Miami Herald Endorses Eighth Incumbent — Judge Luzzo


Despite a record spotted by a Florida Supreme Court repremand, Circuit Judge John Luzzo was endorsed by The Miami Heald because of his long experience on the bench.

“His experience and trial skills bring much depth to Broward’s bench,” The Herald wrote.

So far the Miami Herald, which is a rare independent source for judicial candidates endorsements in the Aug. 24 primary, has recommended only incumbent judges.  The paper has endorsed eight of them so far.

The endorsement of Luzzo is a blow to the campaign of Olga Levine, an assistant public defender with 21-years of legal experience. The Herald called her “a credible candidate.”

The Herald endorsement is here.

3 Responses to “Miami Herald Endorses Eighth Incumbent — Judge Luzzo”

  1. same ol b.s. says:

    So you can accept bribes from attorneys practicing before you, get reprimanded, and still get an endorsement from a pulitzer prize winning paper in South Florida? Damn and people wonder why individuals are challenging the status quo?

  2. watcher says:

    ugh…there goes the validity of the Herald’s wise first 7 endorsements…Jack is a fair guy who doesn’t work as hard as he used to

  3. no b.s. says:

    same ol b.s.
    is full of bs and does not have a glimmer of a clue of which they are speaking about. A clueless dumb a$$