire adult life, he knows real estate and how commerce operates. This knowledge is essential for growth in District 9, and, as a result, growth of Broward County as a whole. Together we can produce positive change for all of our communities. It is time for us to make a stand for continued community progress. Remember, on August 30th your vote should be for progress in the lives of all District 9 residents and for all of Broward County, as well.

    We do not need a career politician looking for a job. We have a Commissioner that is, and has been, doing a great job. Keep the faith, keep Dale Holness. Get out the vote on August 30, 2016.

  21. Knows for Sure says:

    Hey Tyrone,

    You forgot your Paid Political Advertisement disclosure there bud!

    Did you bill Dale the three hours it probably took you to write this.

    Smith 60/40

  22. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    >> Commissioner Dale Holness is a great servant who has been a businessman his entire adult life, he knows real estate and how commerce operates.

    Sure, if you consider houses in foreclosure a great business model.

  23. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says: