Nan Rich’s Fundraiser Should Be Her Final Gasp





Nan Rich’s “big” fundraiser was last night, a desperate bid to pump money into her gubernatorial campaign before the end of the third quarter reporting period.

The former state senator from Weston apparently asked every last friend she had in South Florida to give money.

Now that she has used up every card in her Rolodex, where does she go from here?

Surely not to the Governor’s Mansion.

Her Democratic campaign was still born.  Its dead and the only Nan Rich seems not to know it.

Former Gov. Charlie Crist will file for office during the first two weeks of October, sucking all the air out of the Democratic race.

And the money.

The smart money is on Crist to win the Democratic primary.  Then he has a 50-50 chance to win in November 2014 against Republican Gov. Rick Scott.

Nan Rich?

Since Florida Democrats have a history of committing political suicide, there is an ever-so-slight chance Rich could win the primary.

But Nan Rich can never, ever win a general election. This state isn’t ready for a liberal, Jewish, South Florida grandmother.  Did I mention she was a liberal?

If the Progressives put down whatever they must be smoking, they would come to this realization: Nan Rich can not be elected Governor of Florida.

The lobbyists like Bernie Friedman and George Platt and the 150 or so who RSVPd to the fundraiser?

I have to laugh when I see Friedman quoted in Anthony Man’s piece in the Sun-Sentinel. Friedman, who actually knows something about politics as the former national head of the College Democrats, must have had his tongue firmly in his cheek when he said :  “People didn’t think Marco Rubio had a chance either.”

Friedman knows it is as simple as this:  Rubio is an appealing, young pol that is to the right, which can win in Florida.  Rich is a New York City born liberal, which can not win.

Friedman’s comments about Nan Rich can be explained easily. She carried a lot of water for him in Tallahassee.


Nan Helping Republicans


Another interesting aside:

The fundraiser was thrown by Howard and Julie Talenfeld. Howard is the name partner of a Republican-leaning law firm with a Tallahassee lobbying practice.  While Howard was holding the fund raiser for Rich, the firm Colodny Fass has been pouring money into the coffers of Republican candidates, including giving $14,600 to the Republican Party of Florida.

Makes me wonder, since Republicans are the only ones who benefit by Rich continuing this money-wasting fight.

Makes me wonder, since Man’s story quotes Republican activist Justin Sayfie as saying,  “To have so many prominent big-name Democrats financially supporting Nan Rich speaks to both the strength of her candidacy with Florida’s leading Democrats as well as a significant lack of support for former Republican Governor turned Democrat Charlie Crist.”

Can it be any clearer? Rich’s campaign helps Republicans.

So, instead of treating Nan Rich like some losing contestant on a TV quiz show and tossing her parting gifts, Democrats should have saved their money for the Crist campaign.

Where should Nan Rich go from here?

Nan needs to Stop. Do Not Pass Go?  Do Not Collect $200 Dollars…from anybody, anymore.





21 Responses to “Nan Rich’s Fundraiser Should Be Her Final Gasp”

  1. GOPapa says:

    Charlie Crist can’t win either. Rick Scott will have four more years.

  2. Charlie LaMarca says:

    Who is Rick Scott? Never heard of him.

  3. Proud Fan of Nan Rich says:

    The Democrats have to nominate a man who is not a real Democrat to win? I think not. Nan Rich is the only Democrat in the race. It is better to carry the banner than to win as a phony.

  4. Ha Ha Ha says:

    @2 – Rick Scott is the person responsible for Citizens raising your insurance premiums, reneging on your Citizens discounts for investing in home improvements, turning down 2 billion dollars in federal funds Florida was about to receive, wasting your tax dollars on unconstitutional drug testing without probable cause, signing off on the new law that turns red light camera appeals into kangaroo courts, etc.

    Rick Scott – buffoon, clown, laughingstock – he is the man who robs you of your civil liberties and pisses away your tax dollars.

