Mike Haridopolos Gets Major Local Support



Money is just what this doctor ordered.

Dr. Zach Zachariah

Zachariah Zachariah, a Broward cardiologist who has raised millions for Republicans, is at it again.

On June 1, Zachariah is scheduled hold a $1,000-per-person fund raiser for the U. S. Senate campaign of Florida Senate President Mike Haridopolos. The reception is at the physician’s Sea Ranch Lakes estate.

Haridopolos needs the money to help him against the two other leading GOP primary candidates – former state Rep. Adam Hasner of Delray Beach and former U. S. Sen. George LeMieux of Fort Lauderdale. They are fighting for a chance to run against U. S. Sen. Bill Nelson, the last statewide Democrat in Florida.

Zachariah was appointed earlier this month to the state Board of Medicine by Gov. Rick Scott. The appointment needs to be confirmed by Haridopolis’ state Senate.

Not that Zachariah would have any problem getting confirmed. He has been appointed twice before by Republican governors to the Board which governs physicians – 1988 by Bob Martinez and 1998 by Jeb Bush.

So a Zachariah confirmation should be easy, regardless of how much or little money he throws Haridopolis.

Not so easy are the Republican chances against Nelson. They’ve got the same problem of all GOP candidates – they must tilt to the far right to win the primary, which makes it harder to win the general.

For instance, the three leading GOP candidates backed the Republican U. S. House budget plan to end Medicare as we know it. Those 54 or younger would get government vouchers to buy private insurance.

The plan has proven unpopular. I’m sure support for it will be used against any of the three GOP candidates in a general election.

It should be an interesting campaign with some real policy differences.

Most voters don’t even know who Haridopolis is yet this early in the campaign. But Zachariah is always among the first out of the box to pick a candidate.

One more point for political handicappers to ponder: Zachariah is one of Broward’s major fund raisers who has a very good track record picking winners.

7 Responses to “Mike Haridopolos Gets Major Local Support”

  1. Thunder says:

    Let me put it to you this way Nelson supporters. Bill has hung with Obama. Bad choice. They’ll both be leaving in 2012. The GOP could run Francis the Talking Mule. Same result.

  2. StoneCold's Bottom Line says:

    Buddy, do you consider Dr. Zack’s an honorable person, I mean, come on…and who was the federal judge, a Bush appointee?


    I’ve had no reason to consider Zach anything but an honorable person.

    As far as his insider trading charge, the law is the law. The judge said the government couldn’t prove squat. End of story

  3. DeeDee says:

    Florida is split down the middle between Republicans and Democrats. The only time Republicans won easy was that the Democrats had lousy candidates and poor campaigns. Even Scott with his millions and the trend against Obama had a very close race.
    Haridopolos is too far to the right.

  4. Nucky Thompson says:

    Nucky Thompson

    I’m sure with Z squared’s msssive financial banking “Hardupolis” will soon became as big a household name in Broward as Clorox.

  5. Stan says:


    Haridopolos must use the same hair stylist as Ken Keechl…..

  6. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    you have to admit to the facts pertaining to Dr.Zach Buddy, that yes he was somewhat tried, a appointed Republician Judge was presideing over the case. Was this an element to his case being dismissed? His brother and other asc. certainly paid a hefty fine. If they all did nothing wrong(as if) then why did they shell out all those fines/penaties($$)?. As far as Sen.haridopolos having a big-shin dig at Dr.Z home this does not surprise me since the Gov. just appointed the Dr,. to the Bd. Of Medicine. All one has to do is follow the dots basiclly. What ever happened to running for public office to better the reidents?, no its all about who can raise the most dough. Shame.

  7. Welcome Everyone says:

    Thanks for coming…

    The above message was brought to you by Robert Walsh house shill for Lobbyist Judy Stern. Lets guess Judy is with Bill Nelson, no?