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If you go out to dinner tonight, will you wear a leisure suit?  Did you note the date on your PalmPilot?  When you get home, will you be slapping a tape in your VCR?

Not likely.  Those are part of the past.

So why are so many campaigns using the same old playbook from yesterday?

Defeated judicial candidate Ilene Lieberman spent just under half her money on Comcast cable television.  Production and airtime cost roughly $45,000 of the $82,000 she spent as of August 10.

This is not the reason she got beaten, but it didn’t help.

Throwing that much money into cable is foolish for a number of reason: Satellite TV, TiVo and the Internet.

Drive around Broward and see how many satellite dishes there.  Those ads that Lieberman paid for weren’t seen in those  homes.

What about folks who skip the commercials by using TiVo?

And there is no way of accurately gauging how much time folks spend on the Internet instead of cable, watching Netflix, Hulu or just any of the other millions of sites.

Costly Consulting

I’ve heard of hiring a consultant, but….

School Board candidate Franklin Sands spent 30 percent of $95,143 on expenses he termed “consulting” on his financial reports.  The money went to three consultants.

His opponent Board member Donna Korn spent nothing on “consulting”, apparently relying on volunteers.

Korn did hire a “marketing consultant”, which in this case is really a guy who designed her mail pieces.  That was 13 percent of her $40,400 in spending.

 Sands came in second and will be in a November runoff with Korn.

The Name Game

It was a heartbreaking finish for County Judge Bob Diaz, who was forced into a runoff by .3 of a percent, or around 300 votes. He got 49.7 percent of the vote and needed one vote over 50 percent.

Diaz was clearly the most experience in the three-way race, leading Democratic Chair Mitch Ceasar to a conclusion:

“If his name wasn’t Diaz he would have won.  Based on experience, he should have won. Broward County needs to end the practice of not voting for someone because they have a Hispanic name or voting for someone because they have a Jewish name.”

 The Three Katie’s Win

One veteran office holder called Browardbeat.com to postulate that three winners Tuesday — Katie Edwards, Katie Leach and Kathleen “Katie” McHugh — helped each other inadvertently because of their identical first names.

The theory is that voters remembered Katie because they got ads from three different candidates with that name.

Katie Edwards won a House seat.  Katie Leach won her School Board race.  Kathleen “Katie” McHugh won a seat on the bench.

I don’t think any of them won for that reason, but it didn’t hurt.

26 Responses to “Update: More Election Political Tidbits”

  1. Sam The Sham says:

    What Mitch Ceasar SHOULD have said,

    “Broward County DEMOCRATS need to end the practice of not voting for someone because they have a Hispanic name or voting for someone because they have a Jewish name.”

  2. Just Saying says:

    Perhaps many of us “Super Voters” voted for Roshawn Banks (or Randy Goodis) versus Diaz BECAUSE they were aware of his very bad reputation as one of the laziest and most arrogant judges in Broward. Despite earning nearly $140,000/year, Diaz seems to actually be working in his courtroom less than two days a week. Less than any other judge in Broward. And he also has a reputation for incredible arrogance on the bench. I wouldn’t care if his name was Bob Smith — as I’d still be voting against him is he acted as badly as Bob Diaz has these past several years. (Note: I voted for Judges Carlos Rebollo and Carlos Rodriguez in 2010, so I have no problem electing Hispanic judges). The truth is that Bob Diaz simply is not a good judge. Time for a change!!

  3. Real Deal says:

    This kind of talk about a judge is undignified and unsubstantiated. It discredits the honor of the court and this stabs at our democracy.

    That is why judges need to be appointed on the basis of merit. No judge should have to go through the mud of a campaign. It is undignified. This is one of those instances where the federal system has it right. Federal judges do not run for office. The same should apply to state and county judges in Florida.

    The best method I have heard involves asking retired judges to form panels picked at random to interview and recommend judges for term appointments. Three names go to the Governor and one gets selected. Criteria must exist for talent, disposition and diversity on the bench.

    This is much better than judges asking the lawyers that practice before them for campaign contributions. Talk about unethical.

  4. Bank on Banks says:

    Roshawn Banks would be a great judge for Broward County. I voted for her and I hope she runs again!

  5. Bank on Banks says:

    Banks finished second so it looks like Diaz vs. Banks in the runoff.

    Banks is the better candidate.

  6. voter says:

    to the comment by Just Saying –

    how would the average voter know Diaz is arrogant? And the other 2 are not? Never in his courtroom, not an attorney, don’t know the other 2. Just looked at CV in Herald and S-S, compared their years in practice, experience as prosecutor(which I believe is relevant to an attorney wanting to be a Judge, where they went to school and practice areas. Diaz seemed the most qualified to me, with Goodis a close second. if an attorney must be licensed practicing 10 years before seeking a judgeship, then I am surprised if 10 years of practice is all they have and they are running. And Diaz last name had nothing to do with my voting for him. So who is the run-off with? Goodis?

