Mayor, Wife’s Home In Foreclosure





Vince Boccard may be the mayor of Coral Springs, but he is having trouble holding on to his house in that city.

Boccard and his wife Terry’s residence is in foreclosure.

The property has a homestead exemption.

Purchased in 1998 for $220,000, the 2,551 square foot home is located at 9604 NW 36 Manor.

vincent and terry boccard

Vincent and Terry Boccard



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38 Responses to “Mayor, Wife’s Home In Foreclosure”

  1. Wait a minute says:

    Aren’t the republicans the party of smart business people and fiscal responsibility….

    Republican county commissioner LaMarca and now republican Coral Springs commissioner Boccard in foreclosure….

  2. Lamarca Jr. says:

    Well it looks like he and Commissioner LaMarca have something in common. Both out next election. If you cant control youre own money dont touch mine.

  3. Gay trio says:

    Maybe Lamarca, Boccard and Commissioner Daley can move in together, but I think only 2 bedrooms will be needed from what I heard from my neighbors.

  4. just somebody says:

    Glad to see all of buddy’s readers (at least the commenters) are perfect. You know, sometimes times are tough. Check out your friends and neighbors. I’m sure, after the economy tanked a few years ago, there are some houses in your neighborhood that are empty. And I bet, at one time, they were occupied with nice, good people, too. Have some compassion.

  5. I ride a red moped in Pompano Highlands says:

    @ LaMarca Jr.. – this is once again clearly Mr. or Mrs. ATurd. You see ATurds, you are so obvious when you blog. Mr. ATurd, you have no room to talk based upon your former residence in the Pompano Highlands. Interesting, when I was at your holiday party this year I noticed that you don’t clean up well … Molly sure went to town!

  6. Envy is ugly says:

    Can you people try to sound less gleeful at the misery of others? For shame!

  7. Watchman says:

    @Lamarca Jr. – How about, if you’re in elected office, don’t touch my money? Broward County Commission OKs the spending of 4.2 million for a new scoreboard for the Panthers, and now they’re coming back for more money. These politicians on BOTH sides have got a significant case of “headuptheass-itis”. Get rid of the lot, one by one, and hold the new ones to a high standard. It’s partially our fault for electing these dolts. Let’s ALL not make that mistake again.

  8. Watcher is back says:

    taking pleasure in other’s misfortune is sad…I remember a real good person Arnie Blostein who ran for judge get blasted as a deadbeat when he ran himself out of money keeping his mother alive…

  9. I ride a red moped in Pompano Highlands s says:

    @ Gay Trio – once again, this is the ATURDS! You have no room to talk about gay trios with your “relationship” with Keechl. I wonder if you had to get a bypass for Keechl to love you too!

  10. Alice McGill says:

    I am sure this has happened to other mayors. For example, Mayor Walter Duke (Dania Beach) failed to pay homeowner fees on the home he owned with a former wife. The homeowners’ association’s filed suit for foreclosure in 2009. The case was settled about 2 years later.
    Lisa Duke, Walter’s current wife, claimed false homestead exemption status on a home owned under her married name with a former husband until she was sued by the county.
    Maybe some politicians and their spouses consider themselves to be “entitled”.
    Those who have true financial problems are just like everyone else, vulnerable to economic changes.

  11. What Would Reagan Do? says:

    For “Wait A Minute”

    Republicans sometimes put themselves into financial crisis. Democrats concentrate on putting everyone else there.

  12. Real Deal says:

    These are tough times and I personally wish them well. What they are going through can happen to anyone.

  13. Mayor’s Wife Speaks Out Regarding Financial Issues | Coral Springs Talk says:

    […] BrowardBeat first reported that the Mayor’s home was facing foreclosure, and before the news went mainstream, I asked Terry if she wanted to tell her side. […]

  14. cmon says:

    Sharon can you address the public as a respectable journalist? Do you hear Buddy refer to himself as “Broward beat” he uses his name. It just seems silly and immature plus cowardice to use a pseudonym.

  15. Assturd says:

    Everytime I hear a Republican tell me how they’re great at saving money, I am reminded of the cost of the Bush Wars.

