Nan Rich’s Anti-Crist Robo Calls Sweep Broward





Nan Rich’s quixotic Democratic gubernatorial campaign lashed out at primary opponent Charlie Crist with robo calls on Friday, labeling him an enemy of women’s reproductive rights.

The calls hit registered Democrats in Broward, the county with the most Democrats in the state and the home of Rich, a former state senator from Weston.

The recording featured the voice of former National Organzation for Women President Patricia Ireland, who said she was “gravely concerned” about Crist’s candidacy.

“For too long, Charlie Crist led the pack of Republicans waging war on women,” Ireland said. “…He blocked reproductive choice for too long.”

She claimed that when the former Republican Crist was governor, he proclaimed, “I’m pro life, pro-Republican.”

Ireland urges those called to join her on Progressive Choice Florida, an anti-Crist Facebook page.

A Quinnipiac survey released Jan. 30 found that Gov. Rick Scott was beating Rich 41 to 37 percent, while Crist handily beat the GOP governor 46 to 38 percent.

The poll also found that 86 percent of voters didn’t know who Rich was.

The first page on Facebook is below (click to enlarge):


13 Responses to “Nan Rich’s Anti-Crist Robo Calls Sweep Broward”

  1. Lifelong Democrat, Proud of It says:

    Ask any 10 Democrats at random. Would you want to see Charlie Crist and Nan Rich debate for the democratic nomination. 8 of 10 would say yes.

    Charlie Crist’s decision not to debate his opponent. 9 out of 10 would say no.

  2. Let me make it easy says:

    When is the last time there was a debate that really changed the course on an election. As scripted and staged as debates are now they are nothing more than a visual relic like national d or r convention

    Let me sum up the debate between nan and Crist..

    Charlie will look smooth, say everything and yet nothing at all.

    Nan will sell her liberal credentials and that Charlie is a flip flipper.

    Pundits thereafter will say we learned little from the debate we didn’t already know.

    Thank you and goodnight

  3. Independent says:

    While I like Rich, I don’t think she stands a chance to win so debating Crist only weakens Democratic chances to win in November.

    I guess I am one of those two that don’t want a debate between them.

    I am also really happy I haven’t been receiving those annoying robo calls, yet. When I do I just hang up.

  4. intheknow says:

    A debate between Nsn Rich and Charlie Crist only helps Rick Scott. The FDP needs to clear the field so that Charlie only has to concentrate on winning in November. Nan needs to do the right thing and put her ego in check.

  5. City Activist Robert walsh says:

    Nan rich is nothing more than a disgruntled candidate. Why would Charlie Christ debate her? As far as these robo-calls, what a cheap shot. I believe yes its a woman’ choice to abort her pregnancy, Mr.Christ feels the same way. As far as woman using an abortion as a contraceptive, I feel, as many others feel, including Charlie Christ that it is wrong. To say that Charlie Christ is for abortion is stretching things. It is not Charlie’ fault their Nancy that you just can’t win. Again why would he debate you. So you can call him names etc and state that he is against woman etc. If Nancy here was smart she would get behind Charlie, instead of being an annoying distraction…

  6. Lifelong Democrat, Proud of It says:

    Registering to vote as a democrat and running for office is one thing but being a democrat is another. I am not convinced at all that Charlie Crist is a true democrat. He needs to pass the test of questions and answers to see what he truly believes. He will not earn my vote unless he shows democrats respect and debates his opponents. I also like the idea made before that he post his position on issues on his website. He has people to convince and I am one of them who have every reason to distrust him.

  7. Ana Gomez-Mallada says:

    A poster here says “yes its a woman’ choice to abort her pregnancy, Mr.Christ feels the same way.” “As far as woman using an abortion as a contraceptive, I feel, as many others feel, including Charlie Christ that it is wrong.” The poster may know how HE feels. As to how Charlie “the Windsock” Crist feels, it is anyone’s guess depending on the time of day, the temperature and whether it is raining, among other things.

    Just because you hate Rick Scott it is not smart to vote for someone who thinks your way today and some other way tomorrow because you can find yourself on the business end of his flip-flopping in one big hurry.

  8. Rub Roh says:

    Besides the flip flopping on his political party affiliations and his stances on political issues, Former Gov. Crist also has a Scott Rothstein problem. How much money in total did Rothstein and his law firm and his employees and their employee spouses donate to Crist? Was there ever a clawback suit filed against him for donations made?

    I do believe that if Crist were to have a debate with the current Gov. the questions of Crist’s relationship with Rothstein will make Gov. Scott appear to be a better choice (and I did not think that was politically possible!!)

  9. Anonomyte says:

    Nan Rich hasn’t got a snowball’s chance in hell of winning. She needs to step aside and let us Dems support a candidate who can end this retched Scott governorship.

  10. hahaha says:

    Lifelong Dem and proud of it yet you won’t write your name. I will bet a dollar it’s Lori rich Levinson

  11. Lifelong Democrat, Proud of It says:

    intheknow: I can tell you now, if what you say is necessary, Charlie Crist will not be governor. What you suggest is how the other party runs. He is coming into our house. He doesn’t get to set any rules here.

  12. Broward Resident says:

    Nan can you record one of your speeches for me so that I can use it to fight my insomnia?

  13. Joe King says:

    As a life long democrat who has never missed an election, I see no reason for Charlie Crist to debate Nan Rich. She couldn’t beat him in Broward, much less statewide. Charlie knows it, so there’s no reason for him to boost her visibility. It’s over for her before it started, despite her credentials.