  5. Anonomyte says:

    It is better to back a winning Democratic candidate, than a Democratic candidate that doesn’t have a chance of getting elected. I’m all for getting rid of Rick Scott. Nan Rich isn’t the person who is going to do that.

  6. Anonomyte says:

    Hey Buddy, Got any info on who is going to run against Marco Rubio?

    FROM BUDDY: That would be in 2016. Too far off for me. But after Charlie, the list of Democratic candidates is real, real short.

  7. Central Broward says:

    The Proud Fan of Nan Rich should easily know that his elected Republican then Democrat Sheriff Israel is a phony! I like Nan as a person and have nothing bad to say about her. But stop wih the bull shit comments..

  8. Notocorruption says:

    As a Republican, I will never vote for Rick Scott. Medicare fraud as a CEO and spending $73 million to get elected Governor just sits the wrong way with me.

  9. modeengunch says:

    Into the valley of death rode the 600…….

  10. Misc says:

    My oh my , Trashing a nice lady. Is there any civility left in politics? You go Ms. Rich. They also said Truman would never win either. Republican/Independent/democrat I guess I will buy another pair of flip flops.

  11. Real Deal says:

    Not long ago a young man with a goal few thought he could achieve walked a lonely campaign path through Florida undaunted. Nobody thought he could win. Things changed and today he is a US Senator.

    I did not vote for him but I can’t help admiring his tenacity. Nan Rich has twice that spirit. She will not quit. She will not back down. For her not to be governor, she must be beaten.

    To do that an opponent will have to challenge the things she is saying and her vision for the future of the state.

    Writing her off is a fools error especially since this race hasn’t even become interesting yet and neither of her two opponents, one declared and the other waffling, has much to be so proud of.

  12. mark this day down says:

    Charlie won’t run against Marco. Charlie will be the heir apparent to Nelson when he retires in 2018. It works out too perfectly for him. Although you dont have to resign to run for federal office, so he could get two bites at the apple.

  13. tell the truth says:

    “…But Nan Rich can never, ever win a general election. This state isn’t ready for a liberal, Jewish, South Florida grandmother. Did I mention she was a liberal?….”

    The repubs will turn out in droves to vote against ANY South Florida dem because they do NOT trust us or like us. the other wannabees that thought they would run are staying in their current city elected seats.

    as to this “…….quotes Republican activist Justin Sayfie as saying, “To have so many prominent big-name Democrats financially supporting Nan Rich speaks to both the strength of her candidacy with Florida’s leading Democrats as well as a significant lack of support for former Republican Governor turned Democrat Charlie Crist.”…..”
    They fear Crist more than any dem. He has gone rogue, and a known devil is better than an unknown devil to these staunch repubs.

    If its Crist v Scott in Nov 2014, Crist will win hands down for 2 reasons – dems do not want 4 more years of Scott and Crist is our great white hope that will unite regardless of party unlike any other dem candidate stepping up.

  14. Ha Ha Ha says:

    Rick Scott: “cruel and irresponsible”

  15. Plain Language says:

    Message to truth is this state will get whatever the majority says they get. People said Florida wasn’t ready for a black president either yet they voted for one.

    In statewide races there are no gerrymandered lines to protect a political franchises.

    Most voters statewide are democrats who are sick and tired of failed conservative rule in Florida. Most independents feel that same way. I’ve heard this Jewish woman liberal thing before just as I did about a black man in the White House. You may be in for a rude awakening.

  16. Ana Gomez-Mallada says:

    If the Democrats think that by electing Charlie “the Windsock” Crist they will gain the Governor’s Mansion they are sadly mistaken. CHARLIE would be in the Governor’s Mansion. Not the Dems. Because CHARLIE is all about CHARLIE and nothing but CHARLIE. He is about furthering himself and his career goals. If a party can help him coast there, he will sign on with them. And ditch them when he no longer has use for them. Principles? Carrying water for the party? Not CHARLIE. He is too busy tanning…

  17. David Jacobsen says:

    I’m sticking with Nan Rich. She out polls Scott and she represents the principles of the Democratic Party.