  7. City Activist robert Walsh says:

    Money Bags Ilene Lieberman she don’t care how much money she spent becaus e it was not her personal money, meaning it did not comeout of her pocket. You know poltical donations. Th e old you strach my back(i rather not), I’ll strach yours so to speak. Plus w/ her representing the ‘vanishing boater” mother(tramp)-money is no object. Inciedently Ilene(red) how much are you going to make? Word has it your cohort there Mayor Seiler , being the Guardian @ litem for the estate plans on making what is it Jack a cool 3mill? So as far as money goes, there is no limit concerning Lieberman here. Some one anyone put a bounty on Guma Aiugiar head for a million dollars-found dead or alive. Trust me he’d show up. Hold your horses guys to be declared dead you have to wait 60months(5yrs), but I’m sure Seiler will petion th e Judge to declare him dead sooner. Not so fast. I ain’t buying it Jack & Jill(Ilene)..

  8. Judith Stern says:

    Buddy- Also note that fortunately for Dale Ross and Katie Leach they had opponents who had no resources. Both Ross and Leach’s campaign funds were mismanaged. Skilled campaign strategists would never have mailed Ross’s three pieces the last week to all of us who previously voted absentee weeks before, and Ms. Leach’s mailing was mailed twice to households who also had voted weeks earlier in absentees. I always feel bad for the candidates whose funds are misused, but their media people are paid by building in commissions by the number of pieces printed and mailed. Fortunately, both of them had no opponents running campaigns against them.

  9. Still voting for Diaz says:

    That sounds like a comment from jaablog, whose author seems to have a creepy stalker fetish with judge Diaz, following him around and taking fuzzy pictures of him anytime he’s not on the bench.

    Banks doesn’t seem bad, but “I want to be a judge an I’m going to run against who I see as low hanging fruit to become one every cycle” is not becoming in a candidate. She visibly scowls and looks away when he’s talking too, which personally bothers me.

    Good luck, Bob!

  10. Dumbass Candidate of 2012 Primary is says:

    Randy Goodis

    The man paid over $50,000 to Norm Leonard and Mastermailer for their coloring book that hit in June. What did he get? Barely 22% of the vote. That is a lot of money to pay for the opportunity to go out every night and whine how Diaz wouldnt let you call up a bunch of cases for you and your pals while others waited in line. Dont sweat it bro, I am sure those power brokers you hung around with like Alan Bernstien assured you that you will have tons of support and cash when you run again. Of course isnt Alan supposed to be powerful at Wynmoor and he couldnt even get you on the palm card then. Sounds very similar to the BS they pulled years ago on your pal Hurley when he ran against Fields and Beach. Hey 50k to be the cool kid at the courthouse cafeteria, was well worth the price.

    Finally a FYI, most people like dogs, your campaign photo looked like you were choking your dog, not reccomended for next time.

  11. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    @Judith Stern

    Do sour grapes taste more like grapes, or perhaps urine?

  12. PC Geek says:


    I couldn’t agree with you more. I CAN’T STAND IT when supposedly savvy individuals demonstrate that they’re out of date, out of touch, and have no idea what they’re talking about in terms of modern technology and methodology It’s hilarious to watch them make asses of themselves.

    Oh, and by the way, the term is “TiVo”, not “TEVO”. Jus’ sayin’!!!

    (Buddy, sorry for the cheap shot, but I can’t resist it when someone puts it up on a tee like that! “TEVO” notwithstanding, I enjoyed your election coverage. Keep drilling into this chaos.)

    Thanks for catching that. As I have written before, you guys are my editor for typos, etc.

  13. Bernie Parness says:

    The only thing Mitch Ceaser won on Tuesday is his re-election as a committee precinct person. Without that he would not qualify to run in December for Broward County Democratic Chairman. If we have a legitimate election I doubt he will be re-elected. Look at the numbers. They sucked in Broward County. That’s not leadership that’s a disaster.

  14. Michael G. Ahearn, Esq says:


    The Leach and Ross campaigns paid for and mailed a pieces prior to early voting and election day (besides mailing the daily absentees). Neither campaign paid for these extra pieces you speak of. BREC contributed funds for an extra piece that went out the final week for Leach.

    As for Ross, I hear an ECO/PAC called Broward Citizens for a Strong Judicary mailed out something about Judge Ross but I never received the piece.

    Maybe that is the 3rd piece you are talking about?

    Your comment did raise my curiosity, so I discovered that the abovenamed ECO/PAC was run by David DiPietro, Esq. If you have an issue with that particular mail piece you need to take it up with him.

