Mike Satz Has Widespread Support For Re-election


After 35 years in office, Mike Satz has almost universal support in Broward’s political establishment.

Any local politician would envy the depth and breadth of the host/hostess committee for his November 16 re-election fund raiser at the 110 Tower.

Legal heavyweights. Republicans and Democrats. Ex-judges and current office holders. Real estate tycoons. Business types. Educators.

On the list is Ed “Mr. Republican” Pozzuoli and Mitchell “Mr. Democrat” Berger.

Bill Scherer, who defended George W. Bush in the 2000 Presidential Recount is on the list.  So is Lenny Samuels, who defended Al Gore.

Bob Butterworth, former Florida Attorney General, is a Satz fan.  So is Phil Shailer, who was Broward State Attorney back in the Dark Ages…or before Satz took office in 1976

Real estate moguls Jack Loos and Collins Forman are hosts. And Nova Southeastern University Chancellor Fred Lippman is, too.

Fort Lauderdale Mayor Jack Seiler is on board, along with Fort Lauderdale Commissioner Romney Rogers. So is Florida Senate Democratic Leader Nan Rich.

Also a hostess is Catalina Avalos, former county judge who works for Pozzuoli’s GOP-oriented firm, Tripp Scott.  Former Weston and Miramar Mayor Harry Rosen, who this week works for the largely Democratic firm of Ruden McClosky.

There is private university queen Belinda Keiser along with education activist Alan Levy.

Predictions of Satz’s unpopularity are apparently confined to a clique of criminal defense attorneys.  I say “a clique” because criminal defense ace Mike Dutko is a host, too.

There are so many names, I can’t do justice.  Look at it yourself below (click on it to increase size):

13 Responses to “Mike Satz Has Widespread Support For Re-election”

  1. Jerry says:

    Everybody loves an incompetent States Attorney.
    That way they get away with whatever they like.

  2. Julie says:

    I am a social worker not a defense attorney. I am in Court on a daily basis and am disgusted with the State Attroney’s Office. They never file charges against people who exploit the elderly. They focus on jailing the poor and mentally ill. Buddy I challenge you to spend one week in a criminal courtroom. The rich get away with murder and the poor feed the prison system. You my friend need a reality check!

    Julie, I spent years in the criminal courts. I was the Fort Lauderdale News’ courts reporter covering criminal trials almost exclusively.

    I agree with much of what you write. That doesn’t change the political math — almost all the establishment is backing Mike Satz.

  3. woody72 says:

    Julie, your 100% correct. Lieberman is posting on this blog and making back door deals with trash company’s. She should be serving time on corruption charges over the redevelopment of Sabal Palm golf course. Satz gave her immunity to rat out her friends, Bruce Chait & his son got no time. The one thing they all have in common is money.

  4. dk says:

    I’m a Satz fan!

  5. The Long Black Robe (ret).) says:

    The Defense Bar may not like it that Mike Satz is extremely popular. All their complaints about him deal fall on the public’s deaf ears. The public sees Satz as a man who is tough on violent criminals and that’s good enough for most voters. He recently began prosecuting criminal behavior among elected officials, which came years late. However , it can only enhance his stature among voters.

    Satz will win in a landslide.

  6. FYI says:

    FYI several people on that list have relatives that work for Mike Satz as Assistant State Attorneys. Bill Scherer’s daughter is an Assistant there. Is the “support” for their relative or for Mike Satz?

  7. Julie says:

    Hi Buddy, please speak with leaders in the Hispanic and Black communities. You wil find that they do NOT support Satz. When you refer to the establishment I only see white affluent people. The little people are important too!
    (PS Catalina Avalos is as white as you can get-and lost her election by a landslide)

  8. Jenks says:

    Wonderful a retired ancient old man Judge from the days Broward was a cracker town supports Mr. Satz.

    Too funny for words.

  9. Not so fast says:

    Of course it will appear that do-nothing Satz has “universal support” at this time. First of all, no credible opponent has appeared yet, nor will it at this time. Attorneys who regularly deal with the SAO will not step forth too early, for everyone knows there will be repercussions.

    The so-called establishment always supports the incumbent, at least outwardly. If and when a credible opponent steps forth, expect a lot of “behind the scenes” support for that person.

    Besides, don’t forget the important rule of politics…it doesn’t matter how much “establishment” support a candidate has–what matters is the voters. How many politicians in Broward have won, despite their opponent having “all” the establishment support? A lot!!

    The people that matter are fed up with Satz. He prosecutes the easy cases, and lets the hard ones get off. He did nothing until the feds came in and embarrassed him, then let the real culprits get away stock free or with a slap on the wrist, while going after the “little guys.”

    Yes, he has “widespread support” now, but will he have the support of the voters on Election Day? That is the question. I’m guessing NO.

  10. Broward Politico says:

    Agreed. Satz has bi-partisan support. Jaab blogger Gelin and Kevin Kulik, the anti-Satz movement, have been aiming for Satz but they got nothing. Both Gelin and Kulik are borderline competent attorneys with no respect or support from the defense bar. Satz will be State Attorney as long as he wants.

  11. Not surprised says:

    We citizens get what we deserve, Satz is a palimpsest of the highest order, propped up by the very establishment whose excess he is legally bound to regulate but fails to do so, unless he stumbles on an repercussion less and air-tight case despite himself and demagoguery ties his hands. His sins are of omission and those are the bottomless kind.

    Pausit out

  12. Common Man says:

    This is nothing new. Mike Satz has been the State Attorney for over 30 years.

    If he did not get this type of support it would be note worthy.

    Thanks Buddy for informing the little people in Broward County as to what is going on.

    This is called true transparency as only the press can provide.

    Thank you.

    Little People a/k/a Regular Folks

  13. Andy Miller says:

    Teisha Powell, Black woman lawyer and author is Satz worst nightmare.
    If u are white and get arrested for drugs u walk under Satz.If you are black u do time. Satz racism will be the issue that takes him down.