  18. Patti Lynn says:

    Voting for the person who represents the people….NAN RICH!!! It’s time for people to stop listening to “talking heads.” Nan Rich has supported everything that Democrats believe in: Women’s rights, child care, LGBT rights, non-discriminatory adoption, early voting, voting rights, EQUALITY, Medicare, Medicaid, and a TRUE insurance commissioner. We, as Democrats, KNOW she’s the real deal. It’s up to us, as DEMOCRATS, to get her elected. I’m sick of the cigar-smoking political “operatives” telling us who is going to win. VOTE, Democrats, VOTE!!!

  19. Richard Paul Dembinsky says:

    Honorable Governor Rick Scott; YOU should become an N.P.A.

    to make YOUR win fair.

    Florida Constitution: “guarantee equal civil and political rights for all.

    Everyone should realize that ONLY Republicans can be listed first on the ballot. that is unfair because it gives ALL Republicans a 10 percent advantage.

    NOW with the democratic party trying to push Charlie Crist down my ballot as a democrat….is like forcing me to vote.

    Well, Nan Rich, YOU have been unfair to other Democrats that believe Honorable Rick Scott, speaks for more democrats and independents than Charlie Crist and YOU.

    So move aside allow someone else to challenge Honorable Governor Rick Scott, we don’t want incumbents or former incumbents.

    Please if these words are nasty, I apologize…but I explained to Janet Reno she would not win the primary unless SHE apologized for her previous actions….Nan Rich, call for the immediate removal of A.T.R. and stop being disrespectful of Honorable Governor Rick Scott. YOU should apologize and immediately move to say what you are going to do to make Florida’s Elections Fair.

    Next send an open letter to Charlie Crist asking him to also apologize for assuming that democrats want him to be Governor again….NOT going to Happen.

    Someone else, a former Republican or Independent with a last name Like Anderson should become a democratic candidate for Governor.

    A will be listed first over C or R

    D could be listed above R.

    But this is simply to Make YOU realize Honorable Nan Rich YOU do not meet the overall needs of the democratic party unless YOU have the $2.6 billion surplus wasted by the Republicans after the 2006 Election.

    WE NEED a common caring Candidate to Challenge Honorable Rick Scott on the issues of the future NOT the past.

  20. Crabgretch says:

    Hey GOPapa-

    You think Governor Rick Scott will be re-elected? You must be living under a rock………

    It is time for a woman to be Governor of the State of Florida! And that woman is NAN RICH.

    Let’s hear it for Nan!

  21. Richard Paul Dembinsky says:

    Right now living under a rock may be a better choice than simply at this early date accepting Nan Rich or Charlie Crist….let the voters decide…keep the newspaper people out of this important decision process.

    Guarantee equal civil and political rights for all.

    Simply be careful just electing someone because they have money or were previously hiding behind the Florida Unfair Florida Election Laws.

    I will respect YOUR right to be for Nan Rich but honestly YOU must be joking to think she has enough money or Central Florida connections to Win the November 4th 2014 election.

    Just as Janet Reno lost the primary…Nan Rich will lose the Primary…

    only Charlie Crist will be on the ballot…democrats then when November 4, 2014 gets here….democrats will stay home and Rick Scott wins…

    Only chance is to NOT have Charlie Crist on the ballot and if Nan Rich gets to be the democratic nominee for the gubernatorial race….I and hundreds of people I know will not waste their time in putting someone from South Florida in rather than just “living” with Honorable Rick Scott.

    Please these are my opinions as of this date…if YOU want Nan Rich to be Governor she best stop being nasty to Honorable Rick Scott…or independents will assume she is just another incumbent democrat trying to find the shortest way back to Tallahassee.

    I am truly convince Nan Rich will not be the nominee; but if YOU believe she will be tell her she will NOT get my vote.