More Photos of Jammed Early Voting: Midday

(Click To Enlarge.  Pictures and locations from Obama For American campaign)


West Palm Beach:







North Regional Library, Coral Springs:












39 Responses to “More Photos of Jammed Early Voting: Midday”

  1. christine says:

    Yup! Folks can’t wait to vote Obama out of office!!!!

  2. Floridan says:

    Are you sure the second photo is Pompano Beach? It doesn’t look like either of the two sites open in Pompano.

    That caption came from Obama For America, the campaign organization. I asked them about it after your comment and several e-mails. They said it was taken at the North Regional Library, which is actually in Coral Springs but has confused them because it has a Pompano Beach mailing address. I have changed the post. Thanks.

  3. voter says:

    where are the locations to vote for Romney/Ryan? or are some of these people in line voting for a better economy?

  4. Notocorruption says:

    Irrespective of the candidates that any voter chooses, it is always good to see people turn out and excercise their right to cast a ballot.

  5. Miramarvoter says:

    So sorry Christine, they were waiting on line to vote FOR President Obama. I just came from the polls and there were hundred of people on line and they weren’t leaving and they WERE voting for Obama.

  6. tell the truth says:

    talk about jammed –
    they are after BrowardBlog’s spot as the best site for political discourse!!

  7. Christine says:

    Oh no Miramar, tell me it ain’t so!!!! Things have not improved in 4 years.

  8. Long Queues!! says:

    28,330 people voted early on the first day of early voting – that’s 2-1/2% of Broward’s registered voters.

  9. tell the truth says:

    Registered Voters as of 10/28/2012 Democrat: 594,721
    Republican: 259,787
    Other: 286,994
    Total: 1,141,502

    I’ll bet turnout will be 70& in Broward, whether by absentee or in person

  10. Real Deal Facts says:

    Lamberti looking good,Israel’s political is almost over once and for all. Israel is a sad unethical candidate for any political office. He’s at the polls still trying ro intimidate people and is a hot head. Not for me or anyone I know. What a jerk!!! How could anyone even let someone like that close to elected office. Please do not vote for Israel!!

  11. Tamarac Talk says:

    In Broward, people are passionate about getting their vote in. I interviewed people today and was looking for Romney supporters but only found Obama supporters. I have to remember that it’s only because its Broward where voters are primarily democrat.

  12. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Better be careful people in line that Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes top cop Fred Bellis might eat you…..

  13. Guest says:

    Real deal does not know anything real. Scott Israel is looking good and Lamberti polical days are almost over.

  14. Lamberti is garbage says:

    Looks like Israel is gonna win…

  15. Long Queues!! says:

    54,270 people voted early on the first two days of early voting – that’s 5% of Broward’s registered voters.

  16. tell the truth says:

    who really cares who they vote for, just vote
    but only vote ONCE
    as to israel, I WAS going to vote for him (A vote NOT for lamberti) after getting info on israel from a neighbor, but now intend to skip that vote entirely

  17. JAABblog says:

    Bob Nichols unbelievable wrote:

    Went to vote in pompano. Was handed a “blue” card stating “democrats”. I then see Bob Nichols and Gonzalez on the card. Knowing both are Republicans (Bob Nichols a tea party guy)I inquired. Was told they made the card up. your both going to make fine judges…….

  18. Resident says:

    I’m a D and I voted for R. It would be nice to have some money left for my retirement and not kick the grandchildren to the curb. Never mind have the Earth blown to pieces by some nuclear muslin extremist bomber. (Thanks to the big O-bama)

  19. Tamarac Talk says:

    Jaablog…please post a copy of that poll card on your blog or send it to Buddy.

  20. JAABblog says:

    My Dem Picks:

    Judge Julio Gonzalez
    Judge Olga Levine
    Judge Roshawn Banks
    School Bd – Korn and Bartleman
    No on all amendments
    yes to 3 supreme court judges

  21. Floridan says:

    Resident, you should have put your money in the stock market — its up about 35 percent since Obama took office.

  22. Long Queues!! says:

    82,549 people voted early on the first three days of early voting – that’s 8% of Broward’s registered voters.

    More people voted early today (Monday) than on either of the two weekend days (Saturday & Sunday)!

  23. disenchanted says:

    went to vote and the line was so long thaT I LEFT, DONT THESE PEOPLE WORK
    ….. most were working age and they can spend hours in line, i guess when you get something for nothing from the government why not wait.

  24. City Activist Robert walsh says:

    to ‘Christine” say it ain’t so your a Republican. Do you want the gov’t telling you what to do w/ your reproductive organs? come on. I was so impressed w/ your grammar, vocabulary etc. I mean Robert walsh doesn’t kill babies here but its up to you gals to make that decesion, not the Gov’t. Huh to the late Bernie walsh, huh two(2) children out of wedlock whos mother(not mine) wanted to have a ‘procudure” .I put one up on one end of Clearwater Beach, and the other on the other end. 100 bucks for each hotel efficiency(don’t forget this was almost 30yrs ago-you should have seen me.) They both gave birth to two (2) healthy boys. Who one is now calling me for 25grand to get married. Marrying a Jewish girl , boy we have come a long way i told Shawn Patrick, you courting a Jewish gilr(mind you he was conceived in the back seat of an 85 oldsmobile). So there you have it. No vote for mitt Romney. Cut plan parenthood. Fine every Mormon- pays double in taxes. That will fix him…. Vote Pres.Obama. to much at stake to start over.. Christine you vote for Pres.Obama. at least he will stay out of your Vaginia……

  25. Red Coward says:

    Hey Buddy, come on over to Coral Springs where me and my client are campaigning for school board district 4. Anyone need help hurling insults at opponents? Then hire me. Gotsta work here!

