Nan Rich Close To Running For Governor


State Senate Democratic Leader Nan Rich appears on the verge of running for governor.


Nan Rich

Rich told a number of activists at the Broward County Labor Ball on Saturday that she was almost certainly running in 2014.  Presumably, her opponent would be Gov. Rick Scott.

She was less committed with

“I’m certainly keeping all my options open which include running for governor,” Rich said.

Rich said she would “make a decision soon”.  If she runs, she would not formally announce until after the 2012 Legislative session, which begins in January.

A force in Broward politics since she won a seat in the state House in 2000, Rich entered the Legislature with more than three decades of activism on children’s issues.  At the same time she was running for House, Rich  helped create the Broward Children’s Service Board taxing district to help poor, neglected and abused children.

The Weston resident became a state Senator in 2004.

Running for the Legislature was not her first campaign.  She was elected national president of the 90,000-member National Council of Jewish Women in 1996.

She is close to the Clintons, having met Hillary Rodham Clinton decades ago.  Rich was promoting an Israeli preschool program which Ms. Clinton helped bring to Arkansas.

Born in 1942, Rich has four children, including School Board member Laurie Rich Levinson.

Her husband is part of the family that founded Harry Rich Carpets in Miami, known for its frequent advertising in the early days of South Florida television.

After all her successes, Rich is clearly not ready to retire to a rocking chair. You heard it first here.

14 Responses to “Nan Rich Close To Running For Governor”

  1. Patti Lynn says:

    Senator Rich has always been an advocate for the people of Florida.She has strongly supported issues dealing with discrimination against women, children, and minorities, often creating legislation to eliminate such bias in the law.
    She is, however, a businesswoman, and that should bring her support from that community also.
    She has supported the right of all Floridians to adopt and championed equality for women in the Florida legislature.
    She’d be a formidable candidate and worthy of support.

  2. Party Pooper says:

    Sorry, but the reality is North of Palm Beach, Jewish candidates from South Florida can’t get elected statewide. This is no dig on Nan, she passed great legislation as a member of the House and Senate.

  3. Give Me A Break says:

    She is a nice lady….but a FIRE BREATHING LIBERAL…too late to become a moderate

  4. Aidan Rowley says:

    Nan Rich running for Governor is comical. She would be a dream come true for Rick Scott. She is as far left as anyone who has ever served in the Florida Legislature. Thanks to her leadership Democrats have seen their numbers in the State Senate dwindle to the lowest point in Florida history. No thank you Nan.

  5. Chip OffDaMarca says:

    Call me. I can make things happen. I’ll have Rick Scott appoint you as the new governor.

  6. Interesting says:

    The Politics of this are VERY interesting. Rich is connected with the “new” powers in the Dem Party: the Smith – Miller – Sands axis and their Team Broward anti-Ceaser power move. She is also loved by the Ceaser crowd. But how this will play against all the activists who want Crist to run for Gov as a Democrat will be a thing to watch.

  7. Pamela Richardson Kelner says:

    Nan Rich has everything it takes to become an outstanding governor for the State of Florida. I have every confidence that she will be able to rehabilitate Florida and undo the mess that the last several governor’s have made. She is what this State desperately needs. Having known Nan for years and watched her performance as a caring and competent public servant, I am going to support her campaign in any way I can.

  8. Wayne Arnold says:

    Some often forgotten Florida political history is that Richard “Dick” Stone who is Jewish was from Miami and he was elected Florida Secretary of State in 1970. He was later elected to the United State’s Senate in 1975. He is a Democrat. In his campaign in 1970 he was an excellent public speaker and he often entertained North Florida crowds by playing the harmonica in between his speaking. Surely, in these modern times race, creed or religion is not a deciding factor in success or failure to elective office. Certainly, money, personality, and organization are key components. Senator Rich is ably qualified in these areas. In addition her service in the Florida legislature will have broad appeal in the liberal and moderate wing of the Demcoratic Party. As for Charley Crist running for Governor as a Democrat or anything else that is highly unlikely. One of Florida’s most able Governors Fuller Warren from 1949 to January of 1953 tried to win his parties nomination for a return to Tallahassee in 1956 but was whipped finishing in third place. Sometimes, the brand name is all used up. Senator Nan Rich may be the fresh new face Florida will be looking for in 2014.

  9. Wallace Thomas says:

    Too liberal, too Jewish, too Broward County, too female. Loser.

  10. Resident says:

    Good luck, but it would be an uphill battle. Sen. Rich does not identify well outside of Broward and maybe some of Palm Beach County. So if the Democratic party wants Scott to stay, she is your candidate. It probably would be the Republicans favorite choice.

    A better candidate would be Sen. Jeremy Ring if it came from South Florida.

    From the rest of the state, Alex Sink (if she tried again) and (if all the rumors were true) Charlie Crist if he changed party would stand better chances.

  11. Stepping Stone Charile says:

    Charlie Crist is just what the Democratic party needs to win elections in Florida. A one term wonder who uses the voters as a stepping stone from office to office while changing his core values to whatever he thinks will buy him votes. One term, step up is Charlie’s motto. The guy was looking at the White House for sure. But four years after that, what then? King?

  12. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Run Mrs.Rich run. i mean this Gov. while BUYING his way to the Gov.Mansion is pathetic. From drug testing welfare recipents, to DISCRIMANTING former convicted felons(what everyone else gets a secound chance)to not accepting federal funds everything from the high speed railroads to the implamenting the new health care system. I only good thing he has done is to get rid of Dr.Perper(rest in peace Mrs.Novack, thank God for her sister, I mean what a gross autopsy, I mean the poor lady was hit w/ a socket wrench like 10x). Again run Nan.

  13. David Brown says:

    Nan Rich will be a great Democratic candidate for Governor against Rick Scott. She knows more that he does about people, students, the everglades, the environment, the State economy, education… well just about everything. She is a better speaker, legislator, campaigner…well just about everything.
    In 2014 we will need a real Democrat like Nan to run. Republican-light Democrats need not apply.

  14. Laura Pomerantz says:

    I can tell you first hand that Sen. Nan Ruch is not afraid of a fight!! I am most proud to say she is my sister and she has devoted her adult life to advoocate for children and families and the elderly. She is committed, highly well versed and understand s the issues better than most! she is a great legislator and Florida would be the beneficiary of a GREAT leader if they elected Nan! !