    All the best


  15. Judysternwho? says:

    Aw. Don’t be so bitter Judy. If you’re nice, maybe Ahearn will let you work for him some day.

    (Note to Ahearn: Don’t you dare!)

  16. Dear julio says:

    Now your campaign manager has gone off insulting those who helped judge ross and katie leach. Did it ever occur to you that most of the dirt being slung at you is because of your association with judy? Maybe that is why certain big money people in town and those running eco’s wont lift a finger to help you. With friends like stern who needs enemies. No worries, looking at the results tuesday it is clear watson will get all of parker’s votes and at least half of rhoda’s meaning you will get screwed again. i just hope judy gives you a big kiss after you get fuc#ed.

  17. Get Real Judy says:

    Judy Stern, is bashing the campaigns of Ross and Leach because Ahern was the manager, Ahern has exposed Judy Stern and her filthy practices, as a snake in the grass

  18. WOW Judy says:

    Judy Stern Bashing other campaigns, when she ran Ilene Lieberman’s race, you know , the one who spent too much money on comcast cable it was just a 1970’s campaign. she really thought the Condo’s would help, not in 2012, Judy is so 1970’s

  19. 2008 Julio voter says:

    I supported julio against Ellen Field. I donated to his 2008 campaign. I thought he was humble, hardworking, and deserved election. It was sad that he got clobbered.

    Then, after he, Pedro Dijols and Catalina Avalos lost, I saw that unlike Avakos, both DiJols and Julio went to work for dirty Rothstein, making six figure salaries at what looked like do-nothing jobs. Everyone knew Roth Stein was up to funny business when he was paying ex-judges with no real private practice experience big salaries.

    Julio had to know the little work he was doing didn’t justify his salary.

    And after RRA blew up, Julio could have tried going to a legit firm or hung his own shingle, but instead he went into business with Rothsteins criminal attorney.

    All of these things have miraculously disappeared from Julio’s resume.

    Then the multiple foreclosures, credit card lawsuit, and other financial shenanigans…

    I’m disappointed with what Julio became after he lost his seat in 2008. Or perhaps he was really like this all along but we didn’t know when he was on the bench.

    This group was a “hold your nose” vote in theprimary and will be again in November.

  20. Election??? says:

    @ Bernie Parness, “If we have a legitimate election I doubt [Ceasar] will be re-elected”…


    Read the above-linked article entitled “Chairman Ceasar and the Dirty Election” – then please explain how there could possibly be a legitimate election…

  21. Mitch is Old News says:

    Mitch (soon to be former Chairman) Ceasar is without a clue and lucky he didn’t end up like Michael Rajner.

    He says that Diaz didn’t get 50%+ because his name was Hispanic? Maybe that would be the case if he was running against a person with a name different than ROSHAWN BANKS. Time to get rid of this dinosaur.

  22. Citizen says:

    2008 Julio Voter –
    thanks for posting Diaz’ missing CV. Guess he’s not as ‘qualified’ as I thought. Roshawn Banks is the alternative……..I need to think about this before Nov. 6. Any questionable stuff on Ms. Banks we should know? If clean, she’ll have my vote.

  23. Real tidbit says:

    Norm Leonard and his coloring book beat Judy Stern/Lieberman. wow!

  24. Duke says:

    Half the homes in America are not wired for cable or dish.
    Getting elected in Broward is all about the “target Marketing.” Find out where the “registered voters” are and concentrate on them. Don’t even concern yourself with those not registered. Direct mail pieces should only be sent to registered voters. Appearances should be limited to those locations where the registered voters turn out. Do some research and find out where huge clusters of voters live and target them. Candidates who are sellng themselves (no pun intended) don’t need to sell themselves to everyone. Only those who are actually registered to vote.

  25. Haydee Cerar says:

    You could at least learn how to spell Meredith. And of course they did not have a right or “right”, what the quotes mean I don’t know, to keep him out. As you may know the courts have ruled it unconstitutional many times. He was accepted to Ole Miss, until they found out he was black and then unaccepted.

  26. Really says:

    If I choose to run as an elected official in Broward County, I would hire Judy Stern and advise anyone else to do. You may not like her,or her tactics, but she wins. Look at the County: Lois Wexler, John Rodstrom, and now Tim Ryan. When Charlotte Rodstrom dropped Stern, she lost to Ryan. Scott Israel, he lost to Lamberti, but not by much and far exceeded his democratic opponent in the primary.
    When soldiers vehemently complained to President Lincoln about the drunk, mean, arrogant alcoholic that General Grant was…and begged him to rid the army of him, Lincoln said “I can’t spare this man…HE FIGHTS.” That’s Stern…she fights..and wins.