Mystery Attack On Sunrise City Attorney Stuart Michelson


I received the following comment on  I found it so interesting, I thought I would highlight it for readers.

Somebody dislikes Sunrise City Attorney Stuart Michelson so much that they went to the trouble of setting up a website featuring negative Miami Herald articles about him.

Who did it?  Why?   Your guess is as good as mine.

Check out the comment and the link below:

Author : Informed


Both MR/MS Michelson/Lieberman need to go…and go they will!!!

15 Responses to “Mystery Attack On Sunrise City Attorney Stuart Michelson”

  1. Senator John Blutarsky says:

    I think this has been around for a few months – I saw it before.

  2. Sunrise Resident says:

    Michelson is part of the group who had control that is falling apart. He is very close to Russ Klenet & Stacy Ritter & Roger Wishner & Michael Moskowitz, who is Mitch Ceasar’s stooge Democratic committeeman. Putting him in charge of contracts was putting the fox in charge of the hen house. Every one of the contracts that Michelson approved should be renegotiated.
    Mayor Ryan needs to fire Michelson.

  3. knowledge says:

    And when is mike Ryan going to do this?it is 3 months the next commission meeting is decembber 14.and it seems a majority of the commission is getting a change of heart because of there previus dealing.What a pity?

  4. Sunrise is Changing says:

    Resident: The mayor cant fire the city attorney. Need 3 votes. No way he has those votes.

  5. WTF!! says:

    If the Mayor does in fact go after his job, then the other four’s political future will solely lie in their decision!! For their own selfish interests, they better make the right play.

  6. sunriseoversite says:

    The mayor will lose this one no doubt about it .The commissioners will continue to spend our tax dollars. Hey buddy, the legal fees for shelia and roger legal defense against depolisi added up to what 70,000 dollars of tax payers money and wishner wasn’t even in office.I would like to know is there going to be a change in the ordinance to make sure we as taxe payers aren’t paying non elected commissioners legal fees in the future. Waitting on this commission is a joke at this point they can’t even manage to put out rfli for the city attorney job. I have seen a lot of those go out over the years.This one seems to be oh so special that it is so truly complicated that they should just toss it out like the dump!

  7. knowledge says:

    mike ryan the candidate,is not mike ryan the elected offical,so far disappointing,lets hope it changes

  8. Sunrise Observer says:

    Why do say disappointing? Michelson? He pushed to get the bid out against those who didnt want it and single handedly stopped Michelson from getting a bunch more money for some bond thing. What is it you are complaining about?

  9. Dr. Evil says:

    1. acquaintance with facts, truths, or principles, as from study or investigation; general erudition: knowledge of many things.

    You obviously don’t have any knowledge that you claim to have. See the ignorant definition below, that seems more fitting.

    Don’t forget about the Millionssssszzzz of dolllaarrss!!! of extra cash that the Mayor was able to find on what appeared to be his first day on the job. He didn’t make the money so obviously the previous mayor was too ignorant to know about it(see below for definition) or was being a dirty, sneaky, liar, and the second option seems more accurate.

    1. lacking in knowledge or training; unlearned

  10. Resident says:

    ryan is going to bankrupt the city and will move on leaving taxpayers to foot the bill for all the deals hes made to pay back the unions. Mark my words, reserve account will be depleted and taxes will have to be increased to pay for all the promises he has made to police and fire.

  11. sunriseoversite says:

    Unfortunately, I don’t think any politico stays the same when they are canidates vs being elected. His message is good let’s just hope he stays the coarse he is on. Mayor there are those that maybe be disappointed in their politician but not everyone is going to like you.

  12. sunriseoversite says:

    Omg the drama!! All the commissioners know about the millions found and there is probably millions more. Bankrupt I highly doubt it … you can change fire into a voluntary program like most cities and hey we will save billionzzzzzz lol. Make the the police voluntary too. Hell let’s make the entie city voluntary. Let’s see how many people show up for work lmao. That way we won’t ever have to spend a dime on police, fire, public servants, city employees no retirement no health benifits no paychecks and no unions. We all live happily ever after. Wow that problem was easily solved. Time to work on world hunger

  13. knowledge says:

    DR DOPE You are a true fool.That money was in before he was mayor big deal he checked the funds and found the money.R U saying that when he found out by doing a little investigating he should not have brought it up,besides why aint he putting the city manger to task for not knowing about the additional funds in the reserve.why just the city attorney? could it be mayor Ryan does not have the power he though he was going to have?.
    you appear desperate Dr DOPE

  14. Daniel Simpson Day says:

    I find it very interesting that we are still harping on the $432,000 Stuart Michelson yet not one word about the $1.2 million Don Lunny in Plantation.

    Well, other than the “Hmmm…” response published to a comment in the last go-round.

  15. Y-Stewie! says:

    7 articles why giving Stuart this deal is WRONG!