Mike Satz Gets Heavyweight Opponent



State Attorney Mike Satz is about to pick up a potentially formidable and experienced opponent – Chris Mancini.

Mancini is the former Deputy Chief of Major Crimes for the U. S. Attorney’s Office. He is now in private practice.

And get this: Mancini will run as an independent.

That’s a tough political road to navigate in Broward, one of the most partisan urban Democratic counties in the United States. But maybe now is the time to realize that being a good State Attorney has nothing to do with membership in a political party.

Mancini was trying out campaign themes while talking to Browardbeat.com. He said Satz’s office was “weak” on fighting public corruption and cyber crimes and opposed to alternative sentencing.

The nationwide movement to save tax money and lives by providing violators of minor crimes with an option to avoid jail hasn’t affected Satz, Mancini said. Critics say Satz’s first instinct is to throws folks in jail – mostly minorities—even if they are charged with almost-insignificant crimes.

“All he cares about is ‘lock ‘em away, lock ‘em away and keep my job,’” Mancini said.

“Weak on Corruption”

Satz has been blasted repeatedly in the past to do something about Broward’s endemic public corruption. He recently became a reborn corruption fighter and started locking up city commissioners, among others.

Mancini says he is publishing a book on South Florida public corruption to coincide with his campaign. I hope this campaign isn’t a glorified book tour, although I can’t imagine it is.

Discussing cyber crime, Mancini said internet crime such as indentify theft is exploding and Satz ignored the problem.

“It falls through the cracks now…I’m going to drag the State Attorney’s Office into the 22nd Century,” Mancini said.

Mancini’s interest in the race was first published by Jaablog, the courthouse website.

Too Many Candidates?

Mancini is not alone among thhose going after Satz. Attorney Jim Lewis is already challenging Satz. Attorney Kevin Kulik is considering a race, too, according to JAAblog.

All those candidates are a problem for the anti-Satz crowd. The more candidates who take on Satz, the better chance he will have in a general election. He starts the race with a big chunk of the vote just from his superior name ID.

All this action in the race is good for Broward County and the courthouse. Satz will have to get out of his office and campaign. He’ll have to explain to voters his vision for the future of the State Attorney’s Office. He’ll have to meet real people.

That’s a good thing…win or lose.

9 Responses to “Mike Satz Gets Heavyweight Opponent”

  1. Eddie Willers says:

    I think that Lewis is challenging Satz as a Republican.
    No favorites here, but I just can’t get past one MAJOR undeniable fact: 99% of the Republicans are going to vote for Satz in the general. In fact, Satz may be the only Dem. who could probably walk into any Rep. meeting and get a round of applause. Therefore, even if he gets half of the Dems, he cruises.
    That’s the math folks.

  2. Patti Lynn says:

    I think that we already have the State Attorney that we want. When Broward wanted extreme prosecution of: cop killers; rapists; armed robbers; drug dealers; gay supporters; gay bashers; murderers; etc., Michael Satz was there, doing our bidding. WE are the ones who are trying to change the rules. We ask our State Attorneys’ office to do our bidding…but then, we say…”Well, they didn’t prosecute these people; they didn’t put THOSE people in jail; they’re protecting their political friends; they arrested too many elected officials; they didn’t arrest enough elected officials; yada, yada, yada/

    Perhaps the new ethics code will help the State’s Attorney Office; perhaps elected officials will stop trying to reap the “unstated” rewards of their positions; perhaps the voters will pay attention to the people running for office and STOP believing everything that drops into their mailboxes.

    We get the government that we deserve. Either pay attention to the candidates and inform others of their qualifications, or stop “bitchin.”

    STOP paying attention to the ads that those with money are able to put into your mailbox day, after day, after day. FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF!!!!

    If you can’t do that, then you don’t care enough about what’s happening to your life, your money, or your future.

  3. Woody72 says:

    Patti, Your membership in the crime ridden Democratic club of Tamarac disqualifies you as being an objective voice. Keeping Satz in office all but guarantees that almost nobody will do jail time in the Tamarac bribery scandal. Well except the black guy of course.( Some things never change.)

  4. Guest says:

    Who cares what you think Patti Lynn. You are nothing but a loud mouth mal-content. You are a liar and talk trash about people you don’t even know. Get a job and find someplace else to post you irrelevant information. You are not liked and are a poison to Broward County.

    Please stop posting in support of Mike Satz. You ruin his excellent reputation by making posts and trying to make people think you are a real supporter. Nobody will vote for him knowing a loud mouth trouble maker like you supports him. Zip up your big liar mouth….

  5. Politico says:

    OMG! This can’t be the same nasty Patti Lynn now acting like she is in support of the SAO after years of bad mouthing everyone in the office from the time she was arrested for DUI and smashed 7 cars and almost killing innocent people. You are still a hypocrit Patti and belong in jail for you DUI with serious property damage and almost very serious injuries. You had no remorse what so ever and have the nerve and audicity to bad mouth other people. You have some nerve…..

  6. Smart Move says:

    I find this hysterically ironic and amusing in a perverted sort of way.

    A former prosecutor for the US Attorney’s Office, now in private practice defending the very scum he used to prosecute, is running for Broward State Attorney because he wants to do a better job with public corruption. The very group he worked for allowed thousands of soldiers to die in war that we entered into because of a lie that was not prosecuted. Somehow, that’s not public corruption. They give passes to criminals on Wall Street every day that rob us blind.

    The same organization that is supposed to protect witnesses from being tortured did nothing to uphold the human rights of the scumbag terrorists held and tortured by this nation. You can understand why and sympathize but it’s still illegal. This is organization was that concocted Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell!! Please.

    The fact is the guy sees a job he wants. So he crafts a line of bullshit to try and snatch it. Fine. Go ahead but let’s leave ethics and corruption aside, fellas. That topic is way out of your league.

    Alternative sentencing, on the other hand, makes a lot of sense. Not everyone should need to go to jail for wrongs they committed. There are smarter ways to compensate society for wrongs committed that cost taxpayers less, not to mention that jails have a lousy track record for helping people fly straight.

  7. Babs Miller says:

    Looks like someone got the memo 🙂 add an NPA “heavy-weight” to dilute anti-Satz votes. perfect planning has kept this county with same well connected judiciary and legal system for way too long.

  8. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    What’s mancini stating that “Att.Satz is soft on going after these(some) corrupt polticians”. First of all where have you been? i mean its been one after another after another. The only issue I have is his Office giving County Comm. Ilene Lieberman Immunity from prosecutin. I think the deal was made way to fast. Although Ilene is no one to shake a stick act i think her Ast,(stracher) holds the pieces to the puzzle and that Talabisco was basiccly thrown under the bus. I also think maybe Comm.lieberman thinks better her than me(what a friend). So that being said I think another term for State Att,Satz is warranted and justified.Good luck.

  9. Wranglr says:

    Walsh: for how long did Satz do nothing?