More Dirt In Garbage Wars


First, there was an attempt by someone to smear the owner of Southern Waste Systems, one of the companies negotiating a disposal contract with Broward County.

Now the battle by the Palm Beach County authorities and media has intensified  against the second waste company vying for the contract – Waste Management.

Waste is a dirty business.  That’s because it is so lucrative.

I wrote last month here about the smear aimed at SWS, a partner in the upstart Sun/Bergeron disposal venture.  When the company was on the verge of winning a contract in Miramar from Waste Management , suddenly anonymous smear began appearing in reporters’ inboxes.

But in Palm Beach County, where SWS is based and has operated for years, the villain appears to be Waste Management.

Check out this report on West Palm Beach’s Channel 12.  Its what I haven’t seen on any Miami station.


8 Responses to “More Dirt In Garbage Wars”

  1. BettermentofBrowardCounty says:

    It makes you wonder who is doing the smear…my guess is both companies are guilty of something. The jury is still out on this one.

  2. Garbage says:

    I agree with Betterment and Buddy in that I think garbage is a dirty business filled with crooks and mob.

  3. Git R Done says:

    It’s because they ASSUME that the Resource Recovery knows what they are doing by choosing what companies, problem is: they really DON’T KNOW THE GARBAGE INDUSTRY!
    LOL…Especially Lieberman

  4. Sidelines says:

    you always get at least 3 bids. you cannot have a median, a mean (geometric or value), a range or a fair comparison and decision without at least 3.

  5. Broward Res says:

    Hmm, WM blasts baseless accusations meanwhile they are in over their head with investigations and dirty deals.

  6. Buddy says:


    Intrepid blogger Chaz Stevens has been chasing Waste Management, too.

    His e-mail to me is below with a link to his blog:

    The City of Lauderdale Lakes City Manager Jonathan K. Allen, in 2009 was the Assistant City Manager, and he and former City Manager Anita Fain-Taylor conspired with Waste Management, Inc. of Florida, D/B/A Southern Sanitation Services and Broward Disposal, to circumvent the competitive solicitation process as required in F. S. 287.057, and the City’s own procurement code.

    Read our complaints to the Broward County SAO and OIG Offices here:

  7. Chaz Stevens says:


    Thanks for the shout out. BTW, last week I filed a complaint against WM in PB County.

    And here’s a followup email I sent to the SAO and OIG.

    Mr. Donnelly/Mr. Scott;

    After sending the complaint, I was contacted by former LL employee Chris Van Vliet. Van Vliet was the gent who was told by Lauderdale Lakes Assistant City Manager Jonathan Allen to prepare the WM agenda.

    Here’s Van Vliet’s commentary to me, and I quote:

    I was directed to prepare the agenda item by Allen.

    And Allen was advised, not only by Diane LeRay (Procurement Officer), but by Phil Alleyne (Public Works & Engineering Services Director) and myself that he should go out to bid for the solid waste services.

    [end quote]

    As I brought forward a few weeks back, Allen has a continued pattern of failing to follow procurement law. This time, to the potential tune of millions in contract extensions.

    I ask that you seek the immediate arrest of Allen.

    Happy hunting.


  8. Citizen says:

    Thank you Buddy for giving Chaz the ‘front page’ here, and a big Thank You to Chaz for digging ever deeper on the corruption in Lauderdale Lakes. I trust DOJ will get on this.