Meredith Fields, 56, Dies of Alzheimer’s



I always wondered how Meredith Fields stayed married to Sam Fields.


Meredith was a sweet, stately soft-spoken woman.  Sam is, well, Sam a sometimes abrasive, animated, loud amateur Borsht Belt act.  

“We were very different people, Fields says.  “I never heard my wife say the word ‘fuck’.  It’s amazing.  I don’t know anybody else who speaks English who didn’t at least once use that word.

Meredith Fields, 56, died around midnight at home.  She had early-onset Alzheimer’s disease for around five years.

Sam– a long-time friend and guest columnist for talked about Meredith today.

Sam met Meredith when he was in law school in Washington, D.C.  They bumped into each other in the hallway of his apartment building.

Sam was in his purple toe nail stage.  Meredith, who was an editor for the ultra establishment American Historical Association and the daughter of an FBI agent, probably just rolled her eyes.

I saw her roll her eyes at Sam more times than I can count.

“She told me later that she thought, ‘What’s wrong with this guy?’ Sam recalls.

Still, she saw something in Sam.  Opposites attract.

They got married.  Sam moved her back to South Florida.

Eventually she landed a job writing and editing The Yachtman’s Guide To The Caribbean and The Yachtman’s Guide To The Bahamas.  It was the Bible for anyone threading their boats through the sandbars and small islands.

For 15 years, Meredith traveled extensively in The Bahamas and Caribbean, taking pictures and notes for her books.

One day she got a call from the U. S. Attorney’s Office.  They wanted her to testify about what she had seen at Norman’s Cay, the drug-smuggling base of Medellin Cartel leader Carlos Lehder.  

“Meredith knew what was going on there, but she couldn’t write it, Sam says. “She would have oblique ways of telling readers to stay out of there.

“I called the U. S. Attorney back.  I said, ‘You want my wife to get into it with the Medellin Cartel, Sam says.  “It won’t happen until I hear the weather report.  The one that says Hell froze over.

Meredith was brilliant and one of the best read individuals I ever met.  A voracious reader.

“She was a book junkie, Fields says.

Meredith was also hot.  Hotter than Sam deserved.

Her beauty was not flash, but understated like many great beauties.  Angular and regal. She carried herself like a queen.

Her death was really a relief.  She had been dead inside for more than a year.  She was no longer the Meredith I knew.  She was a shell.

Alzherimer’s is like that. 

It’s a tragic when someone is 86.  It is so much more tragic when somebody is 56.

Meredith is survived by Sam and children, Kari, 22, and Alec, 19.   Services have not been set.

18 Responses to “Meredith Fields, 56, Dies of Alzheimer’s”

  1. Sam's Groupie says:

    My condolences to the Fields family. I hope their memories of her are of how she used to be, before the disease stole her soul.

  2. Sam Mocker says:

    Ok, I love taking some digs at Sam when he posts his knowingly controversial comments on this blog. He certainly has an opinion and while I guess one could say he is an acquired taste (that day has yet to come for me on about 90% of his opinions), I have nothing but respect for him as a family person and what he has gone through.

    You’d never know when you see him at the courthouse what he was going through at home. He was always just “Sam”.

    So God bless and keep the Fields family.

  3. Nicolas E Biangel says:

    My condolences to Sam and his family. May the Lord bless and strengthen you during this time.

  4. David & Laurie Brown says:

    Sam, our thoughts are with you. We know first hand the great void and bewilderment this disease creates. Freedom from it is a release for all.

  5. S only says:

    ditto. remember the good times. So sorry,Sam.

  6. Kathy Rayson says:

    Sam and family,
    So sorry for your loss.

  7. Condolence says:

    May God welcome her warmly into the Kingdom of Heaven.

  8. Mister Courthouse says:

    I disagree with almost everything you write here, but on a personal level, my heart goes out to you. I have seen you at the courthouse and never knew what you were going through. Please accept my condolences.

  9. Beth The Bounty Hunter says:

    It’s so sad to hear about someone so young with alzheimers….I always considered it an oldheimers disease. Condolences to the entire Fields family.

  10. Lori Parrish says:

    My sincerest sympathies to Sam and his family. I think all of us wondered how two people who were so different ended up together. Obviously, Meredith knew all along Sam would always keep his wedding vows…until death do us part.

    You’re a good man Sam and I am proud of the way you cared for Meredith.

    We love you.


  11. The Black Robe says:

    You and your family will be in our prayers in this difficult time.
    God bless

  12. The Long Black Robe (ret.) says:

    Sam appeared before me many times in the past. I never knew what he was suffering through in his personal life.
    Though I know from reading here that he is not a believer in prayer, my prayers are with him tonight.

  13. TheBrowardRepublican says:


    My step-mother passed away just recently, and I can only imagine the pain my father is going through. And now, all I can do is equate that pain to what you must be going through yourself.

    My condolences and prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time.


  14. Lori Glasser says:

    Craig and I send our sincere condolences to Sam and his family. Our families have been friends for many, many years and it is so tragic when one so young, so caring about others is taken from us. Take care in knowing that others share your pain.

  15. Marie Shear says:

    All the times I saw you in court, I never knew. My heart goes out to you.

  16. Kristen Ferretti says:

    My heart goes out to Sam and his family. Its been many years since I worked with him and babysat for his kids, but they were a good loving family. I am so sorry for their loss and will keep them in my prayers.

  17. Service Set For Meredith Fields, Wife Of Sam : says:

    […] Ms. Fields, 56, died of complications from early onset Alzheimer’s Disease earlier this month.  Here is the original story. […]

  18. Judy Fields says:

    Dear Buddy:

    You got it in one.