N.Y. Times Website Predicts Allen West Victory


They must be beside themselves at The New York Times, that emblem of the liberal establishment that conservative love to hate.

The latest fivethirtyeight.com predictions on the paper’s website has Republican conservative Allen West beating U. S. Rep. Ron Klein in northeast Broward and Palm Beach Counties.

The newspaper’s forecast mirrors recent polls, which show West overtaking Klein in recent weeks.

Broward Democratic leaders already have excuses ready for Klein’s defeat. 

They are blaming the national climate (true)  and Klein’s poor grass roots campaign (also true).

They don’t take any of the blame themselves. We’ll see tomorrow night.  

If Broward’s Democratic turnout in low — which could also cause Democratic gubernatorial candidate Alex Sink to lose — the fault lies with the arthritic, weak Broward Democratic machine.

13 Responses to “N.Y. Times Website Predicts Allen West Victory”

  1. Hail Cesar says:

    Buddy – You are dead right. Broward County is one of the most important democratic regions in the entire country.

    Florida is and has been a swing state, and democratic party turnout in Broward County can make or break a candidate for Statewide (and potentially for nationwide) office.

    And where has the Broward DEC been this season? Big GOTV for Sink? Not really. Tepid at best.

    Big GOTV for Meek? What a joke. Half the DEC was holding bagel brunches for Green during the primary and he got trounced everywhere, including Broward. Now you’ve got DEC folks that are doing the tango with Crist.

    Between Broward democrats getting toppled left and right for corruption-related issues, and the old quid-pro-quo system still trying to keep itself going, our dysfunctional party system here in Broward is going to watch over the continuing republicanization of this community.

    And while we’re still going to elect plenty of D’s locally, the percentages are going to keep slipping lower and lower, and we’re not going to be able to put statewide people over the top any longer.

    Hail Emperor Mitch Cesar. Well, maybe he’s not really Cesar. Maybe more like Emperor Nero, fiddling as Rome burns.

  2. Quite a Spread says:

    The poll itself says plus or minus 8.1 percentage points? Did I read that correctly? If so, that’s quite a spread to be saying Klein has lost that race when they are only a few points apart.

    FROM BUDDY: All the momentum is going West’s way. Several polls have him out front. The computer simulation has West way out front. If I was Mr. Klein, I would be very very worried, despite the margin of error.

  3. in the news says:

    And watching the continuing corruption of Broward, it is being reported that former Tamarac Commissioner Marc Sultanoff is turning himself in to authorities tomorrow as the next elected (or former elected) to be sucked into the Chait scandal.

    Sultanoff is another DEC insider.

    FROM BUDDY: Thanks for pointing this out.

    The New Times is reporting today that Marc Sultanoff, long-time Democratic power at Kings Point condominiums in Tamarac, is about to turn himself in on corruption charges. Since the New Times — in particular, Bob Norman — has been out front on this investigation from the start, I would believe the story.

  4. Proof in the Pudding says:

    You’ve hit the nail on the head Mr. Nevins.

    “If Broward’s Democratic turnout in low — which could also cause Democratic gubernatorial candidate Alex Sink to lose — the fault lies with the arthritic, weak Broward Democratic machine.”

    Should we go down the list of scandal and disturbing behavior from our “Democratic machine” in Broward?

    1. The Chair of the DEC is accused by multiple former “Executive Directors” of the DEC of sexual harassment and unwanted touching, of using his position to get candidates elected so he can then get lobbying/legal contracts through those elected officials, of ballot stuffing to remain in power, of strongarming the State Party into shutting down clubs that disagreed with his leadership (and absconding with those clubs’ bank accounts).

    2. The DEC #2 and State Committeewoman, Diane Glasser. Let’s see, she also gave testimony in the Chait scandal and got what appears to be transactional immunity, meaning that in exchange for her testimony, she cannot be prosecuted for anything having to do with the matter. What was her testimony. She seemingly got some money from the Chaits (before she was a city commissioner though) and knew of Sultanoff getting a “Free ride” (literally and figuratively) from the Chaits.

    3. Patti Atkins-Grad, Barry Harris, all DEC insiders that are alleged to have had a deep hand in the pockets of the Chaits (with Harris acting as the head of a secret 527 group that spent $20k in Chait money taking down someone that Mitch Cesar didnt want to win a city commission race).