  26. Vote Vote Vote!! says:

    Tuesday’s early voting pulled in 29,659 votes, and that’s over 1,400 votes more than Monday’s total, yet another record!

    Grand total so far is 112,208 early votes – that’s 10% of Broward’s registered voters in just 4 days of early voting!

    With 4 more days of early voting left, it looks like 20% will early-vote, plus the absentee votes, plus the election day votes. Heavy turnout for sure!!

  27. A Little History says:

    In 2008, there were about 252,000 early votes, about 136,000 absentee ballots, and about 346,000 election day votes, for a grand total of 740,000 votes (73% of all registered voters). Early voting went on for 14 days, vs. only 8 days in 2012. Average early votes per day was 18,000 in 2008, versus over 28,000 early votes per day on 2012. That’s a 56% increase in early votes per day.

  28. christine says:

    @City Activist

    C’mon women absolutely do have a choice! They can decide whether to have sex or not, use contraception or not. And sorry Walsh, but I do think an optional health care plan provided by the employer ( you don’t have to buy into it, you don’t have to work for that employer) absolutely has the right to decide if they will pay for murder or not.
    When you get a little older and a little more mature, you’ll understand the true value of life!

  29. GOP: FL Dems Are Cleaning Our Clock!! says:

    Memo from GOP campaign adviser to candidate, leaked by WPTV: “The early and absentee turnout is starting to look more troubling. As of yesterday, Republicans made up only 22% of early voters and 30% of returned absentee votes. This is closer to (and worse than) 2008 where we saw 19% EV and 38% of the absentees. 2010 (our blowout year) was 33% of EV and 45% of AB. Conclusion: the Democratic turnout machine in the county [Palm Beach] has been very effective and they are cleaning our clock.”

  30. Obama Is Winning!!! says:

    Obama is beating Romney in Florida, and Obama is also beating Romney in every other swing state except North Carolina…

    Obama now has a firm hold on many more than the 270 electoral votes needed to win re-election.

    The Gordon Gecko / Ayn Rand campaign is going down in flames!!! Go Democrats!!!

  31. Crabgretch says:

    The Sheriff’s race is the ugliest of all the local races! In my opinion, this position is a professional one. The behavior of the candidates running for this office is far from being professionals, just the opposite! I voted the first day of Early Voting, and I did NOT vote for either candidate. This is the first for me……….

  32. 30K per day!!! says:

    Yesterday (Wednesday) was yet another record high – more than 30,000 people early-voted (30,112 to be exact)… and 142,320 is the total so far. Go Democrats!!!

  33. 32K per day!!! says:

    Wow, the early voting volume just keeps getting stronger! Today’s Broward County total is 32,017 early voters, for a grand total of 174,337 early voters so far. Two more days of early voting left. Go Democrats!!!

  34. 36K per day!!! says:

    Incredibly, the early voting volume is STILL accelerating!! Almost 36,000 today – 35,904 – for a grand total of 210,236 early votes now, with one more day of early voting left!

  35. Early Voting says:

    In 2008, there were 24 additional hours of early voting time. The Republican state legislature cut the early voting hours by 20% for the 2012 election.

    Right now there are many early voting locations with 3, 3-1/2, and even 4 hour wait times. So the number of early votes today should equal or exceed yesterday’s 35,904.

    Adding another 35,904 to the grand total of 210,236 gives 246,140 as the estimated final number of early votes. The 2008 total was about 252,000 early votes. That would be 97.7% of the 2008 early vote, cast within only 80% of the 2008 early voting hours!!

    Go Democrats!!!

  36. Early Voting Mania!!! says:

    Actual waiting times today for early voting, according to the Supervisor of Elections website:

    7 hours at the Tamarac Library

    5 hours at the Miramar Library

    4 hours at the African-American Research Library

    4 hours at the Hollywood Library

    4 hours at the Northwest Regional Library

    4 hours at the Davie-Cooper City Library

    3.25 hours at the North Regional / Broward College Library

    3.25 hours at the Southwest Regional Library

    3 hours at Wilton Manors City Hall

    3 hours at the West Regional Library


  37. voter says:

    well its all over but the shouting. go vote on tuesday. the lines won’t be long and the ballots will be ready
    one of the reasons why early voting took so long as they had to PRINT YOUR BALLOT once they figured your precinct/city. I understand there were about a dozen different ballots. and in 4 languages as well.

  38. Early Voting Results!!! says:

    The accelerated pace of early voting continued on the last day of early voting; 38,298 voters cast their early ballots today!!

    The grand total is 248,534. That’s 21.73% of the registered voters in Broward County. And that’s 98.6% of the early vote total from 2008, despite the Republican legislature’s 24-hour cut to the early voting hours which left the 2012 electorate with only 80% of the early voting hours enjoyed by the 2008 electorate.

    2008 early voting was 251,929 + 174 provisional ballots that got counted, for a final total of 252,103.

    The total number of ballots cast in 2008 was 739,861 (out of 1,008,836 registered voters), a turnout rate of 73.34%.

    The 2012 registered voter total is 1,143,484 – that’s a 13.3% increase relative to the 2008 electorate. The Obama campaign has been aggressively registering new voters for more than a year now.


  39. Idle Libraries?!? says:

    While voters stood waiting to vote for SEVEN HOURS at the Tamarac library, there were many Broward libraries that did not even participate in early voting!!!

    The Sunrise Branch Library, the Lauderhill Branch Library, the Lauderdale Lakes Branch Library, and many others could have also offered early voting, but did not.

    Why didn’t the Supervisor of Elections expand the number of early voting location to include all (or nearly all) of the Branch Libraries, especially given the large reduction in early voting hours and the large increase in the number of registered voters?