Mike Satz’s Fundraising is Crushing Opponent



Some elements of the criminal defense Bar may hate State Attorney Mike Satz, but campaign contributors love him.

Satz is swamping Republican opponent Jim Lewis in fund raising.

In the last quarter of the 2011, Satz raised $88,558 for a total of $112,758.  Lewis raised $4,050 to date and kicked in $29,000 of his own.

The big head start in fund raising means that Satz will be harder than ever to beat in 2012. The one exception: A political committee funded by a wealthy someone Satz annoyed over the past 35 years could surface.  The committee, long rumored and hoped for by the defense Bar,  has not surfaced.

Lewis is Broward’s answer to Harold Stassen, the one-time governor of Minnesota who was a perennial candidate.  Stassen ran 12 times for president, among other offices.

Our Stassen — Lewis– ran for Attorney General in 2010 on a platform calling for the legalization of marijuana.  He has run for Fort Lauderdale City Commission, for judge (twice), public defender, mayor of Fort Lauderdale and state House.

Lewis’ campaign appears to be paying the man behind the rabidly Republican website Red Broward —Thomas Lauder, as “campaign manager”.  There is a $2,000 payment on the Lewis report to an address which is Lauder’s home.

I believe Lewis’ campaign is more about drumming up law clients than winning office.

Here are the campaign reports for Satz and Lewis.


8 Responses to “Mike Satz’s Fundraising is Crushing Opponent”

  1. Independent says:

    He is a Republican and he wants to legalize marijuana? That should get him a lot of Republican support. LOL

  2. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    His Office will be busy next week, trust me. As far as Att.Satz. raising all this money, well these campaigns are very expensive to run, while” SOME” of you are cheating, others need the money to keep up w/ some of you just to keep it a fair playing field. Don’t worry just remember”AND JUSTICE FOR ALL.” Will be in touch Buddy-More to come……

  3. Loser Walsh says:

    ???? Go take your meds Walsh. Loser.

  4. Las Olas Law says:

    Criminal defense attorneys complain about Satz and that’sexactly what we need in a top prosecutor. Satz has proven to be a dedicated, public servant with the public’s safety in mind.

  5. you aint seen nothing yet says:

    Judy Stern is gearing up the campaign for former US Attorney Chris Mancini, Satz is going to be in for a bumpy ride.

  6. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    To”Loser Walsh”-for the record I do not take any meds. I see a Nero-Psyc-to help me understand the complicities of Alzheimers. Thats it. Oh an occassion a Marinol from my Rx friends(shh). Some of you give me something but this crap.My slogan for today “all good things come to those who wait”Will see.

  7. There's More To This Story says:


    “As Buddy Nevins reported, Satz has raised $112,758.00, a tidy sum until you consider past years when Satz ran unopposed. At the same point of the campaign in 2008, the unchallenged State Attorney raised $130,658.00, or $17,900.00 more than this year’s contested election. In 2004, Satz raised $98,185.00 by the close of 2003, in the same ballpark as this year’s tally. It all boils down to the fact that Satz, who pundits expected to raise at least $300,000.00 during his most vulnerable election season in thirty years, is not performing at anticipated levels. He’s already tapped the deepest and most loyal pockets in the SAO, as well as his traditional support from the Civil Bar. As previously reported, full time defense attorneys without personal ties to Satz or the SAO are staying away in droves, with the exception of stalwart politicos like Eric Schwartzreich, Jose Izquierdo, and BACDL’s Brad Cohen. Can Satz continue the pace, or has he already blown his wad? Of course, as Nevins points out, it’s irrelevant if challengers Chris Mancini (who publicly announced his candidacy at the Palm Aire Democratic Club last week) and Jim Lewis fail to pony up hefty sums of their own, or if the anti-Satz fat cat political action committee, rumored to be a stone’s throw away, fails to materialize …”

  8. sidelines says:

    don’t underestimate voters who every now and then turn out and vote out incumbents. the political climate this year is turbulent and upsets are possible so all the challengers just need to just hang in there and ignore the ‘big bucks’ tally