    $6 Trillion dollars

    $4 Trillion in cumulative interest between now and 2053

    134,000 Iraqi civilians have been killed, though the real number could be four times higher

  16. Piano Man loving Commissioner says:

    I saw Commissioner LaMarca at the Billy Joel concert. Those were not cheap tickets. He even posted a picture of himself with Billy Joel. Wow, that must have really cost him a pretty penny. Backstage passes would probably run at least a couple $1000. Maybe he should pay his mortgage payment instead.

  17. Tamarac Talk says:

    #14 C’mon

    The link you see above is called a “Pingback” I didn’t even make the comment. I wrote a story and linked Buddy’s site and therefore the link shows up in comments.

    Apology accepted.

    PS. I have a few blogs but I post under here as TT…why? Because all my credentials are already in place…don’t have to fill it out.

  18. Tamarac Talk says:


    C’mon wrote: “It just seems silly and immature plus cowardice to use a pseudonym.”

    I’m sorry…I just can’t stop laughing over this idiotic comment! Thanks….”C’mon” for the laugh.

  19. Joel Fan says:

    @#16- you can’t buy backstage passes. You have to be invited.

  20. intheknow says:

    Interesting. Panthers want $$$$$$$$ from the County and LaMarca gets invited backstage…Hmmmmmmmm

  21. @16 says:

    Those tickets are what you call a “perk.” When you vote to spend/waste million of tax dollars on a scoreboard and sellout our your Republican values the feast someone can do is throw you some tickets and let you meet the talent. Inspector General – Are you listening? Is this thing on?

  22. Poor Sharon says:

    Your “talk” blogs lack for traffic so you have to mooch off of Broward Beat. Very insightful story, after Broward Beat discloses the foreclosure, your big scoop is getting a comment from the wife who says “were working through it”. I see a Pulitzer in your future Sharon.

  23. pay attention for a change says:

    @#21 You did not pay one penny of the tax dollars that were used for the scoreboard. Unless, of course, you stayed in a hotel in Broward County. Then, you paid a bed tax. That’s the money that was used. It was paid for by our biggest industry – tourism. It’s the same fund that pays for beach restoration and other such things to bring in tourists. And, if you paid attention, the “scoreboard” is more than that. The video portion is also used for conventions and the like that will be brought to the BB&T Center, which bring in more tourists — who pay more taxes!

  24. Duke says:

    Didn’t David Stern just get disbarred?
    Anyone who does foreclosure defense knows that a good number of foreclosures are fraudulent on their face.

  25. Chaz Stevens, Festivus says:

    I have the utmost respect for Buddy Nevins; though I disagree with him at times, he is important to “our conversation”.

    You, I, Them, Us — we are all well served by his efforts.


    How many people has Buddy put behind bars? How many recalls has he lead? That’s not to take away from his amazing writing (wish I had 1/100 of his skills), but when push comes to shove, it’s all about the perp walk.

    My friend Sharon Baron successfully lead the recall of a corrupt elected official.

    She righted a wrong.

    As that sadly doesn’t happen all that often, we should be grateful she cared.

    If all you bitchers and whiners actually took action like Sharon, then You, I, Them, Us would live in a much better place.

  26. excompassionateconservative says:

    Mayor’s Wife Speaks Out Regarding Financial Issues | Coral Springs Talk says:

    Good article. Basically, the family was just about wiped out under Bush Jr and Wall Street years and is getting back on their feet with increased construction under Obama years.

    I can’t condemen them for going through what many people have faced. I may be wrong, but the Mayor has not run as a family values hypocrite or gone off the deep end about blacks, gays, hispanics, Mooslims etc.

    BTW Buddy.
    I enjoyed your recent articles in the Boca Magazine about Scott and Crist.

    FROM BUDDY: Thank you for your complements on my Boca Magazine articles

  27. Aletheia says:

    Boccard should speak to Dale Holeness and get some advice on not paying your property taxes. That way he can hold on to his property while the rest of the County’s taxpayers subsidize him! Dale’s wonderful excuse is that he has children to support. Come on Vince…you can come up with something as good as that!

  28. Someone who did pay attention says:

    You are correct the average tax payer from Broward County did not pay for the scoreboard. 4 million of the bed tax money which was to be used for beach renourishment was used to finance the scoreboard.