    The DEC seems to be dying of a cancer of its own making. Too many ‘ward politicians’ and their ilk from up North who may be on the take or who have no qualms about looking out for themselves over the health of the party as a whole. Look to the Democratic Clubs and who is running them — average age — pratically deceased.

    Where is the back-bench of up and coming democrats in Broward County who are being groomed for leadership within the DEC? There aren’t any that I can see. And those that are under the age of 60 that are within the party umbrella are getting an education in how Broward Politics works — quick and dirty, and behind closed doors.

    Now look at the BREC folks and the Republican Clubs — You’ve got YOUNG PEOPLE that are in positions of leadership within BREC and at the Club level — folks that will be involved for a long while to come.

    It’s sad that the Democratic Party still clings to the condos and a few other areas to maintain their strength, while ignoring other parts of the community.

    It’s pathetic.


    The DEC needs leadership that will work.

    It needs people who will spend their time rebuilding the party and getting candidates elected.

    The party needs to find new candidates and back them. Right now, party leaders wait for candidates to come to them.

    The party needs to lead voter registration and GOTV drives.

    The first rule that should be instituted: Any DEC leader or appointed member must take Election Days off and work for the party all day. Not work for candidates that are paying them. Work for the whole ticket.

    Don’t like the new rule? Quit the party organization.

    Maybe tomorrow will be a wake-up call. I’m not holding my breath.

  5. SunnyD says:

    Ha Repugs will get what they deserve from this monster.
    I will be laughing for a good long while at this buffoon who will likely be a boon for Democratic turnout in future elections.
    As Eric Barton pointed out, it will be good for the local media and bad for local Representation.

  6. S only says:

    Everyone–get out tomorrow and VOTE! It’s your duty. Don’t let a few people decide who leads. If you are 18 and registered, spend a little time doing something important….VOTE!

  7. Roy L. Fuchs says:

    Buddy, I like you because you tell it like it is. Nice attribution/credit to New Times and especially Bob Norman, who I believe you have had a somewhat adversarial relationship with over the years. Kudos.


    Norman and I have had our difference, but there is no doubt that he is one of South Florida’s top reporters. I say this after more than four decades as a journalist.

  8. Kevin says:

    Broward Coubty turnout generally is lower (sometimes much lower) than the statewide average in midterm elections. It is usually at about the statewide average in presidential years. This can almost all be attributed to the poor performance of the local party in GOTV efforts; in presidential years, the national presidential Democratic machines generally come down here to generate statewide average turnout.

    So, if Alex Sink loses a close election tomorrow, and the Broward turnout is below the state average, the local Democratic Party only has itself to blame.

    PS: this observation generally also holds true in Miami-Dade, where the Democratic Party is even more anemic than in Broward.

  9. Git R Done says:

    The Dems are losing big time and it was only a matter of time. There is no leadership whatsoever and probably never will be.
    Now the Republicans will take over like it was in the 60’s and 70’s.
    Interesting to see all this happening

  10. Floridan says:

    If Mitch Ceaser was a college football coach, there would be a website “Fire Mitch Ceasar.”

    Klein should be winning by 20% against a nutbag like West.

  11. Ceasar Must Go says:

    Mitch Ceasar has had excuses for 10 years why the Broward Democratic Party is not performing. Meanwhile, Republicans keep getting elected. If the Broward Party would get the vote out, Democrats would be elected statewide. Ceasar has no vision and no plan for the future. It is time for him to go.

  12. augusta says:

    Hey Buddy,
    Norman is not just one of the BEST reporters, he is also one of the “hunkiest”ones out there as well!

  13. S.O.B. says:

    we can all agree with Proof in the pudding 11/01 entry… what does it take to shake up the DEC ? the sale old same old. Mitch and His followers need to take responsablity and move on. Clubs taking it directly in being closed down, by edict. and you expect the members to carry on blindly when there roots are cut ??? yes, I agree the average membership and leadership age at the DEC level is a disgrace to the younger and active Dems!!amazing what a cup of coffee and a bagel will get you… Do I not remember that DEC members that are officers have to sign a loyalty oath? whats with the elected officials jumping ship in this cycle??