Mourning Susan Forman’s Death


(This post was delayed due to server problems earlier in the week.  Since the local newspaper didn’t capture her impact on politics in its obituary, I decided to run my little tribute to her.  Better late than never.)

Susan Forman, wife of former state senator and Court Clerk Howard Forman, died this week.

Susan was part of the Democratic wave that took over Broward in the late 1970s.  Those were the halcyon years for Ds. From then until the early 1990s, she was a major political force. A major political force.

Then severe rheumatoid arthritis sidelined her.

Susan was one of the go-to Florida Democratic consultants.  Her answering machine was filled regularly with calls from the leading politicians of the Democrat’s Golden Age – Bill Gunter, Buddy MacKay, Bob Graham and Lawton Chiles.

Rounding up votes for the Democratic ticket in Broward, she helped a generation of Ds capture statewide office.

She was instrumental in Larry Smith’s election to both the Florida House and Congress.  She was a Democratic National Committeewoman in the late 1980s and a Bill Clinton delegate to the Democratic National Convention in 1992.

And, of course, she worked on her husband’s campaigns.

Susan also did a lot of campaigning for candidates to the School Board and was active when the system experienced its fastest growth.

In 1987, Susan was a consultant on the 1987 School Board’s $317 million bond referendum.’s Columnist Sam Fields was the pro-bond committee’s chairman.

The bond issue passed, helping propel the system into the modern era by enabling construction of two dozen new schools and remodeling of others.

“I knew her for decades and, in the blood sport of politics, a nicer person you never met,” Fields said this week.  “I don’t think I had spoken to her in at least a year and I surely regret that.”

A little part of our shared history is missing today.  Our thoughts go out to Susan Forman’s family.

4 Responses to “Mourning Susan Forman’s Death”

  1. Warren Meddoff says:

    My prayers and condolences goes out to the Forman family.

  2. Democrat says:

    She was a wonderful lady and will be missed

  3. Ben Graber says:

    My condolences to Howard and the family. She was a good lady and left a great legacy for her children.

  4. Michelle Sturdivant says:

    Thank you Mr. Nevins.
    Very proudly, Susan’s daughter,