    Next time you see another Hurricane Sandy come through that is causing A1A to fall into the ocean and not enough money is available to fortify the beach with new sand, say to yourself GOOOOOO PANTHERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Joel Fan says:

    @ 20, so were Kiar and Sharief. Barb posted the photo on Facebook. In the photo she posted it appears like Joel is holding a key to the city. Enough is enough with the LaMarca bashing on this blog- it’s becoming ridiculous. The original article isn’t even about him- yet here we are again. Are Keechl’s minions trolling the internet all day for these opportunities? Apparently that’s all they have to do.

  30. Wally says:

    We know how much the scoreboard cost. But notice no one mentions the $96 million the Jehovah’s Witness convention is bringing IN and they would not have had the convention at BB&T if the arena didn’t have the audio-visual capabilities necessary to host it. You never get the whole story…

    You would have gotten the “whole story” if you listened to CBSMiami-Channel 4 or read their website. Here is a portion of the station’s story on the scoreboard:

    The city’s commission also voted in the Panthers favor on Tuesday when CEO of the Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention and Visitors Bureau, Nicki Grossman, told them a massive Jehovah’s Witness international convention would not come to South Florida in 2014 without updated audio and video capabilities at the arena.

    The convention, held over the course of four weekends in the summer is said to bring in $96 million in economic impact to the county. With that many people coming to South Florida, the arena still isn’t big enough to hold all of those attending the convention.

    “This is the first time in which the status of their scoreboard crept into my vision,” said Grossman. “If we could have fit the Jehovah’s Witness convention into the convention center, we wouldn’t be here. They needed the larger venue and needed the scoreboard for their communications with other conventions.”

  31. Public Records Request says:

    Maybe someone should do a public records request to see who the other recipients of the Key to the County. I have heard of Proclomations but never a Key to the County. It would be interesting to see if any other performers at the arena received such an honor.

    If not, it would sure look convenient in the same week it is announced the Panthers are looking for a financial bailout from the County.

  32. Flood Gates says:

    So if LaMarca decides to give Tom Brady the key to the city he should get Super Bowl tickets comped too. Makes sense. Pay your own way or stay home!

  33. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Ok so this couple is in foreclosure. I still don’t understand where a lot of you think this is an issues w/ above stated. Again ok they got under water. Refinance. We just went through the biggest recession since the “big one”. My advice to people in this situation(many) is call #211. I mean why not. Any resident who needs direction, etc should be able to reach someone, except for me(right). I don’t need to call#211(thank God), no I’ll just rob the Garda Truck. Oh yeah..

  34. it wasnt free says:

    Flood Gates, the tickets were not comped. They were paid for, just like anyone else. The question is, was the backstage inappropriate. Personally, I dont think so. I think that the Mayor and all the commissioners should have been there to give BJ the keys to the county. He brought in a lot of $$. It’s a proper way to say “thank you.”

  35. it wasnt free says:

    and to Public Records Request, BJ got the key, not because he’s a singer and had a show. He was the first act to sell out both nights in that arena. It’s a nice milestone for the BB&T Center

  36. N. Andrews Gardens Resident says:

    Many of my neighbors in foreclosure would have liked to party it up with Blyy Joel, drive a Jaguar, have an expensive wine collection, use phrases like “life is a cabernet”, attend the $600 a plate MODS gala with their foreclosure attorneys and have a 90k a year part time job with full health benefits and a good pension (plus backstage access to Billy Joel).

  37. Sick of this says:

    I’m sick and tired of reading emails from people who seem to know a lot of info regarding Commissioner LaMarca’s motives. No doubt his (many ?) enemies are after him. Well, that’s what haapens when you become the star. But really.? This guy seems to have a really bad sense of perception. He is losing the war here, and his people are making it worse. Just one observer’s opinion from west broward.

  38. Lil Boy Band says:

    One Direction sold out two nights last year. Maybe they were taller than the petite commissioner and he didn’t want his picture taken with them. Also, isn’t BBT arena far far away from his district?
    The bed tax money is earned on the beach, not in the Everglades. Keep approving our tax dollars being spent out there while the beach falls into the ocean. We will remember in November.