Miami Herald Gets It Right About Sunrise


The Miami Herald, which is rapidly cutting resources and coverage in Broward County, has enough oomph left to pummel  the Sunrise City Commission for voting themselves a raise last month.

The Herald editorial praises Commissioner Joey Scuotto for voting against the retroactive pay hike.

The editorial — which can be found here — is a vivid example of why Broward will be a poorer place without a vigorous second newspaper like The Herald watching over the shoulders of government hacks.  The Herald broke several stories about the Sunrise City Commission in the past year.

The editorial follows’s criticism of Sunrise.  It can be found here.

Actually, the first paragraph of my blog is strikingly similar to the first paragraph of The Herald editorial. That makes their opinions even more valid!

One quibble I have with The Herald editorial:  Mayor Roger Wishner must run again in 2010, not in four years.   

4 Responses to “Miami Herald Gets It Right About Sunrise”

  1. ALERT says:

    this is amazing,right after the march 11 2009 elections,the very next meeting,while it does not surprise me that the appointed mayor,Don no Credibilty Rosen and sheila alu voted them selves a pay raise,the one I find amazing is larry schofeld,when he was running for the commission seat he told everybody during election time he was going to correct the flawed election law,help the people on the east side of town who lost there jobs and homes to foreclosure,then he gets appointed.not only has he been mysteriously silent but in his second appointed meeting he votes himself a pay raise,I GUESS THE PURRESURE OF HIS FRIST APPOINTED MEETING GOT TO HIM.
    Don you said after this election and the two previous elections that you were for term limits,districting and advisory board here it is a month after the election and as in the two previous elections you remain silent and as per usual your non credibilty remains,congragulations on hood winking the public again,for Don forget about the above but the very next meeting he remembered about his raise.

  2. Willie says:

    The Florida Legislature should forbid governments from voting for their own raises. Raises should only be given by the voters, who are their bosees. In Sunrise, the commissioners forget who their bosses are.

  3. Scuotto For Mayor says:

    This is another reason why Joey Scuotto should be mayor next year. This is another reason why Roger Wishner called off the March election for mayor. Scuotto would have won. Now Wishner has a year to try to buy a victory with city money. Look for big raises for all city employees.

  4. On the Sidelines says:

    No, Scuotto for Mayor, I don’t believe Joey would have won. Roger is a damn good and very ARTICULATE campaigner. That being said, Joey should send Roger flowers for delaying the battle giving him a chance to marshall his forces. And if Roger and company continues to manufacture mini scandals and if joey raises enough money to educate the voters then roger will lose.