Mike Satz’s Problem In Sunrise: Sheila Alu


State Attorney Mike Satz has a Sheila Alu conundrum. 

mike satz

Mike Satz

Alu is a Sunrise City Commissioner, who has repeatedly charged that some of her colleagues are corrupt.  Alu is also an assistant state attorney working for Satz.

So can Satz investigate corruption in Sunrise without appearing to be taking political sides in Alu’s commission fight?  Would that leave any investigation open to a legal challenge?

It is an interesting question, especially since Sunrise City Hall appears to be filled with inside dealing. 

The latest: A waste company official wants to build a garbage transfer station in the city.  This same waste official’s company has paid Deputy Mayor Don Rosen’s company for “consulting”.

Satz has the statutory power to investigate the cesspool that is Sunrise City Hall.

But politically and legally, can he do it? 

It looks like Sunrise gets an automatic pass from Satz.  He would probably have to refers complaints to another agency, like the FBI.

But I’m not a lawyer.

As Yul Brenner sang in The King & I:  “It’s a puzzlement.

14 Responses to “Mike Satz’s Problem In Sunrise: Sheila Alu”

  1. Where is the Grand Jury says:

    Maybe what Satz should do, to give himself cover, is initiate a grand jury investigation of Sunrise? The Grand Jury can subpoena documents, get information from the Commissioners and their businesses, get information from that land owner’s trash businesses, and let the Grand Jury decide if there is a corruption issue in Sunrise. Frankly, Rosen should welcome such an event, if for no other reason to finally clear his name from the allegations that have been swirling around this deal.

    Has any reporter even tried to talk to Rosen about the allegations? Has he agreed to sit down for an interview with anyone from any news outlet?

    FROM BUDDY: The Sun-Sentinel is working on a story and trying to get to Rosen. I will post a link when I hear it is up.

  2. sunrise resident says:

    Rosen can’t clear his name. He is dirty.

    Don’t you realize that from his history?

    He has no real employment. Never had and never will.

    No entity he owns or participates in should do work for anybody who does business with the city.

  3. Questions to Ask says:

    Here are the questions for someone (Grand Jury or reporter or the city attorney or anyone) to ask of Rosen and Feeley and others who might know anything about this deal, Feeley, Ace etc:

    1. Tell us what Eveton does and for whom?

    2. Tell us what Eveton does for ACE Waste and how much Eveton has been paid by ACE Waste over each of the past 5 years? Provide us the documents showing the cash flows and contracts.

    3. Do you have any other business ventures (loosely defined) with any Feeley related companies, entities, individuals?

    4. Give a list of all Eveton clients.

    5. Tell us all other business ventures you have, including any that you are potentially getting involved in?

    6. Has Feeley ever given you anything of value, whether or not you were obligated to disclose it under Florida law?

    7. Have you ever discussed this project with Feeley and if so when?

    8. Have you ever been at a gathering with Feeley and other Commissioners from the City of Sunrise? If so, when and who else was there? If so, was this project discussed.

    9. Have you ever spoken to the other Commissioners directly or indirectly regarding this project.

    10. Do you know of any other Commissioners who have met with Feeley regarding this project and did they ever get anything of value (or did you ever hear they got something of value — see question #2), including meals or “treats” of any kind.

  4. knowledge says:

    also Don Rosens relative works with the State Attorney and like previous he will say he has a conflict.

  5. The Web says:

    Dont tell me the relative works in the public corruption unit (if they even have one)? Oh, Buddy, you gotta ask Satz about that.

  6. FDLE? says:

    If Satz’ office has a conflict, can he even make a decision to not investigate? What does he do then, assuming there is even anything to investigate?

  7. knowledge says:

    it is his daughter,I am not certain what unit?but I could find out

    FROM BUDDY: Rosen’s daughter is a prosecutor in the appeals unit, according to a spokesman for the office.

  8. knowledge says:


    they would probably give it to a State Attorney outside the county,possibly Palm beach or Dade,althougth they all know each other very well

  9. Fischer says:

    Satz is the one who should be investigated.

  10. Pittle de do says:

    I always believed Sheila Alu was a lying tramp. After your articles, I know that Alu is at least right about this garbage dump.
    It must be stopped.

  11. Bob Adams says:

    Since when does Mike Satz need a reason not to investigate public corruption??

  12. Joe Rosado says:

    When the time comes to vote for Sunrise commissioners & Mayor. Let’s thank the candidate for their service and HIRE SOMEONE ELSE! New faces are ALWAYS the preferred faces. That action and vigilence takes care of many problems. Please pass it on and please help with the effort.

  13. The Future? says:

    Say what you will abut Alu, this garbage thing stinks. She said things that seemed outlandish, but then you start seeing these relationships. Why Rosen doesnt simply abstain (like Buddy has said, walk out or be absent or fall asleep) is unexplainable. i mean, look city attorney apparently writes an opinion that says its alright to vote on some technical reason but man, why not just avoid this issue and the continuing attacks. Why not say look i think you people are nuts and there is nothing wrong, but i also understand some think the image of it is bad and i dont wantto be a negative force in the city or on the issue. I would rather see the answers to some of the questions, but why he just doesnt avoid it all?

  14. Satz Asleep says:

    Satz’s problem is Satz.